Iam still AMAZED!

Iam amazed that with all us truthers,and ALL the unanswered questions this has'nt been done ,and over with.
Anyone involved with this deserves a manditory death sentence/ Including those from the media who helped cover this up.

You'll get no argument from me...

I can't argue with you! They are pure EVIL!

the good news is that more

the good news is that more and more people are asking questions these days..

I share your anger but I

I share your anger but I disagree with the last part. Capital punishment is a relic that has been recognized as barbaric, unnecessary and dehumanizing to everyone and has been dropped by most western countries. We should be better than people who seek to kill others rather than becoming them ourselves.


As an american for now we still have the right and freedom of opinion.However these type of people differ from you or i.
I have always believed in ,Let the punishment fit the crime.
THIS GOES OFF THE SCALE! It threatens all americans,and our children.An example needs to made to those who feel there above the law.
What has made this country great our it's people,and a goverment that had leaders that valued honor,and integrity.
Over time our goverment has grown so corrupt it makes me sick.I LOVE AMERICA,and i want it back.
Somewhere in the past our goverment leaders forgot they work for us.WE THE PEOPLE,FOR THE PEOPLE.