I'm posting this because Bush today said that the leaders of Iran are using their "resources to fund terrorism and fuel extremism and pursue nuclear weapons."

Here is everything I have on Iran.

Incidentally, for a time, I spelled nuclear, "Nucular." I'm sure you can figure out why. ;)

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Planning For Possible Attack On Iran

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. Warns Iran Over Missiles, Punishes Chinese Firms

Condoleeza Rice Issues Warning To Iran

Iran 'Will Stick To Nuclear Plan'

U.S. Uses Drones To Probe Iran For Nukes

Iran And Syria Say To Build 'Common Front'

BREAKING NEWS: Powerful Blast In Iran

Russia To Ink Iran Atom Fuel Deal

Scott Ritter Says U.S. Plans June Attack On Iran

Halliburton, Others Evade Iran Embargo

Pakistan Admits Khan Gave Iran Nuke Material

Iran Defiant In Face Of United U.S., EU Approach

Iran: U.S. ‘Hallucinating’ Over Nuclear Talks

BREAKING NEWS: Israel Plans Strike On Iran Nuke Plant

Iran May Face Naval Blockade In Arabian Sea

Iran Reportedly On Arms-Buying Spree

Poll: Americans Worry About Nuclear Weapons

Ukraine Leader Confirms Missle Sales To Iran

Attacking Iran: I Know It Sounds Crazy, But...

Iran Says it's Set To Resume Nuclear Work

Iran Issues New Threat Amid Stalled Nuclear Talks

Israel Warns Iran Over Nucular Threat

U.S. Fires Warning Shot Over Iran Nucular Talks

Iran Renews Pledge Not To Seek Nucular Weapons

Iran Lawmakers Want Nucular Development

Mahathir Says U.S. Is Encouraging Israel To Attack Iran

Iran Successfully Tests 2000-km Range Ballistic Missle

U.S. Says It Intercepted Nucular Material For North Korea, Iran

Bombing Iran: The Facts Don't Matter

AP: Intelligence Sees Terrorists in Iran

Who Called It? Evidence Points To Terrorists Hiding In Iran

Nuclear Watchdog IAEA Inspects Iran, Finds No Violations

Iran Hit By Wave Of Bombings, Blames U.S.

U.S. Sheltering Terrorists, Says Iran

Iran 'Misled U.N. On Nuclear Work'

Iran Calls For Bush Poll Apology

The U.S. War With Iran Has Already Begun

Iran Loser Blasts 'Illegal Poll'

Nuke Crisis Looms With Hardline Iran

Iran To Maintain Nuclear Policy

Bush Questions Iran Leader-Elect's Past

Report: Iran Leader Linked To '89 Vienna Killings

Iran: U.S., Israel Waging Smear Campaign

N. Korea Provides Nuclear Aid To Iran - Intel Reports

China Ready To Boost Ties With Iran, President Hu

Iran To Build 20 Nuclear Power Plants

Iran Says Israeli Mossad Performed The Attacks

Netanyahu Warns West It Must Halt Iran Nuclear Plans

Bush Tells Iran To Release Jailed Journalist

Iran Slams U.S. For Human Rights Violations

Iran To Restart Nuclear Work

U.K. Warns Iran Over Nuclear Plans

Iran To Defy E.U. By Resuming Nuclear Activity

Iran Is Judged 10 Years From Nuclear Bomb - White House Lied Again

Iran Supplying Insurgents In Iraq With Roadside Bombs

Neocons Advocating War With Iran, And Continue To Spin Their Disinformation

Tension Mounts As Iran Mulls Nuclear Plan

Iran Rejects European Nuclear Proposal

Iran Resumes Uranium Enrichment

Iran Seeks United Front With Syria

Iran In Nuclear Sanctions Warning

Bush Refuses To Rule Out Force Against Iran

Schroeder attacks Bush over Iran

Ahmadinejad Names Hard-Liners To Iran Cabinet

China to Back Iran Up

How Bush Would Gain From War With Iran

Iran Wages Undeclared War Against Coalition

Iran Arrests Separatists With 'Links' To British Intelligence

Iran, China Discuss Defense Cooperation

Iran, Venezuela Discuss Oil Embargo

No Proof Found Of Iran Arms Program

Europeans Call Off Key Nuclear Talks With Iran

U.S. Dismisses Iran Nuclear Report

Pat Buchanan's Mag Claims Cheney Preparing Tactical Nuke Strike On Iran

U.K.'s Straw Rules Out Military Action On Iran Nuclear Plan

Axis Of Evil Country, Iran, Offers Aid For Katrina

U.S. Warns China On Iran Oil

U.S. Turns Down 20 Million Barrells Of Oil From Iran For Hurricane Aid

Iran 'Will Trade Nuclear Secrets'

