Marvin Bush - World Trade Center Dulles International Airport Security on 9/11?

Video highlights the financial and environmental consequences of the controlled demolition that brought down the World Trade Center towers. Also:
What did the president's brother, Marvin Bush, have to do with security for the World Trade Center Complex and Dulles International Airport on 9/11? Why were there so many power-downs and evacuations in the WTC just prior to 9/11?:

911 Mysteries

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Falsehoods serve nobody

Jack Riddler writes:

The original work to reveal the Marvin Bush connection to security at the WTC, Dulles and United Airlines was a highly detailed, well-researched article by Margie Burns in 2003, archived here:

... Most everything that people repeat about this connection is a corrupted, exaggerated version of what Burns wrote.

Securacom/Stratesec, part-owned by Marvin Bush, was a consultant on security at the WTC complex for several years in the 1990s. ... The business ended in 2000, when Bush also stopped being a director of the company. ... Securacom/Stratesec was a CONSULTANT. NOT in charge of security. ...

All of these myths are attributable to people repeating shit without bothering to research it for themselves, and corrupting the known facts in the process.


redsock writes: amen.

Serious Matter

Wow, I am thinking that "Press For Truth" said Marvin Bush contract ended Sept 10, 2001 for security of the WTC.

I'll have to double check to make sure I am correct on that thought.

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