has anyone debunked this crap?


Would be much appreciated.

BTW It seems friction and hydrogen caused the burning rubbish pile. And water added fuel to the fire!! Read for your self, the REAL JUNK SCIENCE

***Scientists needed desperately to debunk the debunkers***

Also 911myths.com need to be

Also 911myths.com need to be debunked

one of my comments to debunkers

Also, I love the way you state a theory (like friction to heat) as if it is ABSOLUTELY TRUE. With no evidence whatsoever to back it up? I have never heard of such a phenomenon. Certainly there will be heat released, but enough to turn metal to liquid? I mean you really have some gall to state this. And also the "iron rusts and water feeds the fire" is as bogus as I can find. Maybe I should buy a piece of iron and put it in my bathstub to heat my apartment ... no wait it will be too hot ... 1500degrees!!!