A lesson from "The Siege" with Denzel Washington and Bruce Willis?

now as it appears US troops are on the way to Iran and with the Rovian October surprise announcement, with the pope traveling to Turkeye under strange circumstances,
and other disturbing facts we all should watch this movie again. Back in 1999, when it was first shown, it may be a little bit far fetched.

But by watching this movie, I have to admit the director was a prophet. The speeches of the president in the movie were the same as G.W. Bush did once for real.

And even the story come true more and more.

So should the end- our last hope to stop the Neocon Fascist Madmen is to tell the military troops that their war is bogus and that their leaders are war criminals,
traitors and constant liars and that all of us support a military revolution, in the name of the constitution and the republic, to stop these bunch of criminals
who could not be stopped otherwise.

Come on you brave soldiers, support the US and get rid off these mass-murdering war criminals. On your shoulder lay the weight of the last hope of our future-
that's my dead earnest. Especially the high ranking officers. I heard the retired generals were threaten not to speak out their dissent anymore.

Don't let you threaten- dissent is patriotic duty.

We need you- don't fail us.

Murderer not a prophet

The script of The Siege was written by CFR member Lawrence Wright whose recent book on Osama bin Laden (The Looming Tower) has been greeted with drooling and fawning by the propaganda matrix that used to be called the media. NPR devoted a half hour to this wanker, and the New York Times produced one of the many, many reviews which lavished praise on this latest attempt to lionize the patsy. Wright is clearly a player in the planning as well as the cover-up of 911, and it is therefore not surprising his movie looked like the work of a prophet. He knew. He is an accessory to mass murder. Don’t watch his movie it will poison your mind. Really.


Mamadou Chinyelu's little-known but mostly excellent (and very early) book on 9/11 includes a couple of chapters on Hollywood and a slam-dunk chapter exposing Wright (who had no Hollywood credits prior to The Siege) as an intelligence operative.


Chinyelu argues that The Siege contains specific encoded foreknowledge of the date when 9/11 would happen. It was released on 11/6 (turn that upside down, what do you see?) under the tag "On Nov. 6, Freedom Ends." The key scene, the martial law declaration by the general (Bruce Willis) occurs with the Twin Towers in the background. Right next to the towers, you can see a TV microphone for the fictional Channel 6, with a big 6 on it. This recreates the film's release date, however also using the Towers as the 11. I'm not into the numerological stuff generally, but this is beyond the merely weird.

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