helicopters over WTC

I couldn't figure what the flashes were coming from the "9" choppers
flying past the WTC in the video 911 Eyewitness, nor could the producers., and why
explosions resulted thereafter. Well here it is thanks to Alex Jones site for referral


Exclusive: confessions of a secret agent turned terrorist
By Neil Mackay

Fulton then travelled to the US and helped develop light-sensitive bombs, activated by photographic flashes, to overcome the problem of IRA remote-control devices having their detonation signal jammed by army radio un

Pretty damning evidence of controlled explosions
You decide since I'm no expert

Rick Siegel

I listened to the Jones interview yesterday. Fascinating stuff and bully for you to put the two pieces together.

You may want to post that information at ricksiegel.com. That could be big stuff.

Glad you posted.

i saw black helicopter pass

i saw black helicopter pass through tthe towers on some of the videos. I think that black helicopter had a remote detonator