Uh-oh. Disney may have to do more editing.

Here's what the "Path to 9/11" claims American Airlines did on the morning of September 11. According to Disney/ABC, American Airlines had Mohammad Atta at its ticket counter and a warning came up on the screen when he tried to check in. The AA employee called a supervisor who kind of shrugged and said, blithely, just let him through. The first employee, shocked, turned to her supervisor and said, shouldn't we search him? The American Airlines supervisor responds, nah, just hold his luggage until he boards the plane. The scene is clearly intended to make American Airlines look negligent.

Only problem? It never happened.

First off, Disney/ABC got the airport wrong. The warning for Mohammad Atta's ticket popped up in Portland, Maine, not at Boston Logan as the tv show claims (this is on page 1 of the September 11 Commission report).

Second, the security rules at the time said nothing about searching a passenger who has a "warning" pop up, they only required that the bags be held until the passenger boarded. The Disney/ABC tv show, on the other hand, clearly tries to imply that American Airlines violated the security rules in letting Atta go. This simply isn't true. (This is also on page 1 of the report.)

But most importantly, Disney/ABC implicated the wrong airline.

The Portland, Maine flight in question was a U.S. Airways flight. American Airlines didn't have squat to do with it -- and the U.S. Airways team didn't violate the rules at all, much less through negligence, as the 9/11 Commission report made clear.

Yeah, ABC, after slandering the Washington Post, a passel of government officials, and now American Airlines because the "fictionalized" drama makes events up wholesale, distorts others, and fails even the most cursory attempts at fact checking, I can certainly see why you're so keen on saving this piece of crap.
Well, actually, I can't. This is long past fiasco at this point, and Bob Iger still insists that this conservative terror porn can be somehow edited and saved.

ABC couldn't be bothered to read that far into the Report

I mean, come on, it was on Page 1!!!

They are very busy.