An Idea

I wonder how the national radio shows,like Bob and Tom(I think their in Chicago) or maybe ever Sirus star
Howard Stern feels on the 9/11 topic.Just thinking of more ways to get exposer.
I just like to point out.....Just look at all the questions left unanswered.Then decide for yourself.


Stern makes fun of it. He doesn't talk about it much. He also doesn't know much. One of "Bubba the Love Sponge's" guys (his manager I believe?) named Brent very much believes it was an inside job. Bubba doesn't let him talk about it much though.

Think about that...if Stern

Think about that...if Stern wont talk about it, he knows.
Hes got ALOT to lose by pissing in the medias wheaties:)

I guess i agree

He has $500,000,000 million reasons not too.Just thought he was'nt afraid to talk about the taboo stuff.
Even so justacitizen i think in terms of spreading the truth we sometimes go into more detail than we should.
I think it would be easier just to say.Whoa! You should check out that 9/11 stuff on the net.If met with opposition say hey.Just check it out .....You decide.
With all that we have it would seem anyone with an IQ over say 40 would see the light.
Hummmmmmmmm? New T shirt logo...
9/11....YOU DECIDE