Getting good information out there

The amount of hits 911Blogger is getting is very impressive. To see that so many people are interested in the message here is very encouraging.

However, people that come here are already prepared to hear the truth.
There are other people out there who haven't been exposed to the level of information required to bring them to sites such as this one. With that in mind I've started to visit some of the more popular politically oriented blogs armed with information and laying it out.

First I tried Daily Kos. That site, for reasons having to do with "popularity", has a stated policy that no "conspiracy" related entries are allowed. Breaking that policy results in being banned from the site. Although that's a distressing state of affairs I attempted to crash the gate there. I'd been a kos member for a couple years and most of my entries had to do with the sad progress toward a police state we're facing in this country.
Realizing that this attack on our freedoms stems directly from 9/11 I inched closer and closer to breaking that policy.
Yesterday I did. The incredibly bad response I got and my subsequent banning from the site did not deter me.

My next attempt was on Booman Tribune. There I was treated to the opportunity to engage in real, reasoned debate with Booman him(her?)self. The lesson here can work.

Arm yourselves with solid facts that you are extremely familiar with and spread out across the blogosphere.
As an's the link to the diary I posted on the Booman Tribune:;sid=2006/9/19/2192/13797

I encourage anyone who wishes to go over the entire thing and check all the facts I supplied and all the links I used in support. We've got to go wider and wider every day. If 50 people pick up this approach, the results could be phenomenal.


It was very interesting

It was very interesting reading through the debate. You are doing a very god job.