What do you think would have made use safer after 911?

Really If the Bush/Blair administration really wanted to keep you safe, Instead of sending the troops in 2 illigal wars causing massive casualties of soldiers and civilians they should have used the troops to patrol our boarder making sure not 1 illigal immigrant and cargo gets smuggled through land and coast. They would have use the money immidiatly after 9-11 to have funded a program that made sure 100% of all containers that come into us ports get inspected.
It doesn't matter if it delays goods to be distributed, its the safety of our lives and that of our children we talking about. 5 years later and they are barely started to get serious about inspection of containers and a nationwide fence along mexico. Is as if by attacking 2 countries that had the least ties to 9-11 hijackers(those hijackers where from saudi arabia and some had links to pakistan and we didn't bomb none of them), thus creating more terrorist and yet illigal immigrants get through our boarder as of september 19,2006 that's 5 later years folks, yet we spend 350 billion dollars in 2 illigal wars, come on television and claim we are safer but not yet safe. How many contianers have gone unisnpected in those 5 years putting at risk your lives, if any of them have WMD's and Bilogical weapons. No they didn't care if all containers get inspected because that would delay the goods from being moved from the port and thus the profits of the bush sponsors.

Yet they want to spend millions upon millions on National ID cards, implantable chips, and equipment that violates our privacy, constitutional and civil liberties with the pretext of illigal immigrants and a fake war on terrorism.

A nationwide boarder fence along mexico which should have been completed by now, programs that made sure all containers that come into our ports and boarder get inspected every time and having our troops deployed in our boarders and coast. Those actions would have been far more effective than National ID cards and spying on US citizen because it would totally halt Illigal immigrants which could be terrorist and nothing illigal and dangerous would be able to touch US soil through air or land.

The real reason they want secret prisons and military trials approve against terrorist is not to be used against terrorist, but against US citizens that oppose the bush administration and keep them in jail as much as they want, withouth having the right to a lawyers and sentencing you with whatever they want without showing you the charges against you. That's why they are illigal and we must not let them legalize, Secret prisons, close to torture treatments and the right to deny lawyers. Wake up america you are slowly being slaved.

The world as anarchistic yet command authority over one's self

I would HYJACK that godforsaken boob-tube and pump PSAs for 10 minutes, four times a day... educating people about the planet that we all share.

That TeeVee is fun and entertaining... so is the "News".

That control is an illusion.

That safety is a fantasy.

That Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

That government can only supply 1/10 of what we think it can, yet pay for 100 times over.

That defense of body and loved ones is a human right (so put a knife in your pocket).

That if one wanted to.... one could travel to a distant land, come face to face with most any complete stranger, greet them genuinely with commerce or love, treat them with dignity... and they won't slit any throats.

Wanna bet?

"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

The writer of the email in my blog post is not this Gustavo

Not a terribly common name so I wanted to be sure there was no misunderstanding. To be clear-- the user posting on 911blogger as "Gustavo" is NOT Gustavo Espada, unless by some freakish coincidence he shares the name with the only other two such named people in the world!

"Among the 'spider-man' skeptics are those who claim that no human can shoot web and stick to walls... They conveniently ignore the fact that he was bitten by a radioactive spider."

Daily Bugle editorial debunking the claims of spider-man deniers

making it clear

Gustavo Espada is another person, I for one was born In El Salvador from USA citizen parents. If you see Gustavo by itself its me the guy American citizen born in El salvador.