9/11 Flyers

I'm working on some 9/11 flyers for my college campus and I thought I'd share them with folks and also ask for input/ideas. As we're a pretty intellectual community, these are fairly text heavy (or rather, there are no pictures) but that's part of the point--to contrast from all the rest of the flyers on campus that have drunk party photos, etc. etc.


I'm mostly gathering quotes as I think it's best to let others do the speaking. You can grab all the ones I've got so far here:


(zip with 16 flyers in EPS format)


If petition #1 and #2 are to be printed together, you are missing point #2.

These look good... a few comments

What, no link to 911blogger.com? :)

At the bottom of each flyer you list some polls. The poll of NYC residents was in 2004, not this year, unless there was a new one. It's a minor detail that may not even be noticed; I am just pointing it out.

I realize you are just quoting Judicial Watch but the last sentence on that one is awkward, "So far, 8 postal workers have died and hundreds remain harmed by the lethal exposure." The hundreds who have been harmed, but are presumably still alive, did not have lethal exposure. It's like saying, "He was murdered to near death." Or something. Maybe I'm just nitpicking.

On the WTC 7 poster you could include some of the polling information about how many people are unaware of WTC 7 and how many people who are aware of WTC 7 question the official story.

Good work and good luck with outreach on your campus.