Is Chavez a Rogue "Thug" or Brilliant Strategist?

Is Chavez a Rogue "Thug" or Brilliant Strategist?
Written by Chris Rose

I was eager to see what Hugo Chavez would have to say to the world, during his recent speech at the United Nations. I did not know what he would say, but I knew he was not going to allow himself to be ignored. If that indeed was his objective (to not be ignored), he certainly succeeded.

Weeks prior to his UN "El Diablo" moment, Chavez was making a little news for calling George Bush something other than "The Devil", he was calling him a terrorist. In fact, Mr. Chavez accused George Bush of being the worst kind of domestic terrorist when he implicated him directly for being behind the 9/11 attacks on his own country. But again, that story made "some" news, but it wasn't front page headline news. Not like his comments at the UN are. Mr. Chavez is being viciously lambasted for having the audacity to refer to the United States Commander and Chief as "The Devil"! It's almost funny! In fact, I think Chavez even scored a few world leader chuckles for the remark during his speech.

I find it especially interesting and quite dissappointing (although no longer surprising) to watch how the Democrat "leadership" is now joining the chorus of those condemning Mr. Chavez' remarks. Rangel and Pelosi have been particularly vociferous in their outrage. Rangel apparently angry at Chavez for having the temerity to come to "my country" and "my district" and call "my President" names. Give me a break Charlie! That's the kind of outrage you should have demonstrated when "your President" came into "your district" after 9/11 and told everybody it was okay to breathe pulverized asbestos! And Pelosi, puhleeze! Her criticism of Chavez calling the President names lost credibility right after she then called Chavez a name. Oh yeah, call my President "The Devil"? Well you're "a Thug"! Real grown up Nancy. Talk about "do as I say, not as I do". Pelosi would have done better to issue a "I know you are but what am I" statement and being done with it. So all of this non-sense got me to thinking... is this perhaps what Senor Chavez intended?

I've gone on record here in my support of Hugo Chavez, particularly because of his support of the 9/11 Truth Movement. For indeed, 9/11 is not an American problem, it is a global problem. That is why I find it particuarly disingenuous of Rangel and Pelosi to feign "outrage" over something as silly as Chavez calling the President "The Devil". Why did they stand silent on Chavez accusing Bush of killing his own people? Is it because Chavez didn't do it while on American soil? Or is it because they want to help the Administration do everything in its power to divert the world from thinking about Bush and his involvement in 9/11? This would certainly explain the enthusiastic support the Democrats threw behind its purported opposition to the recent ABC "hit-piece" The Path to 9/11. While everyone was whipped up in a frenzy over the "falsehoods" contained in this so-called "docudrama", they simultaneously reinforced the falsehoods contained in the so-called "official record" as the definitive final word on the issue concerning the 9/11 "terrorist" attack. Quite Machiavellian when you think about it.

So it appears with the Chavez commotion. Whip everyone up into a frenzy over calling Bush "The Devil" while simultaneously burying Chavez' comments implicating Bush for 9/11. But will it work? Well so far, it seems to be working. But I don't think that is a surprise to Chavez, who had one very strong Ace up his sleeve and decided not to play it. That card of course is 9/11. The quintessential trump card, if you will. So why didn't he play it? Well there are a couple of possible reasons.

I think Chavez knew that if he played that card at the U.N., it would have been buried by the world MSM. He would not be receiving anywhere near the coverage he is receiving now! Just look at what his words have done for Noam Chomsky's book. It's rocketed up to #1 on Amazon. It was ranked #20,664 the day before. Chavez now has, what he didn't have last week. He has a very high "Q rating". Now that he has it, I think he plans to play his trump card. I'm not sure how and I'm not exactly sure when. Maybe he knows something we don't know regarding the upcoming "October surprise" being planned by Karl Rove. I think as a movement, we should show our support for Hugo Chavez, not because he called George Bush "The Devil" but because he is the ONLY world leader to have called George Bush to account for his role (whatever it may have been) in the 9/11 "terrorist attack" on this country and subsequent worldwide coverup. Because in reality, it was an attack on this world. It would be nice if the Honorable Senator Pelosi and Congressman Rangel could show at least a little outrage over that.

Yes, very odd indeed how Democrats Rangel & Pelosi...

Yes, very odd indeed how Democrats Rangel & Pelosi are bashing Chavez & defending the worst president in U.S. history, the Bush-Führer. With so many crucial matters for Rangel & Pelosi to be promoting, why the hell are they spending time defending Bush against anyone? Very suspicious! (If anything, the Democrats should be pointing out how Bush is hated throughout the world.)

Too worried

They have the elections coming up, wouldn't want to scare off any potential voters with a possibly un-PC comment...

Especially with the way the Media is portraying him, fox "news" was suggesting he should be ordered out of the country, or arrested...

I was channel flipping today

I was channel flipping today to see if I could catch any of Chavez' speech and when I got to Fox News the little question right above the crawler was "Should U.S. stop funding UN for applauding Chavez?" I actually laughed out loud before it sunk in and I groaned.

Chris Rose, nice piece. Best sentence:

That's the kind of outrage you [Rangel] should have demonstrated when "your President" came into "your district" after 9/11 and told everybody it was okay to breathe pulverized asbestos!

Charlie Rangel's comments -- whether sincere or feigned -- really caught me off guard.

Chavez himself enforces free

Chavez himself enforces free speech. that's why the opposition still talks smack in Venezuela, if he really was a dictaror, he would have shut down, all the private channel and destroyed the market systems, he hasn't killed or attemted to kill anyone who opposes him, its funny how he allows himself to coexist with people that want to kill him, but that only shows how much civilized he is. but he hasn't, hes just put regulations on overpricing and put really tought laws to prevent monopoly and encourage small business, I've been to venezuela, thier healthcare systems is 1000 times better than our and very affordable, i've been there, seen it with my own eyes. I wish people took the time to visit venezuela and see what he has done for his country, he encourages educations, any education, all religons are allowed. You can still make money but not become a monopoly, he's been very tought at stopping drug traffiking, the only people that don't like him are corporations with US ties, billionares, drug lords, hes using the billions he earns mostly on federal services on benefit of the people. People is afraid of the truth. Chavez has nothing to hide. That why he doesn't kill the competion, cause if he was a dictaror, he would have arrested many of the ones working with the oposion when they had teh coup against him, and he didn't he forgave them. I don't know how poeple dare and talk smack about him.