Why China's Not Backing Bush On Iran

Iran May Agree To Supervised Nuclear Program

Putin, Bush Disagree On Iran Nuclear Issue

Iran Gets New U.S. Nuclear Warning

Beware Our Fiery Wrath, Iran Warns Foes

Iran Calls On U.N. To Probe How Israel Acquired Nuclear Weapons

E.U. Submits Motion To U.N. To Have Iran Referred To Security Council

Iran Threatens Economic Backlash Over IAEA Vote

Iran Threatens To Resume Enrichment

Attack On Iran Would Rocket Oil Prices To 400 Dollars - General

Be Ready To Face Consequences: Iran To U.S.

War Pimp Alert: Iran 'behind attacks on British'

Iran Denies British Attacks Link

Blair Warns Iran Over Iraq Bombs

Anti-U.S. And U.K. Protests In Iran

Iran 'Treated Worse Than North Korea'

Israelis Sharpening Swords For Strike On Iran

Rice Fails To Win Russian Support On Iran

Iran Says Arrested British Agent For Twin Bombings

Iran Arrest 20 Over Bombing Blamed On U.K.

Rice Refuses To Rule Out Military Action Against Syria Or Iran

Blair's New Tune On Iran

Iran President Wants Israel "Wiped Off The Map"

The Real Reasons Why Iran Is The Next Target: The Emerging Euro

Iran 'Not Planning Israel Attack'

Bush Calls Iran And Syria 'Outlaw Regimes'

Annan Cancels Trip To Iran Over Israel Comments

Iran Calls Ottawa Rights Abuser

Few Signs Of Progress Into Chalabi Leak Of Intelligence To Iran

U.S. Spy Drones Crashed On Its' Terroritory, Iran Says

U.S. Drives A Wedge Between Russia, Iran

No Military Action On Iran - Foreign Secretary Jack Straw

New Evidence Of Iran Nuke Arms Ambition: According To "U.S. Officials"

Iran Starts Converting New Batch Of Uranium: Diplomat

Iran Given 'Nuclear Weapon Data'

Iran And Iraq To Deepen Security Ties

Iran Votes To Block Nuclear Inspections

Iran Wins Reprieve On UN Sanctions With Russian Offer

Iran 'Hiding Nuclear Materials' According To An Iranian Exile

EU Accuses Iran Of Having Nuke Documents

U.S. To Reach Out To Iran In Bid To Quell Iraq Unrest

Iran And Russia Sign $1B Defense Deal

Israel 'Preparing To Handle' Nuclear Iran

Israel Threatens Iran - Iran threatens counter-strike

Netanyahu Backs Pre-Emptive Strike on Iran

UN Security Council Condemns Iran President's Remarks

Israel readies forces for strike on nuclear Iran

Most Israelis Oppose Strike Against Iran: Poll

AIPAC Criticizes White House Policy On Iran

Turkey Denies Cooperation With U.S. Against Iran

MK: Iran To Have Nuclear Capability Within 2 Years

U.S. Punishes Firms For Iran Sales

'Turkey Would Not Allow Israeli Maneuvers' Against Iran From Their Soil

Iran Planning For Pending Israeli/American Attack In This Year's Budget

Israel Rules Out Strike On Iran - For Now

German Media Suggest That The U.S. And Israel Preparing Military Strike Against Iran

Iran President: Israel Completed Holocaust

Ankara Denies Report U.S. Wants Turk Base To Hit Iran

Secret Services Say Iran Is Trying To Assemble A Nuclear Missile

CIA Gave Iran Bomb Plans, Book Says

U.S. Warns Iran Against Resuming Nuclear Research

Iran Rejection Of Nuclear Deal Becoming Clear: Rice

Iran Accuses U.S. Of Being Behind Kidnapping Of Iranian Border Guards

Five Nuclear Powers Send Messages To Iran: U.S.

Blair: "We Don't Rule Out Any Measures At All" Against Iran

"Menu Of Possibilities" May Await Iran

Iran To Host Holocaust Deniers Conference

Iran Will Not Back Down On Nuclear Issue - Ahmadinejad

Iran Will End Negotations With U.N. Inspectors If Sent To Security Council

Iran Sanctions Could Mean $100 Barrel Of Oil

The President Of Iran Gives A Press Conference - Video Inside

U.S. Senators Say Military Strike On Iran Must Be An Option

Russia And China Refuse To Send Iran To U.N. Security Council

Egypt And Saudi Arabia Urge Cheney To Give The Talks More Time With Iran

Rice Rejects Renewal Of Talks With Iran

Iran Threatens Oil Crisis In Nuclear Standoff

Israel Accuses Iran Of Funding Bomb Attack

Israel's Defense Minister Threatens Disaster And Suffering For Iran

Iran Calls For More Nuclear Talks

Bush's Iran Options Limited By Iraq, Perils Of Military Action

Russia, Iran Want Nuke Issue Kept In IAEA

U.S. Senate Passes Resolution Condemning Iran

The Rumor Is That Iran Will Carry Out A Nuclear Experiment In March

Britain Hosts Iran Crisis Talks

Security Council To Take Up Iran Nuclear Issue

Iran Says U.N. Referral Will Be "End Of Diplomacy"

