Banned for 9/11 truth!

I just got banned for telling 9/11 truth over at
(my screen name was GIllist43605)


The Huffington Post banned me for 9/11 posting...

The Huffington Post banned me a few months ago for 9/11 posting. I just looked at their site. It's really massive, yet there is zero about 9/11 truth. They are gatekeepers.

Can anyone recommend a blog that allows 9/11 posts?

Can someone please recommend the biggest/best known blog that allows 9/11 postings? (Excluding blogs totally devoted to 9/11 like 911Blogger.)


Boy I sure like to goto Youtube. Talk about getting in some heated arguements. Just type in anything in regards to what we know. WTC7, 9/11, etc...

There is a guy at Youtube that we REALLY need to support. This guy must work day and night to keep posting about the Truth!!!

Here is one of his posts....... Then click on "More from this USER" This guys rocks!

Thousands and thousands of views and comments!!

Must support him!

Thanks! I didn't think of blogging on YouTube...

and there are many truth videos to link together there as well!

Every blog

Keep up the effort. Every blog needs to be presented with the evidence.
I was banned from the Daily Kos blog for the same reason but I got A LOT of information on there in the process.
I then went to the Booman Tribune and was very well treated. My entry there has been on the recommended list for its 4th day now.

Go there and use whatever you like that I put there on other blogs. I also included a link to my effort at Daily Kos on Booman's blog.

Go to Kos too and use some of that. I included every piece of hard evidence that's been brought out.
Between these two blogs nearly 500 comments have come about so far from just those two entries and I used the questions and attempted debunking to put even more facts up.
I think the two entries should be a good, handy resource of links and info for anyone who wants to take this to the wider blogosphere.

When you do this, make sure you use only hard facts.
I didn't go into "no plane hit the Pentagon" or anything like that (even though I'm convinced that no plane hit the Pentagon).

Another blog I'm going to try for is Americablog.

I'm with ya on everything, including no AA77 @ Pentagon...

Great suggestions! I also agree that AA77 did NOT hit the Pentagon, but like you say, that topic is best for more advanced truthers, not newbies.