Revealed: Pakistani ISI pulling the strings of Al Qaeda

A defenant in a major British terror trial has revealed in his testimony that the Pakistani ISI "played a role in training Islamic militants". The ISI then threatened his family. This is what happens when a real trial occurs. This is why Bush wants secret trials for this "enemy combatants". If doesn't have them, the truth might actually come out.,1,2188283.story?coll=la-headlines-world&track=crosspromo

Terrorism Defendant Cites Fear of Pakistan
By Sebastian Rotella and Janet Stobart
Times Staff Writers

September 20, 2006

LONDON — A major terrorism trial here was interrupted Tuesday when a defendant accused Pakistan's intelligence service of threatening his relatives in the South Asian nation after he testified that the spy agency played a role in training Islamic militants.

Omar Khyam, an accused leader among seven men charged in 2004 with stockpiling half a ton of explosives in an Al Qaeda-linked bombing plot, took the stand Tuesday long enough to refuse to continue his testimony. The judge temporarily adjourned the trial, which began in March.

On Monday, Khyam stunned his own lawyer when he declared that his relatives in Pakistan had been intimidated in recent days by agents of the powerful Inter-Services Intelligence agency, which has a shadowy history of contacts with Islamic extremist networks.

"The ISI has had words with my family in Pakistan regarding what I have been saying" about the agency, Khyam, 24, said on the stand Monday. "I think they are worried I might end up revealing more about them, and right now the priority has to be the safety of my family there."

"I am not going to discuss anything related to the ISI anymore or my evidence," he said.

Despite longtime allegations that Pakistani agents have trained Islamic militants and protected fugitive Al Qaeda leaders, Khyam's testimony provided a rare account in a Western courtroom about the ISI's role in militant training camps. His accusation also raised concerns that Pakistani intelligence officials might be seeking to disrupt a significant prosecution of alleged Islamic extremism in Europe.

There was no evidence presented to suggest that the ISI had links to preparations in Pakistan for the alleged plan to bomb a nightclub and shopping center in the London area. But Khyam's allegation raises the possibility that he had been on the verge of revelations related to the case, which has parallels and suspected links to last year's bombings on the London transportation system and a recent alleged plot to attack transatlantic airliners, observers said.

"We are in uncharted territory here," said Sajjan Gohel of the Asia-Pacific Foundation, a counter-terrorism think tank here. "It hasn't happened before. The ISI has always been a murky organization. There have always been suspicions of a nexus between them, terror groups in Pakistan and Al Qaeda. But here you have a guy from the UK giving testimony that is very relevant because the ISI is supposed to be the key ally in the hunt for [Osama] bin Laden. And it's concerning that a country that is supposed to be an ally in the war on terror is intimidating witnesses, almost 'Godfather'-style."

Pakistani diplomats in London did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

If the allegations about intimidation are true, they raise troubling implications for the trial and the other pending cases involving British suspects of Pakistani origin with alleged connections to terrorist networks in Pakistan — as well as family ties there.

It is almost unprecedented in a British court for a defendant to cite fear of a foreign government as an obstacle to testifying, said Rhiannon Talbot, a professor at Newcastle University and an expert on terrorism law.

"It's not unusual for a witness to refuse to give testimony in cases of organized crime, but it is unusual for a defendant to do so," Talbot said.

Talbot and court officials said the trial was likely to continue Thursday with a new defendant testifying.

Khyam's defense appears to be over, however.

Khyam is a central figure in the case. In 2003, he led defendants on a trip to a Pakistani training camp near Afghanistan and met with a top Al Qaeda figure who told him to carry out attacks in Britain, according to prosecution witnesses. Wiretaps played in court documented his conversations about scenarios, including the possible bombing of London's biggest nightclub to massacre patrons.

Khyam readily admitted during testimony last week that, as he became radicalized, he had set off for Pakistan in 2000 to become a holy warrior. "A lot of my family were officers in the military and the ISI" and encouraged his aspirations, he testified.

After telling his family here that he was going to France to study, he made his way to a training camp in the mountains above the Pakistani city of Rawalpindi. He spent three months learning firearms skills and guerrilla tactics for combat, according to his testimony. He said ISI operatives had provided explosives training at the camp but that he did not learn those skills.

"People there were selected by the ISI," Khyam testified. "The ISI works with Islamic groups. The group I was with, they wouldn't let us train with the local Pakistanis. There would be a separate camp for the foreigners."

The Islamic militants were being prepared for combat in Kashmir, where Pakistani security forces deploy them in "a proxy war" with India over the contested region, he testified.

"The ISI was setting up training camps in what we call Free Kashmir, funding it with money and weapons, and people that would train people, and logistical supplies, everything," he told the court.

Kashmir, along with Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Russian republic of Chechnya, is one of the battlegrounds that has provided a multinational flow of aspiring Islamic militants to Al Qaeda and its allies.

Khyam testified that he did not reach Kashmir. His Pakistani relatives, alerted by his worried parents here, used intelligence service connections to track him down, he said.

He returned to Britain, where prosecutors allege the cell came together. His group made trips to Pakistan in 2003 for training, logistical support and direction from Al Qaeda-connected networks, prosecutors said.

Khyam denies any role in a bomb plot. But the abrupt halt to his defense has raised new questions.

