9/11 Bloglines (09/20)

9/11 Bloglines (09/20)

REUTERS: At UN Protest, ny911truth says U.S. "orchestrated" 9/11
Filmmaker John Albanese claims, he saw both 9/11 planes
IHT/NY Times: Government created fake news and info-ganda
LA Times: Head-in-the-Sand Liberals/"9/11 orchestrated by U.S."
New Twin Towers stir debate among tenants
WING TV announced new mega campaign of 'Israel's 9/11 role'
Italian debunking blog gets plume photo claims wrong
A Letter to Joshua Frank re: his article "How the 9/11 Truth Movement Helps Bush..
9/11 Mysteries clips at Youtube
Anti War Leaders continue to ignore "9/11 was an Inside Job"
Bill Douglas: Why "NOT" to Fight for 9/11 Truth
Truthmove.org Reports on 9/11/2006 Events in NYC
Open Democracy: October 2001 anthrax attack was an "Inside Job"
Uploaded Footage from September 11th Protest Convention
Geraldo/Les Jamieson 9/11 Interview
Jim Fetzer about 9/11 TV Fakery: "I'm certainly not prepared to deny that film has been altered"
CB_Brooklyn: My Theory on the 9/11 Truth Movement's Future
CB_Brooklyn: Interesting Videos & Information on TV-Fakery
KXMC North Dakota: Loose Change Rebutal
Frank Rich/NY Times: 9/11 TM created "cottage industry of books and DVD's"
ScrewLoose Spin: Deniers Go Nuts as Bush Mentions Explosives in WTC
Total Radio with Haupt, Fetzer, Reynolds, Zwicker
New Doku about "whistleblower" Sibel Edmonds
911 a Hoax? Scholar for 911 Truth versus American Thinker
PrisonPlanet: Bush Tacitly Implies WTC Controlled Demolition?
09/19: 9/11 Truth Protest action at UN
Debate- Morgan Reynolds: special effects good, thermite bad
WW4 Report: Chavez weighs in on 9-11 conspiracy theory
Jerry Maza/Online Journal about NY 9/11 Truth Protest
Alternet: Enough of the 9/11 Conspiracy Theories, Already
Double-checking 9/11 theory - Daily Herald
Canada Victoria Times: Why 9/11 conspiracies are bunk
st911-Michael Morrissey calls for "Bush Impeachment"
"Top 25 Censored Stories" include Prof. Jones' paper on WTC collapse
"Local 'ambassadors' tend to Flight 93 site" - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Nic Levis' wargames event cancelled at ny911
NO voices for peace: Ah, Those Conspiracy Theories
Moonbattery: Loose Screws and Loose Threads
Updated 9/11 Fakery Video Overlay Version (09/17) reached 1,000 hits


I think Bush and his Isreali friends have already won. They control the media which millions tune into ... against this blog which 1,000's may or may not read. There needs to be a 9/11 truth channel on television specifically for this cause because it is such an important thing to bring out. I think we really need to get the FTC or whatever under control if we really want to change history.

Basic rule of journalism - spell people's names correctly

My name is spelled John. Not Jon.

i wonder how anyone can trust the research of someone who cannot even get the basics correct.

I've told this story a few times - so i hope this finally puts it to rest.

On 9/11 i worked in the corporate offices of Vistoria's Secret Beauty - the cosmetics arm of the famous chain. Ironically, when i accepted this job i had two job offers - one working for VSB and the other at the world Financial Center. For me it was a no brainer....

i guess i dodged a bullet.

anyway.... our offices were on the 44th floor of a building at 57th street. Being so high up we had an unobstructed view of the WTC.

at approximately 8:45 we heard the sound of a plane approaching. the sound became so loud that people were startled out of their seats. the plane passed - very low - just west of our building. it appeared to be a commercial jet - including windows.

the plane appeared to be in trouble. one person remarked: "That guy's in trouble!!"

the plane was flying very low over manhattan and its wings were dipping from side to side. many of us thought it might hit 1 Rockefeller Center. but of course - it didn't.

we all watched the plane head downtown - and i assumed at some point it would vear off to the east and head to Kennedy.

i wondered why a plane - if it was indeed in trouble - would stay over Manhattan - and not instead stay clear of the skyline.

we all watched the first plane strike the north tower.

approx. 15 minutes later someone spotted the 2nd plane. we all stood at the windows and watched it slowly turning and banking into the 2nd tower. although some distance away it did appear to be a commercial jet.

at this point people began panicking as we realized that this was intentional - and planes were intentionally hitting skyscrapers. perhaps we could be next? people began streaming towards the stairs and elevators.

the rest of this story involves the trauma of my heading downtown to get my wife - and our witnessing the 2nd tower falling. people on the street were wailing - crying hysterically. i will never forget this moment.

from that day forward i became obsessed with researching 9/11 as a way of emotionally understanding what i had witnessed.

