Reports on 9/11/2006 Events in NYC

Truthmove members get invited to participate in Buddhist prayer

Ground Zero - 9/11/06 -

This year's demonstration at Ground Zero was the largest rally for 9/11 truth to date. The energy was amazing, as 9/11 activists peacefully mingled with other progressive activists, police and fire fighters, those visiting the site of their loss, religious groups, bikers, random onlookers, and even people who were there in a coordinated effort to debunk our assertions. At different times there appeared to be between 600 and 1000 activists attending. Hundreds of people wore black shirts provided by the Loose Change crew, that said "Investigate 9/11." Our presence and purpose were unmistakable to anyone who visited Ground Zero that day. Despite a great deal of aggressive taunting from a few people insulted by our presence, the day went by without any unfortunate incidents.
While many in the movement have both academic and political differences, the most compelling overall sense of the experience was one of our unity. When we are all out on the street together, all fighting for the same cause, especially in the eyes of others, all subject to the same prejudice, a lot of our differences seem less important. Let's all hold on to a bit of that feeling as we go back to our various pursuits.

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No quite

There were only maybe 2000 or so people there.
When I went to Washington on Sept 24th-25th 2005 there were at least 350,000 protesters there, many of course were "anti-War" etc but id say at least a solid 1/3rd were 9/11 truth.

we havent heard a peep about

we havent heard a peep about it yet unfortunately.. got any pics or links by any chance?

yeah, what happened in DC?

did the 9/11/06 events happen down there?

International Truth Movement

i enjoyed your banner greatly

and had issues with te USA DID 911" and "Black Op" banners.

I thought they were in poor taste.

"There's a shadow on the faces of the men who send the guns to the wars that are fought in places where
their business interest runs."

9/11 was a black op. that

9/11 was a black op. that sign was one of the best ive ever seen. 9/11 was in poor taste.

9/11 was in poor taste? Please clarify.

I have nothing negative to share about any of the signs specifically. In general I wish that there had been more large signs. I've always felt that people in this country don't take adequate advantage of this medium. Look at a protest march from anywhere else in the world, and the message is clear from blocks away. Of course, its very challenging to think of a summary statement that is both powerful, and as short as possible, allowing the words to be large. Adding a bit of candor is the hardest part.

Some part of me wanted our sign to say, "Don't be brainwashed by the fascist death machine." But then how might that reflect poorly on the movement? We put "9/11 was an inside job." on one side of our banner because we feel that this is a statement of solidarity within the movement, and hits our common purpose without getting too specific. On the other side, "The lies will not stand!" was meant to draw upon the appeal being made by many other political and religious groups at Ground Zero that day. I wonder what others were thinking as they made their signs.

International Truth Movement

he said the sign "9/11 was a

he said the sign "9/11 was a US black op" was in bad taste. i disagree, i thought the sign was great and i simply said the event of 9/11 itself was in bad taste. my point being that a sign is just a sign basically.

9/11 was indeed a black op.

9/11 was indeed a black op. i dont see the harm in calling it as it is.

i agree

9/11 was in very, very poor taste. The "USA DID 9/11" banner was a bit too simplistic, and was likely to turn off people more than some other phraseology. I actually heard the man who made that sign defending it to a critic, he said something about wanting the biggest possible letters and not having much room...that's legitimate.

The same guy has also been seen with signs that say "Fuck the NYPD" and "Bush: A Motherfucker," so that might put things in context.

International Truth Movement

hahahaha, i dont endorse the

hahahaha, i dont endorse the "Fuck the NYPD" one, but the Bush one is pretty goddamn funny in its simplicity.

nice coverage

And, I have to add that I find the website one of the best for overall coverage of the important issues of our day. I send people there regularly to learn what's going on.

We really appreciate it. Critique is also welcome.

Thanks a lot for "getting it". We wanted the site to be the resource we never had as we began to explore these issues. A good part of the past three years has been spent not only doing research, but also trying to figure out which sources were reputable. All the most reputable sites were basically research tools, while the flashy sites were getting greater attention with overly general and even misleading summaries, while promoting the more speculative lines of inquiry.

Didn't anyone see the educational/promotional middle ground that might appeal to a broader audience, while not diluting the message? Didn't anyone want to provide an educational resource related specifially to the past, present, and future of government deception, that didn't talk about UFO's, astral projection, or 'plane pods'? We saw a glaringly open niche, and dicided that we could not assume that someone else was going to do this for us. So TruthMove was born. We are hopeful that people will benefit from the project, and will be promoting the site heavily in the coming months.

And please let us know if you find any problems with the site or its contents. We are very open to critique, although we have received very little input so far.

Thanks again.

