Which Flight 77 Hijacker is "Mosear Caned"?

On the morning of September 14, 2001, at about 10:11 am according to this CNN transcript, the official list of 18 hjackers was released.

Aired September 14, 2001 - 10:11 ET

LEON HARRIS, CNN ANCHOR: Folks, we are going to break into this press conference by the mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, because we have some breaking news. Leon Harris here at the CNN Center in Atlanta, but we're going now to Washington D.C., where our Kelli Arena is standing by. She has got some breaking news on the identities of those 18 hijackers. Kelli, take it away.

KELLI ARENA, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Leon, we did manage -- CNN managed to grab a list of the names of the 18 suspected hijackers that is supposed to be officially released by justice sometime later today. I will do my best to read, to read the names, some are a bit unfamiliar. On American flight 11, the first name Walid Al Shehhi (ph), the second, Wellal Sheyi (ph), also known as Wahidal Sheyi. ... third name, Mohammed Atta (ph). ... Abdul Ala Mari (ph) and Setam Segani (ph), Marwanal Shehhi on the list as well. They are looking an awful lot alike here, Leon. Marwan Al Shehhi, a UAE passport. Fayez Ahmed, Mahad Al Shari (ph), Hanza Al-Gari (ph), Amdad Al Dandi (ph). Let me stop here for a moment. We have a few more names to read. The way this is working out, there were five hijackers on two planes, four hijackers on two others. We are told by law enforcement sources that most of these names in some way connect in some way to indirectly or directly to Osama bin Laden.

Continuing on, united Airlines flight number 93, Almad Alhanawi (ph), Almed Alnami (ph), Ziad Girad (ph) and Sayd Algamdi (ph). American Airlines flight number 77. Cammid Al-Madar, and Mosear Caned (ph), Majar Mokhed (ph), Nawar Al Hazni (ph) and Salem Al Hazni (ph). ... Again, this list not officially released yet by the Justice Department. We obtained this list of name through sources -- Leon.


Then (same day, a few hours later) the FBI released a list of 19 hijackers, including:

American Airlines #77
1) Khalid Al-Midhar
2) Majed Moqed
3) Nawaq Alhamzi
4) Salem Alhamzi
5) Hani Hanjour - Believed to be a pilot.


The phoentic spellings in the CNN transcript are a bit rough -- but they do match what was later released -- except "Mosear Caned" does not sound anything like "Hani Hanjour"!!

Why was this "Caned" guy replaced by Hanjour?