U.N. Says Iran Holds Illicit Nuke Document

Iran Assures Officials It Will Not Cut Production

Bush: U.S. Would Defend Israel Against Iran

Frist Says Military Action A Possibility Against Iran

Russia Warns Against Conflict With Iran

Bush Administration: Iran Can Make And Deliver Atomic Arms

Juggernaut Gathering Momentum, Headed For Iran

Rice Says Iran, Syria Incite Cartoon Protests

U.S. Asks Turkey To "Warn Iran Over Its Nuclear Program"

Iran Jews Express Holocaust Shock

Military Analysts Say Price Of War With Iran Could Be Severe

Bush Must Not Be Allowed To Strike Iran

Iran Is Prepared To Retaliate, Experts Warn

Why Attacking Iran Would Cause WWIII

Outed CIA Officer Was Working On Iran, Intelligence Sources Say

"10,000 Would Die" In A-Plant Attack On Iran

Russia Warns U.S. Against Striking Iran

Will The Whistles Blow Before We Attack Iran?

France Says Iran Making Nuclear Weapons

Bombers Warn U.S. Against Iran Attacks

China, Iran On The Brink Of Huge Oil Deal

Russia To Begin Monumental Nuclear Talks With Iran

Iran Offers To Fund Palestinian Authority

Iran Offers IAEA Secret Atomic Info

Russia, Iran Fail To Break Impasse

Reality and Revisionism About Iran - The Monolith Crumbles

U.S. Seeks Deadline In Dispute With Iran

Iran Issues A New Nuclear Warning

John Bolton Threatens Iran With "Tangible And Painful Consequences"

Iran Promises Harsh Response To Foreign Attack

Iraq Weapons - Made In Iran?

U.S. Needs Help From Russia On Iran

Rumsfeld Accuses Iran Of Sending Revolutionary Guards Forces Into Iraq

Iran Threatens U.S. With "Harm And Pain"

Israel Will Have To Act On Iran If U.N. Can't

Condi does a drum solo: Iran 'the biggest US challenge'

Talk About Iran Military Option Could Backfire, IAF Source Warns

Security Council Considers Iran Proposals

Iran Builds A Secret Underground Complex As Nuclear Tensions Rise

Iran Threatens To Use Oil In Case Of Nuke Standoff

Iran: 200 Submit Holocaust Cartoons

Iran Offers To Enter Iraq Talks With U.S.

Scott Reaffirms Accusations Against Iran In Iraq - Video Inside

FBI Weaving Web In Pakistan To Launch Attack On Iran

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Some U.S. Officials Fear Iran Is Helping Al Qaeda

Why Iran Oil Cutoff Could Be Suicidal

Permanent U.N. Security Council Members Agree On Iran Text

Rice: Iran A Menace Beyond Nuclear Issue

Iran Defiantly Rejects New U.N. Demands

Iran Plans "War Games"

Professor of Physics Highlights The Dangers Of Using Nukes Against Iran: Video Inside

Government In Secret Talks About Strike Against Iran

Attacking Iran May Trigger Terrorism

Iran Calls Second Missile Test a Success

Iran Says Will Test More Weapons In Wargames

Iran Tests Second New Torpedo in Gulf

U.S. Officials Are Mulling Iran Strikes, Experts Say

US & Allies Seek a Way Outside UN to Press Iran

Seymour Hersh: U.S. Considers Use Of Nuclear Weapons Against Iran

Focus: Gunning For Iran

Hans Blix: Iran Years Away From Nuclear Bomb

Jack Straw: Report On Iran Strike "Nuts"

Bush Denies Plan To Attack Iran

Former Iranian President: Iran Producing Atomic Fuel

Saudi Arabia Asks Russia To Intervene Regarding U.S. Strike On Iran

Council On Foreign Relations Told Of U.S. Plans For Iran Strike

Rumsfeld Says Talk Of Iran Strike "Fantasyland"

Iran Could Produce Nuclear Bomb In 16 Days According To The U.S.

