Inexpensive DVDs for Bulk Distribution

Tom Tvedten writes:

Dear Friends in the 9/11 Truth Movement,

I am sending you this e-mail to announce the opening of a new 9/11 DVD web site:

We have created this site so that anyone that wants to order 9/11 related DVDs can go to this site, make a selection from our list of titles, and by following the instructions on the site order what he or she wishes. We are asking for a small donation to made after the person requesting the DVDs receives them in the mail, but will send them for free if the person can't afford even the recommended donation.

They are $1 dollar apiece for orders of less than 20 and $ .75 each for orders of 20 or more. We ask that the maximum number of discs in an order be held at 50, but encourage people to reorder when they run out and need more.

Also, another site for viewing and downloading videos available here:

Thanks to Dr Jay Lightbearer for sending this information in.

Thanks, this is a great service.

I hope you get 9/11 Mysteries on the purchase list soon as possible!

911 DVDs

Awesome If you order 6 of each that is 48 perfect for a starter package. That's whta I did. Please donate after you get these, this could help wake up lot's of people.

The 'Doctor' is in the House!

This is really an act of love from our friend, Tom. (Pronounced: Twee-den.) I've known his son for years, but I had not gotten to know his dad, when he asked me to help him with some freeway-blogging. I said sure, why not?

I found myself inspired, {and quite flattered} that such an important local cleleb. was coming to the party in this way. On 9/11/06, it rained continuously, but we had the time of our lives hanging on to the huge sign, while using it to deflect the rain off our backs, as 5,000 cars per hour passed underneath. We got 5 people to flip us the finger, 25 to honk, while only a few raised their fists in defiance of the evil perps.

What did the sign say?: "!" -What else?

(I'll let the kind Doctor say the rest. I've got more DVD's than I can stand to watch. You are right about mailing them to those people who really need to face the facts.)

To Our Host(s)

* This resource merits inclusion as a highlit entry on the sidebar lists.

Thank you all for providing the best 9/11 site in the US.! Every major player has been here at least once, offering us their time and considerable patience.

The inquiry has matured, and the world can see that we, as the real representatives of "Freedom and Democracy," Do give a damn about our Nation's stance on this Empirical Lunacy!

-Love you to death!

If you want 9/11 Mysteries, Press For Truth, Freedom to Fascism

email me at

I'll mail 20 DVDs out for $15, including shipping.

"There's a shadow on the faces of the men who send the guns to the wars that are fought in places where their business interest runs."

And will

And will also carry "freechannel" DVD, an 8 hour medium-rez culture bomb of some of the internet's best 9/11 truth clips, lectures and music videos, collected together specifically for the teevee people by FrankV and BuddyJ. Get your copy today (or whenever it propagates to the order-fillers), and "Pass it on!"



Petition for Dr. Jones

Please sign and circulate this petition supporting Dr. Steven Jones of BYU.

If you are d/l the videos

If you are d/l the videos 911 Mysteries Part 1 Demolitions 3of3.wmv the link is wrong on the website.

You will need this link.


Stand for SOMETHING...or you'll fall for ANYTHING!!


Just d/l the first video in three parts. Watched the 1of 3 and all I could say is WOW!!

This video is compelling and supersedes Loose Change by far.

Everyone should d/l this/ buy the dvd and spread this around.



Stand for SOMETHING...or you'll fall for ANYTHING!!

9/11 Mysteries - Full Length / High Quality on Google Video

You can watch the full length / high quality version on Google video...

Many more good docs, films and resources at

Hope this helps :)

now taking Freechannel DVD orders

I just talked to Dr. Tom, He has filled 26 orders in the last day and a half, or about 200 DVD's without any advertisment. He does have a copy of our Freechannel DVD, and is now available for orders. The website will be updated this week to add our Freechannel DVD. This project is to get this info out in MASS. We are doing our part, please help to 'PASS it ON'!

That's right, FrankV said it's 8+ hours long. It's no documentary, it's a journey.

"Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught
in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is
called at once a lunatic and fool"
-- Plato.

Thanks, Tom: Let's Try to Mail One to Every Newspaper...

and every Radio station, and every lending library !

