Her Majesty's Terrorist Network

Former UK Intelligence Agent Kevin Fulton blows the whistle on how he and others were used by the British government to carry out false flag terror attacks that were blamed on the IRA.

Article, with link to audio, here.

"Osama" confession

That there is not government provided evidence to accompany and substantiate what the government has told us about the “confession video” - it’s time to revisit recent history from a dutiful perspective.

US 'threatened to bomb' Pakistan

The United States threatened to bomb Pakistan "back to the stone age" unless it joined the fight against al-Qaeda, President Pervez Musharraf says.
General Musharraf said the warning was delivered by former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage to Pakistan's intelligence director...

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USA - not the world's only lying fascist government

US Threatens to Bomb Pakistan? I find this hard to believe. The US continued to heap praise upon Pakistan as an ally in the war on Terra, at the same time as it was revealed that Pakistan had supplied nuclear weapons technology to North Korea and to Libya. The Pakistan dictatorship is a US puppet regime, Pakistan’s ISI is a joint creation of CIA and England’s MI6. Pakistan was the conduit for US arms and money to the Mujahideen fighters (ie Al-CIAda) in the effort to liberate Afghan opium crops from Russian control. Musharraf may be promulgating this bullshit for domestic consumption in Pakistan, but I don’t think it warrants much attention from people who are awake.

I suppose the quote

“either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists” had no bearing on Musharraf's decision?

We invade Afghanistan – under false pretenses (Osama/ 9/11) then we invade Iraq under yet another false pretense (Al-Qaeda). And you would doubt Armitage threatening Musharraf?

Why would one need to invent reasons that the US would not have made such a threat? Does the phrase “limited hangout” mean anything to you personally? LOL

In this instance the shoe most certainly fits!

And in case you’re wondering exactly why Musharraf suddenly 'grew a pair' I have 2 words for you: Hugo Chavez!

Chavez's standing up to the US in his speech to the UN - demonstrating what a sovereign nation with self-respect looks like will have emboldened folks like Musharraf.

Bush spouting off about going into Pakistan to get Osama - without Pakistan's consent must've also played into things... The President carelessly suggesting that he would invade a sovereign nation... an ally in the war on terror... Yeah, that showed respect - NOT!

What’s so confounding re: the Bush Whitehouse commending Pakistan/Musharraf for being a good little ally? That’s nothing more than propaganda + throwing scraps to our complicit bitch! – for all the other good little bitches to see.

I can only suppose that you find it more believable that leaders (like Musharraf) of Muslim nations were, at that time just clamoring to become US military jump-off points, right? And that's why allies like Turkey were SO happy about us wanting to use their air space. Uhuh.

Face it… We (the US) were militarily pissed off and we were going to kick some ass… and if Musharraf didn’t want to comply… refer to quote at top.

How timely that Bush is slated to meet with Musharraf tomorrow. What message is Musharraf sending?

I wonder how much that just cost us?

Negations via primetime… Carrot & stick!

Musharraf & Bush spar via the MSM, days prior to a closed-door meeting... Musharraf letting a bomb (of his own) drop tells 60 minutes that Richard Armitage threatened Pakistan’s intelligence director: "Be prepared to be bombed. Be prepared to go back to the Stone Age"

THEN, only days after the alleged Armitage threat is made public… Bush states: "Absolutely." ... "We would take the action necessary to bring them to justice." In response (to Blitzer/CNN) when asked if he would issue an order to go into Pakistan to kill or capture bin Laden and his deputy Ayman al-Zawahri.

Fast forward to TODAY - Bush/Musharraf press conference:

Musharraf now says he trusts Bush/US intentions. And when asked directly about the US going into Pakistan to get OBL Musharraf side-steps… Now claims that the who & the means by which OBL is captured are unimportant and discussing "semantics".

I suspect Musharraf’s poker play just cost the US taxpayer - BIG time. I also suspect Bushco had an intimate & graphic conversation with Musharraf – what would happen to him/family/Pakistan if he did not comply.

