Video: David Ray Griffin in Copenhagen - 9/14/2006

Shit. Griffin repeats the

Shit. Griffin repeats the rather outlandish theory of voice morphology.

I don't deny that this technology exists, but there is a much simpler explanation for the cell phone calls.

There were HIJACKING DRILLS going on before and during 911. Just record some passengers reading a script and send the clips to family members -- cut and go. Like the pM shills said, the calls were short and disconnected.

Someone (eg Reprehensor) please forward this theory to DRG.

This morphology shit turns people off faster than no-planes.

I don't get it. The drills

I don't get it. The drills are the biggest smoking gun! (WTC7 a close second) Every 911 spokesperson should start with the drills and go from there! Hijacking drills at the same time!? C'mon!


The drills are obviously staged, but to those that need to be brought in 'gently' they will seem like an uncanny coincidence. WTC7 is the real WTF???

cell phone calls are an

cell phone calls are an issue but there's no basis for voice morhing (based on evidence)

It's the War Games, Stupid!

Why oh why does Griffin (and for that matter other people) talk about the towers and fake cellphone calls? The debunkers must be snickering hysterically. Yea, it's very possible that the cellphone calls were faked, but that's in the realm of speculation. We KNOW about the war games. We KNOW the timeline doesn't work even after five years of doctoring. We KNOW about the connections with drugs, money, and oil. So why don't Griffin and others talk about these?

I agree with the possibility

I agree with the possibility of voice Morphology being a little far fetched for people to grasp.

The calls were choppy and didn't make much sense (Mom?  This is Mark Bingham.)  The conversations could have been pieced together from multiple recordings of the person supposedly making the call. 

Howard Stern does it all the time, making calls to people using statements pieced together from multiple recordings and people can't even tell.  They're arguing with a tape recorder and have no idea.

Additionally, the drills mentioned previously make a lot of sense, more probably than voice morphing in my opinion.  All these possibilities should be provided to doubters just to prove that the phone calls aren't the ironclad evidence they think it is.


Not sure why DRG detours off into morphing. He even uses Forrest Gump video morphing to explain the lates UBL video. This after admitting he never even saw the recent UBL video.

No need to offer this level of speculation, when there are so many smoking guns to focus on.

Stick to what we can reasonably proove DRG.

true, but you have to admit

true, but you have to admit that the 2004 "election" Bin Laden video looked extremely strange. not to mention convenient. even Bush himself said its what probably sealed the election. other than Ohio of course.


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David Ray Griffin is ALWAYS

David Ray Griffin is ALWAYS in top form

he did very well on NORAD.

he did very well on NORAD. That's indisputable at this point.

Poor Griffin, he did good work before he stepped into 911

Poor Griffin, he did good work before he stepped into 911 and after he did it was like his ego didn't let him admit that he was wildly wrong. Now a cult has started with him and guy like Fetzer as some of it's leaders. In the mean time the world has started to read rebuttals like those of Dunn that completely demolish Griffin, Fetzer and the rest of the "911 truth" cotrie. They have made asses of themselves and those that blindly continue to follow them.

look everybody.... there was

look everybody....

there was a fake 911truth movement started that was intended to be defeated in the fake msm.

all those steven jones,fetzer,reynolds----anyone pretty much that theyre letting be on tv are shills

scholars for 911truth got alot of people into 911truth---but then it was set up for psy-op operations at 9-11-06------reynolds betrayed and went into being a 'no planer'----jones got punked by byu publicly so as to leave an impression in the fake msm----

but what is kind of the worst thing is that early last year a junior member of scholars for 911truth got murdered right in front of his family----the timing went right with the charlie sheen fake msm brouhaha...

so the shills are not only despicable liars----but they caused a young biotech major in college to get killed cause he believed in them...

great speech

Again, DRG does a fantastic job of dismantling the official outrageous conspiracy theory in just a short one hour talk.

Also, what is interesting is his last five minutes of his speech.
He says that probably there is no way to get an independent investigation in the US but he is looking to get one in Europe where you will have the 911 truthers presenting their case and the official 911 theory people presenting theirs.

But if NIST and the official 911 comission will not debate the 911 truthers in the USA why would they do it Europe.

So, probably only the 911 truthers would show up to a European investigation.

But we could take the official commission 911 story and use this as the opposing side.

So, how can this future European investigation have some sway with the world's countries.

I guess once the investigation is done and its findings written down then this would have to be made public to the rest of the world.
It would have to be translated into all languages for sure.

And who would be on this European investigation. Would they be blacklisted, how could they remain independent ?

Is there any precedence for such a thing in history ?
Where an investigation had to be in other countries because a country would not allow an impartial investigation ?

Anyone know when this European investigation might happen.
Really this needs to be a concrete goal for the 911 truthers, to get this investigation started ASAP !!

911 truthers need to have some concrete event like a European independent investigation to happen to galvanize us ASAP.

Founding an International 9-11 Commission

Dr. David Ray Griffin is heroic in his indefatigible efforts to expose the truth about 9-11. I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Griffin when he presented a lecture in Eugene, OR in late July, 2004. About 500 people attended this event, which was a tremendous success.

At that time, Dr. Griffin had written "The New Pearl Harbor" and was researching his next book, "The 9-11 Commission: Errors and Omissions". The lecture focused on Dr. Griffin s analysis of the newly published Kean-Zelikow Report.

Dr. Griffin expressed reticence at that time about a lecture tour. What has changed since then is that the Kean-Zelikow Report has been unequivocally exposed as a fraud, a cover-up and an official government lie.

What Dr. Griffin is calling for is a new public and independent investigation of 9-11. This is exactly the effort being made by the 9-11 Family Steering Committee, Paul Thompson, et al with their film "9-11: Press For Truth"

Discussion here about regarding quibbles as voice morphology, cell phones, etc. completely misses the point of Dr. Griffins thrust. Researchers would do well to not get mired in the details.

Let's all get united on one main theme. The 9-11 Commission Report is a fraud, a cover-up and the best evidence we have that the official story is a lie. As the Family Steering Committee points out, of the 400 questions that the families of the 9-11 victims posed at the commencement of the 9-11 Commission, a mere 120 were adequately answered by the Commission. 70% of the serious and important questions proposed by the Family Steering Committee were simply disregarded, inadequately addressed or answered with refutable fairy tales.

It is on the basis of the fraud of the 9-11 Commission's cover-up that I think the U.S. Government is most vulnerable to a democratic effort to find the truth and the real perpetrators on 9-11.