Consider that 36 to 42 % of Americans suspect Bushitler involvement in 9/11: this is probably close to 100,000,000 (yes, that's 100 MILLION!) Americans. If every one of these people contributed $0.01 (yes, that's ONE RED CENT !) we'd have $1,000,000 (yes, only 1 Million dollars), and these 1 MIllion DVDs could EASILY cover all the above locations, and leave enough for all the schools, all the fire stations, and so on.

Now if each person gave 2 cents, can you imagine what we could do ?

GREAT idea!

I've already placed my order.


I received my 20 DVD's today. I only hope my donation check gets to you as fast as the DVD's got to me.
Can anybody help an old fart though...can I buy any DVD player to play these things? All the different formats confuse me. Thank you.

We also sell 9/11 Truth

We also sell 9/11 Truth DVD's at low cost, $3.00 / $4.00 each worldwide shipped

anyone wants 1 copy of each DVD we have, we have a donation cost of $40.00 for 30 DVD's!

Do I see Freechannel DVD there?

Wow, Thanks Zero.
I like the layout of your site, it looks great. I see you offer the FreeChannel DVD FrankV and I put together. Thats great. Let us know how is sells on your end and the comments on it.

I talked to a Truther since 9/11/01 and he is also a FireFighter in California and a associate member of and he said there were clips on our FreeChannel DVD that he had never seen. So please EVERYONE check it out.

Btw, I talk to Dr. Tom every week, to check in on our project at we are getting out over a thousand DVDs each week and it's just the start. We have around 20 other duplicators around the Country helping us fill orders. If Dr. Tom isn't duplicating about 200 DVDs a day, he doesnt feel he is doing enough. Now THATS a Burning desire!

We only ask for donations AFTER you receive your order. Our latest offer that Dr. Tom has approved is 100 DVDs for $50 (pre-paid) shipping is always on us. You just CAN'T beat that!!

See my 911DVDProject Group I set up at Jack Bloods new site People for 911 Justice, here:

Please DROP all of your (Murdoc) Myspace profiles and Join

Keep on fighting the Good Fight!


Please dont just buy videos and distribute, get a dvd burner and make more your self, - Jenny


"Please dont just buy videos and distribute, get a dvd burner and make more your self", - Jenn

We need to send a clear message to all that single purchases of these DVD's should be made from the producers. We are not in the business of sidestepping those fine folks who did all the original work on these documentaries. So, please, buy singles from producers and duplicate from the original. If I may be so bold as to tell others what is right and proper.

My ONE DOLLAR DVD PROJECT site is a second cousin to Tom's project. He provided part of the seed money to purchase a duplicator and otherwise showed me the ropes. Thank you Tom.

We have been duplicating and printing since the first week in February of this year but, our operation is much smaller. Tom tells me his disc output was 40,000 since he started one year ago. Wow. (the crowd roars). Seriously, way to hustle.

Please, take a look at my site: and notice, while we may have a much shorter list of choices, we do offer the favorites. Also, I decided, early on, I wanted "pretty" labels. I hope you like them.

I use an Epson disc printer and put the ink right on the disc. It is a little more hassle, as the ink is expensive, requires drying time and the discs cost a little more but, most think they are worth the price.

When I restocked the "loaner" cigar-boxes I have around town, the store owners said they would draw more attention. And, that is what we want. Please, come see and let me know what you think.

I could use some input concerning a laminated flyer I want to leave at stores with the stack of loaner DVD's. An objective perspective about what should be on the flyer would be helpful.

Again, job well done, Tom and thank you for allowing me to plug my site.

Ron Neil

Presidential Debate... edited version.

Oh, I meant to give this gift to all:

In order to save everyone some time, I present this edited version of the Presidential debate.

As you will see, all the fluff and trash talk has been removed and only the quality responses are left.

The field is narrowed down to the Constitutionalists.

Ron Neil

Bulk DVDs!

Great Tom! Thanks for this new service. Good selection of titles, too.

And you're right, Jenny. As Alex Jones says, "Burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn..."

In my opinion, the best 9/11 truth video is "September 11 Revisited: Were Explosives Used to Bring Down the Buildings?" because it focuses on that one question and really nails it home (instead of sort of sprawling out with lots of other topics the way some films tend to do.)