9/11 Truth: a cynical view from pointelesswasteoftime.com


Did the U.S. government plan and execute the 9/11 attacks?

AFP doesnt link to david

AFP doesnt link to david duke, so the guy is obviously full of shit.

This guy

This guy is a perfect example of why there should be an IQ requirement to meet before you can post a blog.

Why put so much effort

into reproducing this trash here? A link would suffice.

Dude edit the blog and close

Dude edit the blog and close the field on the big text, it's fucked all the other blogs below it. I've done a similar thing before as well lol.

And the other side says;

Lets just start with....Hey guys! The WTC site is ok to clean up..The air is good enough to breathe..never mind those molten pools of metal flowing down there..Oh don't mind the temperature of the working conditions....your'e safe.
What? You don't think kerosene could cause that steel to melt?
What do you know? You're not an expert. Get to work!

Meanwhile, in D.C.....The Preznit:" Well what an opportunity! Now we can get that pre-emptive strike going in Iraq!"
Cheeney:" Well we will do Afghanistan first, since We had said the Tali-... I mean the Al-Queda, did it. They are in Afghanistan"
Then We can go for Iraq...We'll just say that Al-Queda and Saddam were connected"
Chertoff: " How about We get started on that Patriot Act right away? Then We can spy on the people in greater numbers, so if they dissent, We know who they are, arrest them and hold them for as long as We like. I got it all written out."
Cheeney:" We got Congress so scared(wicked laugh) they will vote unanimously for it"
The Preznit:" Yeah, that Anthrax was a good scarey thing..huh huh huh..to do."
Cheeney: " We will make sure those leading scientists and dumbasses at Iowa will be Ames-ing to meet an untimely demise"
Ashcroft: " Mr. President, Vice President..You just give your testimony..but it will not be under oath...and then it will be destroyed later"
Preznit/ Cheeney:" Ok ,lets git-r-done!"

I only post "Anti-911TruthMovement" stuff to show the other side

So we know what is out there.

You know where I stand.

"There's a shadow on the faces of the men who send the guns to the wars that are fought in places where their business interest runs."