Two traitorous murdering criminals playing Monopoly & Risk – with our lives/$.

it was on cooperativeresearch.org

quite a while ago.

only 2 weeks after 9/11 there was a report about it, i believe.

"There's a shadow on the faces of the men who send the guns to the wars that are fought in places where their business interest runs."

False-flag attacks are pure evil...

As if there isn't enough "genuine" terror throughout the world, the U.S.A. & U.K. have to create more via outrageous false-flag attacks. Truly despicable!

The IRA just wanted equal rights for Catholics in Northern Ireland. So who knows how many ghastly bombings attributed to them were really false flags?

All this false-flag bullshit needs to stop now!!!

Moles, agents, double-agents, etc., are not credible...

Here is a sentence from the IRA-spy article:
The double-agent, “agreed to testify for a massive sum of money and a new identity. He was also relocated.”

How the hell can you trust the testimony of someone who accepts huge rewards from the U.K. to testify against the IRA ???

Very Sad

It's very sad indeed. The great men that founded the IRA were not savages. They were freedom fighters looking for justice and rights in their own country over an oppressing occupier. But atrocities and unforgivable violent and pointless acts attributed to them led most of the country to turn against them and gave loyalist, pro-British parties cause to distrust Republics and ruined the peace agreement. We're seeing this in Iraq now I'm sure. How much of these "insurgent attacks" are genuine? It's just all very sad.

In the opening days of the

In the opening days of the war proper the IRA attacked a british terrorist base, three days later in Belfast, a restaurant full of people was bombed. Thats how it started, thats how it continued and that's basically how it ended -- with the Omagh bombing that killed more than 30 people. Nobody has ever been tried. NO SURPRISE THERE. I would not be surprised if Fulton was responsible for it.

Its also no surprise that the IRA officially decared the war over on the day before the FAKE London Bombings of 7/7

One "terrorist threat" was replaced with another within 24 hours.

The Able Danger coverup

The Able Danger coverup continues. Of course there's no evidence because the document has been destroyed. This is so frustrating, I feel for C. Weldon. Anyone who reads this article and can't get a hint there's a coverup happening is an useful idiot for the pentagon

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Pentagon's inspector general on Thursday dismissed claims that an Army intelligence unit code-named Able Danger uncovered data that could have thwarted the September 11 attacks, saying the allegations could not be substantiated.


Ludicrous Diversion - 7/7 London Bombings on Google U.K.

Like a British "Loose Change" of the 7/7 Bombings + Tony Blair's fear mongering & terror laws. It's a must see, IMO.

it's a good video on

it's a good video on 7/7

what's the deal at 911blogger.... ever since i redirected traffic to it from bbc earlier this year, the heat was on. firk 'them'.


Important 9/11 truth anomaly

Why have almost 3000 american soldiers sacrificed their lives for the war crime in Iraq yet no NYFD speak out for the murdered fireman(their brothers) of 9/11. What the hell is going on.


The Irish Republican Army were, & are, an undefeated yet throughly infiltrated force.
They were rotted from the inside as the British realised they could not defeat them in any other way & yet wanted to prolong the war indefinately.
It was only when the genuine leadership of the IRA realised that they were being used by the British state to create a strategy of tension through false flag atrocities, that they decided to lay down their arms.
Countless hundreds have been slaughtered by MI5 in Ireland, detonation technologies developed by the faux 'IRA' are now being used by the faux 'resistance' in Iraq to ferment a civil war.
The ceasefire & subsequent disarmament was a very difficult time for republicans, but it is such a positive move, & has allowed the truth to emerge from the dark, putrefying fog of recent Irish history.
The Dirty War is over, the battle for the truth has now joined forces with the 9/11 movement & we will prevail.
This is painful lesson , for any of you ever contemplating direct action of any sort against the state.

343 Dead Firemen

Why do you suppose not even one retired firefighter, dying of toxic dust, is willing to speak out about what he knows. Are they are cowards? Didn't Silverstein order the leaders of the fire department to set off the explosives - the entire department must have known the bombs had been set.

The link to the article is


This is the scumbag Fulton.

The link to the article is gone...?? Who ARE the terrorists?