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New York Stories: 9/11 First Responders Toxic conditions at ground zero, on 9/11 and long afterward, have had devastating physical and psychological effects on a category of persons known as "first responders". These are the people that showed up, some within minutes, some from across the country, and stayed for weeks and even months. At Community Church in New York City on September 9, 2006, a group of 9/11 first responders shared their experiences at ground zero and afterward. Though they were touted as heroes, they have been treated like poor servants. Presentations by National Guardsman, David Miller; former New York City police officer, Craig Bartmer; volunteer and civil air patrol pilot, Major Mike McCormick; and former Air Force Special Operations for Search and Rescue, Kevin McPadden.

Major Mike

I have contacted NY Congress people - politely finding out if their interested - interfacing with appropriate staff person - acting as information resource for staffer.

Alex Jones has 9/11 T-Shirts

Guns and Butter

There is some mind blowing content in the guns and butter archive. The host, Ms Faulkner, is accessible and will respond to email.

so dz, how much is

so dz, how much is americanmethod.com paying you to shill for the republican party? i know you guys gotta make money but i bet you had to hold your nose on that one. i would hope anyway.(i stand with Israel?,hahahahaha, come on.)

hrm.. looks like their image

hrm.. looks like their image has changed since when i approved it..

ah well, their money will go to fund more ads for 9/11 anyways, although i probably should have looked a bit closer.. but i kinda figured that if they wanted to throw away their money advertising to the wrong demographic and fund 9/11 awareness then i wanted to give them that opportunity ;)

hey man, i dont blame you

hey man, i dont blame you for taking their money. i find it hard to believe that anyone on this site is gonna make use of the link though, haha.

bi-partisan issue

at least this proves that this truly is a bi-partisan issue---it is an American issue that all real patriots are concerned with (however the conservatives I've met and heard of in this movement certainly don't care for THIS administration)!

At least the chick in the

At least the chick in the ad, has nice, you know...

yeah, conservatives know how

yeah, conservatives know how to market(i guess its not hard when you own the media). i see this one ad all the time of a chick wearing an ACLU=Nazi shirt or some ridiculous slogan like that, and shes beautiful. i cant imagine shes really a braindead Bushite in real life.

good convo.

INN World Report Interview With Alex Jones

You Tube | September 20 2006

Alex Jones, national talk show host, talks about the coming together of left and right, post-9/11, in today's alternative media like his Prison Planet.com and Infowars.com.

over 50 Senior Military, Intelligence, and Government Critics of

Must read

over 50 Senior Military, Intelligence, and Government Critics of 9/11 Commission Report


Senior Military, Intelligence, and Government Critics of 9/11 Commission Report

Seekers of the truth about 9/11 have been repeatedly ridiculed in the
mainstream media as crazy conspiracy theorists in an apparent effort to
discount any information that contradicts the "official" story.

MSM stories about criticism of the 9/11 Commission Report almost always
entirely focus on college professors, and virtually never mention any of
the many senior military, intelligence, and government officials who
have expressed similar views.

I launched a new website last week, http://patriotsquestion911.com/ that
contains statements severely critical of the 9/11 Commission Report made
by the 50 senior military, intelligence, and government officials listed
below. These are not people inclined to accept unfounded conspiracy

The cumulative impact of all these statements by senior level officials
is stunning.

I am hopeful this information, compiled in one place and made easily
accessible, will help refute the common claims that people who challenge
the 9/11 Commission Report are irresponsible, illogical, disloyal, or
crazy. And I hope it will stimulate rational discussion on this
tremendously important matter.

If you find this website useful, please place a link to it on your website.

Sincerely, Alan Miller


Berg, Philip J. - Deputy Attorney General, Pennsylvania
Bowman, Col. Robert - Director of Advanced Space Programs Development
under Presidents Ford and Carter
Burks, Fred - State Department Interpreter for Presidents George W. Bush
and Bill Clinton
Christison, William - Director of the CIA's Office of Regional and
Political Analysis
Cleland, Senator Max - Member of the 9/11 Commission. Former U.S.
Senator from Georgia
Cole, John M - Intelligence Operations Specialist, FBI
Conrad, David Mark - Agent in Charge, Internal Affairs, U.S. Customs
Costello, Edward J. - Special Agent, Counterterrorism, FBI
Dew, Rosemary N. - Supervisory Special Agent, Counterterrorism &
Counterintelligence, FBI
Dzakovic, Bogdan - Counterterrorism expert, FAA
Edmonds, Sibel - Language Translation Specialist, FBI
Elson, Steve - Special Agent, FAA
Fitts, Catherine Austin - Assistant Secretary of Housing under George
H.W. Bush
Freeh, Louis - Director of the FBI, 1993 - 2001
Goodman, Melvin - Division Chief and Senior Analyst of Soviet Affairs, CIA
Goulder, Morton - Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense under Presidents
Nixon, Ford, Carter
Graf, Mark - Security Supervisor, Department of Energy
Graham, Gilbert M. - Special Agent, Counterintelligence, FBI
Heikal, Mohamed Hassanein - Foreign Minister, Egypt
Hellyer, Paul - Minister of National Defense and Deputy Prime Minister,
Honegger, Barbara - White House Policy Analyst Under Ronald Reagan
Ivashov, Gen. Leonid - Chief of Staff of the Russian Armed Forces
Kleiman, Diane - Special Agent, U.S. Customs
Kwiatkowski, Lt. Col. Karen - Political Military Affairs Officer, Office
of the Secretary of Defense
Larkin, Lynne A. - Operation Officer, CIA
MacMichael, David - Senior Estimates Officer, CIA
McGovern, Raymond L. - Chairman, National Intelligence Estimates, CIA
Meacher, Michael - Undersecretary for Industry, Minister for the
Environment, UK
Nelson, Col. George - U.S. Air Force aircraft crash investigator
Pahle, Theodore J. - Senior Intelligence Officer, Defense Intelligence
Peck, Edward L. - Deputy Director of the White House Task Force on
Terrorism under Ronald Reagan
Ray, Col. Ronald D. - Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense under Ronald
Reynolds, Morgan - Chief Economist, U.S. Department of Labor under
George W. Bush
Ritter, Maj. Scott - Marine Corps Intelligence Officer and Chief UN
Weapons Inspector in Iraq
Roberts, Paul Craig - Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury under
Ronald Reagan
Rokke, Maj. Douglas - Director U.S. Army Depleted Uranium Project
Sarshar, Behrooz - Language Translation Specialist, FBI
Shayler, David - Counterterrorism Agent, MI5 (UK)
Stubblebine, Maj. Gen. Albert - Commanding General, U.S. Army Intelligence
Sullivan, Brian F. - Special Agent and Risk Management Specialist, FAA
Tortorich, Larry J. - US Naval Officer and Dept. of Homeland Security
Turner, Jane A. - Special Agent, FBI
Vincent, John B. - Special Agent, Counterterrorism, FBI
von Buelow, Andreas - Minister of National Defense, West Germany
Weldon, Rep. Curt - Vice Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee
Whitehurst, Dr. Fred - Supervisory Special Agent, Forensic Examiner, FBI
Wittenberg, Capt. Russ - Air Force Fighter Pilot and Commercial Jet Pilot
Wright, Col. Ann - U.S. Army and Former Diplomat
Zipoli, Matthew J. - Special Response Team Officer, Department of Energy


Scholars for 9/11 Truth
Exposing Falsehoods and Revealing Truths





What a list.

first responders

Yet another crime that has gone unpunished. I am just waiting for the day the perps and facilitators face justice.

don't wait for it, MAKE IT

don't wait for it, MAKE IT HAPPEN