Former Military Analyst Daniel Ellsberg says U.S. "slipping towards a police state"

Prominent whisteblower

Daniel Ellsberg
Former American Military Analyst Employed by the RAND Corporation
Well Known for Leaking the “Pentagon Papers” During Vietnam War

"…we’re slipping toward, uh, in the direction of a police state, without a lot of resistance, which is what happened in Germany…"

Interviewer: “…have you had a chance to look at a lot of this information coming from America’s leading scholars, physicists, engineers, etc. who have taken a look now at 9-11 and are now not only questioning what might have happened on 9-11, but really being very direct…”

Ellsberg: “I have looked at a lot of that and I tell you, without going into it all, which would take a lot of time, I find some of it very implausible and other parts of it, quite solid. There’s no question in my mind, that there is enough evidence there to justify a very comprehensive and hard hitting investigation of a kind that we have not seen, with subpoenas, and general questioning of people, and release of a lot of documents. There’s no question that, uh… put it this way, that very serious questions have been raised about how much they knew beforehand and how much involvement there may have been. Is the administration capable, uh, humanly and psychologically, of engineering such a provocation? Yes. I would say that, I worked for such an administration myself... Johnson. President Johnson put destroyers in harm’s way in the Tonkin Gulf, not only once, but several times, with a lot of his people hoping that that would lead to a confrontation, and claiming that it had, and could have resulted in the loss of many lives in the course of it...”


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