International Truth Movement


I am not a 'kook' , psychologically unstable individual, or paranoid type. I am observent, however. I am also somewhat afraid, not of a small band of terrorist roaming the world or hiding in caves in third world countries, but of the true & real terrorists---the Bush administration and all who support it. Through their 'black operations', utter control of the mainstream media, & intimidation of anyone objecting to their fascist tactics, they have sought to stifle the search for truth, and will go to any lengths to hide their deceptions/crimes.

After spending many hundreds of hours viewing sites that are in opposition to this administration, a conspiring mainstream media, & a conspiratorial military industrial corporate complex, I am fairly certain my internet inquiries are being tracked, and my anti-Viet Nam war file has surely grown much larger. Anyone who is so foolish to believe all who enter sites such as these are not being monitored are very foolish to the extreme.

During my quest for more realistic information concerning the events of 911 than what is contained in the Whitehouse whitewash known as "The Official 911 Commission Report" I have had occasion to take the time to add my opinion to a number of blogsites. Although I am not an expert on certain matters it doesn't take a member of Mensa to realize the facts presented in the report, and what a rational, logical, ethical, sane, non-fundamentalst Bush supporter, could ascertain just do not make any sense.

The crux of this blog is an inquiry of others who might read this blog if they have started having problems accessing certain sites (or links), a serious slow-down in their computer's computing speed, whether they get "page cannot be displayed" messages when trying to access information or reports detrimental to some people in this administration, or if they write a blog to a site and it won't be transmitted. Normally this shouldn't happen, but I also realize I have been digging around in some sensitive areas, and the closer one gets toward striking a blow to the belly of a beast the more defensive the beast becomes. I am not backing up from doing what I have to do in my search for truth & justice, however. I would just like to know if anyone else has noticed any problems in this area.


my internet service is regularly shut down.

at first i believed i was paranoid - but - i changed apartments and my ISP changed modems - yet, my service continued to get blocked.

my ISP confirmed that my computer (which is state of the art - and new) was functioning properly - but that service seemed to be shutting down and the modem was not getting a signal. they cannot explain it.

it happens very frequently. it is not the result of traffic because my ISP can remotely diagnose such things. it just appears that my internet service simply is blocked on and off, almost every night, and no one can explain it.

again - i changed apartments - and i changed modems - yet the problem followed me.

Interesting topic - same experience

While this topic better suits the Rigorous Intuition blog, I too have felt at times that my internet service was being intentionally compromised. I have had serious connection issues for over a year. Yet other people in our building, with the same service, have no problems. Everytime we call Verizon, we get the same run around. We've had people out to check the lines three times. Most often it just starts working again for no apparent reason. However, recently our service has completely shut down, and the guys at Verizon appear to have no explanation. We've started surfing on local remote networks instead. This all makes me wonder how many others have this experience, and if the majority are from one demographic or political group. Paranoid, yes. Unreasonable, no.

Surprise, Surprise, Big Brother is watching

We shouldn't be concerned at all about being tracked on the internet. Obviously it's gonna happen. All it shows it how big of a problem we're seen to be. The worse things get in terms of damage control, it just means we're doing more damage.

Did anyone watch Chavez' speech at the UN? (I liked when he said it still smelled of sulfer from yesterday) Chavez said that the entire world is waking up to the imperialist agenda. Of course TV tells me that Chavez is a dangerous communist, who is so evil that he even threatened economic retribution if we attack his allies (how dare he!). My favorite part of the speech was when he said that Bush would live in a nightmare for the rest of his days. Karma is unstoppable. This is true of not just Bush but all those who see their grip on world power slipping away. We cannot hope or expect that ALL the September Criminals will be caught, surely some will slip away to live their wretched existance out in hiding, but they will all be subject to a unique brand of punishment. When the powerful become powerless and weak, exiled and hated, the psychological torment on their unique type of personality will be hard to fathom. After all, the higher you are, the harder you fall.

We've all had secrets, big ones and small ones, good ones and bad ones, and they all weigh on your mind proportionate to their percieved importance. The lives of those who hold the biggest secrets are full of misery. All men have concience and empathy, some are just better at hiding it from themselves those around them than other people. Imagine the weight of guilt on our enemies, and rejoice that our weight has been lifted by the truth, while the secrets of our enemies bend them to the ground like beggars.

Video evidence of Donald Rumsfeld committing treason

Check out the video clip here, showing what Donald Rumsfeld did immediately after the Pentagon was hit on 9/11:

For the background info on this, check my blog entry here:

see: Tarpley and the "synthetic terror" paradigm

Rumsfeld is seriously indictable.
These shots had to be planned.
Possibly scripted...
They are just a bit too perfect.
Have they been time-stamped ?
Do we know exactly WHEN they were taken ?

It looks to me like something here was rehearsed or re-staged more than once.

deleted - wrong thread

deleted - wrong thread