Freedom to Fascism removed from Google

Does anybody know if this was available elsewhere? I re-posted it on several sites, now all the links are dead.

Now dead!

it's alive and kicking...

over at

this has also been torrent'd at and

please note, i'd pay to see this in the theater if it comes are near my location. i've called the two theaters i believe would be most likely the show this movie... so... we'll see!

Thanks Shep.

Thanks Shep.

Seems to me, the censorship

Seems to me, the censorship of the trailor is proof in the pudding of its validity.
Whenever the power abusers try to block something from being released, you know you're hitting the truth.
From Freedom to Fascism is continuing to be released throughout the states slowly but surely. I've been following their news via their website. Thanks for updating us on the Google blackout. Unbelievable.

Ummm, Google is an

Ummm, Google is an intelligence gathering entity. Think about it, what better way to find peoples interests and to some extent, knowledge of what they know, what they research,and "who to look out for" if you will.
If your the CIA, and its "illegal to spy on your own citizens" what better way to gather intel on people?
Except for companys....
Its not illegal to gather intel if it is offered to you.