it is for this reason that feel personally responsible for confronting the "no-planes" research. as an eyewitness i know that this research is intellectually dishonest - and disrespectful to all the people who died on those planes - and died in those buildings. but - even worse - one could argue that the people who push this research are either intentionally or unintentionally assisting the murderers - complicit in the crime - in that they are actively muddying the waters with something that is blatently untrue. Clearly, there were planes.

i am often challenged to confront the "research" regarding TV Trickery. i am unsure why i would waste my time doing so. not only is the research scientifically deeply flawed - but i saw the planes. i heard the first plane. i am a witness along with thousands of others. that is all the 'research' i need to conduct.

and lastly - the approach of many of the no-planers in treating people with hostility - treating witnesses like the enemy - is unforgivable. either the no-planers want the truth - or not. if they are sincere in wanting this truth they would treat each and every witness with respect - instead of attempting to smear and discredit. those are government tactics.

approx. 15 minutes later

approx. 15 minutes later someone spotted the 2nd plane. we all stood at the windows and watched it slowly turning and banking into the 2nd tower. although some distance away it did appear to be a commercial jet.

Spotted it where? Watched it approach from where? How "slowly" was it turning and banking? How long did you watch it before the explosion?

so lets see if we have the

so lets see if we have the gist of your claim -
you saw the 1st plane, and it had windows, hit the wtc1 -

why then did it resemble a blob smaller than a 767 with invisible paint when filmed with a professional camera set-up? and why did it disappear into the wtc1 entirely and why were the little puffs of smoke that preceded the explosion out of alignment with the blob's entering of the wtc1?

you then saw the 2nd plane and it was making a slow bank into the wtc2 -

that doesn't seem to fit with the video recordings of this that showed the plane speeding towards the wtc2 in excess of 500mph. and did you see the entire plane glide into the wtc2 like casper the ghost including the wingtips which for some reason didn't break off ? because that's what the rest of us saw in the video recordings of this phenomenon.

did you see both planes emit a strange flash just before entering each tower like ghosts or butter without even slowing down or any part of each breaking off? because that's what the rest of us saw in the video recordings of this phenomenon.

and was the second plane colored shadowy black and was missing it's right wing? because that's what the rest of us saw in 2 different video recordings of this phenomenon.
although other video recordings of this very same plane were colored gray and had 2 wings with the left wing raked back at an improper angle.

and did you observe the plane as it flew behind a building yet 1 of it's wings was for some reason in front of the building? because that's what the rest of us saw in some other video recordings of this phenomenon.

don't presume to claim that so-called "no-planers" are assisting the murderers. maybe it is you who are dishonoring the 9/11 victims with your refusal to get to the bottom of the many many discrepancies that are obviously apparent in almost every video recording of alleged ua175 that we were presented with by the mcmedia.

i love how you expect

i love how you expect someone else to answer all these questions, as if they somehow have the answers.

he said what he saw, but instead of just taking his eye witness statements for what they are you somehow expect him to explain all the questions you have about the video evidence..

there are plenty of blog entries out there from ppl who also said they saw the planes, why not go harrass them for answers too?


i am not disputing his claim

i am not disputing his claim that he saw a plane - obviously many many people did see 1 or both planes.
he is the one who said that 9/11tvfakery is nonsense when it is readily apparent.
i am simply pointing out a few of the many discrepancies to be found in the video recordings that the mcmedia presented to us.
click my name to see analyses of the video images of alleged ua175 that were presented by the mcmedia.

Im not sure if you are with

Im not sure if you are with the 911 truth or your with the government but here are the main points why I believe that it was a setup.

One plane into a tower caused it's collapse? that is ridicoulus
The tower feel at freefall straight down? also unbelieveable.
It should have broken down slowely for an hour to the bottom instead they waited an hour and demolished the buildings at a touch of a remote button.

WTC7 also feel in order to stop us from getting help to those in need and it wasnt hit and it feel down the same as the others.

the man who headed the contruction of the towers was murdered on 9/11

everyone who knew something about anthrax and how to remedy it were assassinated.

This is straight out of a movie but its not a movie its government corruption and drugs and oil and power.

Willie Rodriguez

"Even though I was working with Jimmy, uh, before, I left because of differences... He's taking up, uh, the belief that there was no planes hitting the building. The blue screen technology. I think, uh, Nico is around here. I do not agree with that. I have many family members that are very offended by it. And many eye-witnesses that I have interviewed directly, that do not agree with that, and uh, ya know, it's just... goes against what I've been doing, and it's very divisive, and it's very hurtful to the movement, so I'm trying to unite everybody."

That's good enough for me. If Willie says he knows family members that are offended by this, then I think you know where the movement stands on this issue.

Move on.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

it would be nice if it could

it would be nice if it could be explained why even if there were real planes that really hit the wtcs the images that the media showed us were obviously phony - you can't expect people to just ignore this media phenomenon because the mere thought of it is supposedly offensive to other people.

"the images that the media showed us were obviously phony"

Not you, not Nico, not Morgan Reynolds, not Judy Wood have proven that, which is why everyone finds it so offensive.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."