Maybe Michael Ruppert was on to something.Why else leave the country.I think more focus should be on the stand down.Thank you Mr Ruppert for what you have done for the USA.I wish you the very best!

As far as a presenting a

As far as a presenting a legal case, he has without a doubt, taken the lead. But I dont think he hits on the insider trading , foreknowledge enough.

Dear just a citizen

Yes there are so many justifiable questions left unanswered.Is it just me or do you think that all the evidence warrents enough merit to bring these people up on charges?
If the amount of evidence was on an average citizen they'ed be behind bars along time ago...Or worse

For sure, any regular Joe

For sure, any regular Joe would be in prison already. But take into consideration, the insider trading and the "put options" seem to all lead to one Alex Brown/Deutsche Bank....who chaired those entitys untill 1997?
A.B. Buzzy Krongard...
Yup, the executive director of the CIA.
Now, if the government did knock down the towers as we all assume, this was probably done at least minimally through the CIA. Even if it was only to "retain"
Mossad agents to rig the building with explosives.
So now you have one man tied to 9/11 in three ways.
#1 Intel contacts
#2 Financial institution contacts
#3 Administration contacts
Those 3 points of contact give him, forknowledge of the attacks, the means to complete the trading, and the means to cover it up.
But yes, sadly, regular Joes like you and I would be indicted on much , much less.