"Khyam has revealed more information than was expected," said Gohel of the Asia-Pacific Foundation. "He has given a lot of insight into how very many British Muslims have been recruited…. I think everyone was shocked. The question now is whether the whole truth will come out."


Look at that.


And "9/11: Press For Truth"'s value just went up 10,000%.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."


Make sure you read Nafeez's latest contribution.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

but before you read it i

but before you read it i think you should know big brother removed all his sources from the internet


A lot of them, that's for sure.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Thanks Jon

I've been meaning to read that piece. I'm almost done with his chapter in "The Hidden History of 9/11" looks like it like he has the some of the same headers in it...but i'm sure there's some more info. Nafeez is definitely on the ball.

Pakistan and 9/11 Press for Truth is the KEY

The more I research the ISI, the more I think that the Pakistani ISI is KEY to this whole movement. It's not only key into understanding the way terrorism is taking place around the world (and how patsies are being set up), but more importantly, I think the Pakistan/ISI link to 9/11 is going to be KEY to breaking this thing wide open.

That is why "9/11: Press for Truth" is so important.

The main reason I think Pakistan/ISI is the KEY to open the truth is that most people in this country will listen to such an argument. There are conservatives that don't understand why we aren't bombing the fuck out of Pakistan. There are liberals that are starting to questing our allegiance with Pakistan now too. They were up in arms when they found out we closed the bin Laden CIA unit (but confused as hell at the same time) And just yesterday, the top recommended diary on Dailykos (fuck Mia by the way) was about Pakistan's connection to all the terrorist attacks around the world!

People are willing to listen to the Pakistani argument. I even called into C-SPAN on 9/11 to lay down the General Mahmoud Ahmad story for the world to hear (i'm still working getting the video).

anyway, i think Pakistan is key and i plan on writing some more diaries on it.

NEWSMAX An interesting read


An interesting read from 2004

yeah, Newsmax has no problem

yeah, Newsmax has no problem pointing the finger at "those damn arabs" in Pakistan. i wonder if Newsmax has the heart to point that same finger at the MOSSAD or the U.S. government? rightwing tools.......

I can't believe...

You guys aren't jumping all over this "Piece Of Gold."

Thanks Ian for the contribution.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Maybe the ISI is the Key...

...because the CIA outsources its Patsy Operations Division work to the ISI. You supply the patsies and the connections, run the ops, and we prop you up and let you share in our opium profits in Afghanistan and our weapons trafficking all over the globe. And as if the seeds of chaos weren't already sown enough, as we know from Charlie Wilson's War, Pakistan and Israel have never had qualms about working together, with or without the CIA as their matchmaker.

Where are the Trolls?

When I speak about the ISI connections to 9/11, to people who try and debunk me, I ALWAYS SHUT THEM UP!!


Damn alphabet agencies.

Which one(s) pull the strings of ISI?


I'm going to guess it's primarily the CIA, but I would also suspect that MI-5, MI-6, Mossad, and perhaps Saudi Arabia's Al Mukhabarat Al A'amah.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

It's almost as if...

Pakistan is a "Terrorist Farm", or "Terrorist Super-Market" for any of the super powers that need them.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

great quote

"It's almost as if Pakistan is a "Terrorist Farm", or "Terrorist Super-Market" for any of the super powers that need them."

I like "patsy farm" better

but "terrorist farm" is probably more easily understood by yer average 9/11 almost-skeptic.

secrecy and torture

Absolutely, Bushco. needs the secrecy during upcoming al-Qaeda trials to once again cover-up the revelations and inconsistencies. The Moussaoui trial was already a desaster for them, at least with those that don't buy the media spin: Moussaoui called out "747 to London" repeatedly, expressing hope Bush would pardon him. Then later he said he lied and had no real plan to attack. This is the most obvious patsy / useful dummy , and it was presented for all the world to see.
The other crucial tool for them is torture: How do we explain the "confession" of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to have masterminded 9/11? To confess to that, is equal to committing suicide by means of the U.S. death row. How did they get the confession? Answer: By way of torture. They "waterboarded" him until he confessed.

Gotcha, motherf*ckers!

Gotcha, motherf*ckers!


You know when youre trying to hook up cables to your computer or tv, but the plug is too big or too small, and you need a conenctor to manke it work?

The ISI IS THAT CONNECTOR. US ---> ISI --- al Qaeda. It's the greatest trick in the world. OF COURSE "al Qaeda" took credit and thought they were pulling one over the ISI. Anyone read Sander Hick's new article?
People in the agency knew Pakistan was controlling the 9/11 operation...but for who? Remember the Randy Glass story? People think the Atta-Omar Saeed Gen Ahmed story is it....oh no, oh no, it's the TIP of the iceberg.

I have so many articles on Omar Saeed bbeing ISI, even CIA and MI5. And my research shows KSM is CLEARLY ISI. The way I see it, 9/11 is probably a Rockefeller/Brzininski type ---> US and liied officials ---> US and Saudi funding ---> ISI ---- al qaeda. It's called trickle down outsourcing. So people c an argue about melting points and pentagon holes all they want, but ISI is the golden key to unlocking 9/11.

I'd also add: Able Danger, the Vanity Fair NORAD tapes, Saudi Embassy relaxation, etc.
Why ya think Daniel Pearl was killed? Investigating the ISI and al Qaeda/9-11 is the most dangerous aspect to look into, because it is so important.