Crazy 9/11/2006 Coincidence At LegalWar.Org

No ground breaking news for my first blog...but...this is an interesting article I wrote last night. is my modest attempt to expose my family and friends, and anyone else 9/11 Truth

A pretty crazy coincidence occurred on 9/11/2006 for I don't get many hits (yet) here at On September 19, 2006 I decided to check out the statistics for this website.

At first things seemed ordinary. My 'average hits per day' was around 200+. What is interesting is the "most hits in a day'....

Yup! You guessed it. As of Sept. 19, 2006... 911 Hits is the most I've received in September. Wow! Kind of a coincidence but not much to write home about....but that's not all.

I thought..."I wonder which day this occurred?" Guess what? Wow, you are a mind reader...

On 9/11/2006 I had 911 hits, the most hits for this site in September 2006. You can view the stats at this page:

My take on "America".. I

My take on "America".. I think this whole NWO was planned when America was founded. The NWO may be located in Europe? or elsewhere? America's government has always been corrupt and has been drug trafficing since the dawn of time. America has always played two sides in wars for its own gain. America's own news stations are filled with lieing decietful jews who report and discuss topics of the world with other jews. Sometimes I see 3 different jewish people arguing a point and there all laughing and smiling. This is not the news this is deciet. It makes me angry when I see that. I've always wondered why in the hell is this the Land of the free, the land of the immigrants.. When I dont see the newscast make up similiar to the make up of our society. We should have people of all different ethinc groups be part of our national news. This is the most racist thing I have seen. America has taken slaves from Africa, I remember some coach from a western team taking shit about New york because it was the most ethinically diverse. And I think thats why they chose new york to hit because most of america wouldn't give too shits. They hardly helped people in the south because they're most ethinical black and most died in the hurricane. However when the the towers hit they were 2nd day in Afghanistan taking them down building a pipeline for oil and taking over the opium trade. America never helped its own people. However it did make the white familys of the government extremely rich at the expense of the slaves of America... everyone who has a middle class job and is working at mc donalds to make the white man rich. They say they represent the people but Congress and the Senate do not have enough "chinese" enough "africans" enough "spanish people" enough "brown people" enough "any other ethnic gropu you can think of. ITS all WHITE. We the people want help with taxes. The fuck us in the ass. We want to help the poor. They do something else. It's like they trick us into voting for them and they do whatever the hell they want because the government is corropt. IT IS A TIME WHEN checks and balances need to be extended to the people instead of being stopped short at our representatives who were corrupted the day they took office. We have means of mass communication via the internet. We have extremely brilliant security and we can use this to create a revloutionary way of voting and government. In some corporations like HP Hewlet Packard they have a knowledge base where they can teach eachother in order to make things more efficient. Why not hold our discussions of our views on Americas policy online, using chatrooms, why not remove everyone in congress? I THINK IF YOUR WHITE AND YOUR GOING TO DIE SOON YOU SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM AMERICAS GOVERNMENT BECAUSE AT THAT POINT YOU CAN GIVE TWO SHITS ABOUT AMERICA AND ONLY WANT MONEY TO SPEND AT THE CASINO OR MAKING YOUR OWN FAMILYS LAST NAME RICH. Old white people are the most angry racist people on the face of the earth no wonder this happened.

Don't Let You Bitterness Fog Your Reason

You have to consider that "Jews" describe a vast number of people who make up a religeous faith, the Jewish Faith, or Judaism.

You are justified in your bitterness but don't throw the baby out with the bath water.

Yes they do constitute a

Yes they do constitute a large population and faith. However why is it that they control so much power in the United States.. more than the spanish population which is more dominant in the united states. Why is it that we are attacking Isreals enemies and not Isreal? Why are the news stations headed by Jewish based groups. Why was the holocaust over emphasised in our public schools even to the extent of requiring students to watch a movie based on the holocaust so that as kids we can develop a need to help jews because of what happeneds to them. Why not help the native americans who were wipped of the map or the africans who were enslaved or the japenese who were blamed for pearl harbor. Why do movies that startle racism allowed to be put in our movie theatres. Why is every terrorist in a american movie middle eastern looking? Why is the hero a white man. I'm not bitter I'm just telling the truth. Why are Jewish women told that htey must marry another jew or risk losing the inheritance of riches and the acknowledgement of the rabbi. Why are so many things misrepresented in favor of pro isreali views. Even Chavez said in his Un speech today that Isreal killed palestine as we all watched it happen. If you think I'm bitter you should watch the killing of lebanon and conclude how bitter the jews are. They will murder anyone who is not jewish.

and you if you want to talk

and you if you want to talk about religion.. who killed jesus....... exactly the devil killed jesus

Francis Bacon

"The NWO may be located in Europe? or elsewhere?"

Francis Bacon is a very interesting fellow, to say the least. He's worthy of researching...

This is a long film, however I came away much more enlightened.