50% Of This Country Supports Attacking Iran

Pentagon Using The Mujahedeen In Iran

China To Send Envoy To Iran, Urges Restraint

Iran Leader: Israel Will Be Annihilated

U.S. And Britain Took Part In Mock Iran Invasion

Retired Colonel Claims U.S. Military Operations Are Already "Underway" In Iran

Iran Suicide Bombers "Ready To Hit Britain"

Inside The Real Iran

Blair Refuses To Back Iran Strike

Former Officials Warn Against U.S. Attack On Iran

Iran Pledges $50M Palestinian Aid

U.S. Plan To Invade Iran Is Updated, Says Top Intelligence Analyst

Democratic Congressmen Ask Bush About Reports Of U.S. Military Operations In Iran

China, Russia Welcome Iran Into The Fold

Oil Hits Record $72 On Iran Fears

Democrats Support Military Strike On Iran

Bush Won't Rule Out Nuclear Strike On Iran

Blair And Straw At Odds Over U.S. Action In Iran

U.S. To Conduct Crisis Exercise Targeting Iran: Report

U.S. Prepared To Go It Alone Over Iran

Dick Cheney Is Playing With The Iran Contra People Again

Iran: The Day After

Report: Iran May Prompt Other Mideast States To Go Nuclear

U.S. Operations In Iran Confirmed

Blair Warns Over Iran Threat

Russia Helps Israel Spy On Iran

Putin: Iran Should Have An Opportunity To Develop Peaceful Nuclear Energy Projects

Iran Gets First North Korean-Made Missiles

Iran: Inspections OK If Dossier Returned

Turkey Refuses U.S. Request To Allow Attack On Iran From Turkish Base

Chalabi Involved In U.S., Iran Policy Making Again

Iran Denounces U.S. Nuclear Strike Stance

Iran Threatens Israel If U.S. Attacks

Iran Oil Bourse Starts Next Week

White House Denies Reports That U.S. Employs Terror Groups For Special Ops In Iran

Gold Rises To 25-Year High As Standoff With Iran Spurs Buying

John Bolton Asked By Dennis Kucinich About Ops In Iran; Bolton Denies Knowledge

Not One Drop: How Iran Could Retaliate

Iran Threatens To Pull Out Of Nuke Treaty

Russia Says UN Plan For Iran Is "First Step To War"

Iran Wants Oil Market In Euros

Peres Warns Iran, Says It Could Also Be "Wiped Out"

Blair: Nuking Iran Would Be "Absolutely Absurd"

Iran Says It's Ready To Negotiate

U.S. Military, Intel. Officials Concerned About Possible Preparations For Iran Strike

E.U. Prepared To Back Civilian Iran Nuclear Program

Moscow, China Won't Back Force Vs. Iran

U.S. Spells Out Plan To Bomb Iran

Iran Rejects Potential European Incentives

Doubts Over Iran Nuclear Capability

Iran Promises Cooperation With U.N. Nuclear Inspectors

U.S. "Not Offering Iran Guarantees"

U.S. Is Proposing European Sheild For Iran Missiles

Iran Condemns U.S. Intervention In Venezuela's Affairs

Dear President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Of Iran...

U.S. Says World Could Handle Loss Of Iran Oil

Iran Requests Direct Talks On Nuclear Program With Washington D.C.

Iran Test-Fires Long-Range Missile According To Israeli Defense Officials

Moscow Angered By U.S. Plan For "Star Wars" Bases In Europe To Counter Threat Of Iran

House Democrats Begin "Ad Hoc Hearings", Write Bush On Iran

Rice Hints U.N. May Step In On Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Says U.S. Must Take Care Of Iran

Iraqi Minister Backs Iran On Nuclear Research

Bush Administration Is Beginning To Debate Whether Or Not To Talk To Iran

U.S. Urges Russia To Reconsider Missile Export To Iran, Russia Says Screw You

Blair Beefed Up His Iran Speech To Please Bush

White House Urges Europe, Japan To Impose Sanctions On Iran

Iran Praises Russia, China For Opposing Sanctions

U.S. Reportedly Ready To Join Iran Talks, If...

Iran Welcomes Talks, Rebuffs U.S. Terms

Bush: Security Council Could Loom For Iran

6 World Powers Strike A Deal Over Iran

John Bolton Tells Iran To "Put Up Or Shut Up" - Video Inside

You Do Not Have My Permission To Attack Iran

Rice Warns Iran: You Have "Weeks" To Comply

More to come later...

very worried...

This build up on Iran is very scary.

Everything is going in the same order as Iraq, Iran is actually making it easier for Bush+co to make the case.

What do you think congress would do if Bush decided to go to war with Iran?