Thomas-Scott Gordon's mentioning of Kurt Sonnenfeld (who now is elsewhere dubbed a "whistleblower" too)

You may have read reprehensor's hint to Thomas-Scott Gordon's affadavit on the demolition of the WTC. Thomas-Scott Gordon mentions (in not too friendly a context) one certain Kurt Sonnenfeld, who he suspected to be following him arround (accompanied by one Jim Chestnut) on behalf of the FBI.

That name rang a bell. Because some more Info about that same Sonnenfeld I found here:

Kurt Sonnenfeld - FEMA's WhistleBlower?" (at

According to the story, Sonnenfeld now is in Argentina (read link to find out the bizarre details). In an interview with Argentine daily newspaper El Pais on September 10th 2006 he is supposed to have said (about his work as a photographer for FEMA on Ground Zero, during the "remove the rubble" cleanup operation)::

"I was the only person, with camera in hand, with total and absolute access to any area of Ground Zero and the WTC. Any other cameras that were within that area would have been confiscated and the the (sic!) person carrying them arrested. [....] What I saw at certain moments and in certain very frightening, I don't know who (sic!) to put it in words, what I saw leads me to the terrible conclusion that there was foreknowledge of what was going to happen."

How reliable and trustworthy are Joe Quinn and "sign-of-the-times"? What light does the combination of both stories shed on each one? I'm confused now...

Kurt in Exile, -when will the fat lady sing?

My favorite form of photography is naturally fashion. Unthinkably georgeous babes, ar far as the eye can see. But, I am certainly no people photographer. However, just for fun I used to assist on the odd assignment just for the thrill of laying down the track for the western dollie.

Kurt and his partner Jim Chestnutt, approached the entire Denver photo community with an unbelievable pitch the day they arrived. Never were they more successful than the performance they enabled Len Irish to do in front of the historic Bank of Denver Building. Tara Shannon, (in red heels,) positively dwarfed the Twin Trade Towers in terms of pure strength and energy.

So when I tell you I know something, please believe me, because I always speak from the heart where pure art and the essence of intelligent design are concerned.

"Unfavorable," certainly anchors my prior statements fairly objectively, while the comment posted at DemUnderground; " (sorry, can't spell)" -grossly destorts my points in fact. I do not claim to have a great, and linear memory of my own post-divorce timelines, but I do remember every face that put me here.

So, when I left the WTC complex, I did pretty much as I was told. I gave the final set of images to my boss, Mr. Roth. I got my check and hit the road. Later, just like Kurt, I found David's, "never before breeched" double-deadbolted apartment door unlocked. At the roof, our skylight was slightly out of kilter. (On the roof, is a to die-for cedar deck, and I posted David's wife's images of the second hit taken from there.)

Then, I go back to Woodstock, to Tony's cabin in the woods, where I regrouped for a few weeks. Later, on Thompson St., that's where I first noticed the unmistakable pair, 'shadowing me.' Neighbor Natasha noticed it too, on completely different occassions. Perhaps they were innocently sussing out the "Thread Building" for a she-she condo, from which to practice their high-paying 'Photo-assistant' roles? (An Ideal rifle-position?)

Doubtless, but I thought they still lacked the professional skill to pull it off.

Meanwhile, I'm working at Duggal, running Arthur Elgort's priceless chromes, something I'm still sharper at by eye, than the average McBeth 'Q-Lab' requires.

But, let's move on to the point. TODAY, Kurt is in serious danger, and I'm screaming this from the hillsides! I fully feel his pain, and he should darn well know it, since we've both got the blood of 3,000 innocent bodies on our hands.

And I've been over this cryptic News, the best and worst of it. I spoke to the RMN story writer, and to the Denver County DA. The latter is out for blood, the former is sweet as pie, but what can I say, it's the RM News, not the old Westword, the East Village Other, or the original Rolling Stone!

I've got it, GONZO, what had I been thinking? Surely we both knew someone in common! How else would Kurt have known the entire crime scene MO? And I'm not saying Mr. Sonnenfeld is guilty, far from it. ..Today, I'm willing to risk my life to save his, because I feel certain he's got a lot more film in the vault than me.

Why? Why should I care about someone I once thought would kill me with his bare hands? But this is not the case, not even in a crime of passion. You know the details, the chaffed wrists: "Honey Please, LISTEN, I love You!" The forehead, ankles and knee: "Don't Slam the Door On ME!"

Sorry Kurt, {Mary,} once was enough.

But, we've all been there. That ten-year point, when we desperately just need a little hiatus. Mary pulled the trigger, I'm well convinced of this. I think the first forensic analysis could not have been in error, else why would the man be free? You simply can't wipe the piece that clean, given the man's still reeling from the shock of having just held his wife, in terror, as the last breath of her life passed before him.

Then there are the two evil cops, you know the types. ( I once made an errant 'wrong turn' in Denver, believe me, I know the joint, inside and out.) They published the names of the creeps who ratted him out, and it shouldn't be that much trouble to get them to come clean.

The question NOW is, what will it take to insure that Kurt can stay healthy And free? For one thing, he's got to detox. Just like the 37,k other innocent victims waiting to discover just exactly how our faithful first, (and I do mean 'first',) responder must feel!

"Free Sonnenfeld"

-Tom-Scott Gordon, WTC Photographer, Emery Roth Architects
Little Rock
*Go ahead, I dare you to pop a cap in me, you "Royal Bloody Traitors!"