The Senate and House of Repersenatives still haven't learned anything

It always a amazement to me that there are those elected officials who want to give those people who want to kill not only you and I but also our famiy and friends. There is a move under foot to give all of those who were captured equal treatment under the Geneva Convention. These people are willing to die because
someone promised them a hundered virgins when they get to heaven.We
have to stop those people who were elected from putting us in harms way again.
Those elected officials want to treat those detained as American Citizens.
With full protection under the Constituition. Hell before long they will try to give them voting rights
We clearly have a choice here. I am not a Republician nor am I a Democratic. I am for those who will keep my family safe.
We need to elect on the basicis of SAFE SECURE AND RELIABLE. With a DUTY HONOR AND COUNTRY Burned into their sole.
This is the way a Old Soldier see it

I'm more frightened of our

I'm more frightened of our Missing Trillions and why no one is talking about it.

VIDEO: 9/10/01 Rumsfeld announces the Pentagon's Missing $2.3 Trillion


said the sheep.

If you want to keep your family safe, you should come to grips with the truth. You're not being threatened by Afghan farmers unlawfully held captive in Gitmo, you're being threatened by the people that staged 9/11 in order to obliterate your freedom.

They don't dwell in caves, they reside in Washington DC. And they count on your blind trust and obedience so much that they didn't even try to cover their trails. They openly stated in 2000 that they desired a new Pearl Harbor to further their agenda of Full Spectrum Dominance. They openly stated in 2000 that they planned to gain military control over the Middle East and Caspian Basin. They openly stated in 2000 that they wanted to advance militarization of American society. They succeeded on all counts.

Common sense and even moreso science indicate that the WTC, and most obviously WTC7, were brought down by controlled demolitions, prepared well in advance of 9/11.

Despite claims that no one could have foreseen aircraft being used as bombs, there were ongoing military drills on 9/11 simulating just that, perfectly coinciding with the actual events.

And that's just two of hundreds of incriminating pieces of evidence. Yes, you have been betrayed by those that promised to protect you. Yes, it feels unbearable. But if you really want to keep your family safe, you have to confront the true enemy.