Al Qaeda moves to wherever neocons want them to be

Lucky for the neocons, who don't seem interested in Afghanistan anymore (now that the pipeline is in the works), Al Qaeda, that elusive would-be terrorist network, is moving to where the neocons want them: the Middle East. Do you think Al Qaeda will be merged with Iran in the coming weeks? Obviously, the article suggests Iraq is the new center of operations, a convenient twist for an administration that made bogus claims about Hussein and Bin Laden being in bed together. Now, Bush will claim, the US can't leave Iraq because it has become the center of the "global war on terra"....

Al Qaeda Members Moving to Middle East, Amid Speculation About Bin Laden

"Al Qaeda has scaled down its leadership structure in Afghanistan and is poised to shift its main decision making to somewhere in the Middle East, possibly Iraq, senior Arab officials have revealed to CBS News, as speculation continues over the fate of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden."