NY911Truth Action at the CFR on 9/22/06

NY911Truth.org members members protest outside the CFR building, great stuff, check it out:



I feel that it would be wise that if you are going to stand with a Banner Like this, it would be wise to dress in a suit and tie. I have been marketing for years, and first impression is important. If these guys were in suits...they would demand respect, rather then sweat shirts and T-shirts. Good job though!

thats a very good point

thats a very good point actually.


Most people that I talk to believe this has all been started by a bunch of bored college kids....don't fall into that stereotype by how you dress. It doesn't have to be a suit and tie, but if the issue is important...dress for it. You will get more attention that way.

your Right

Good point .I will make sure Tom addresses that on the email for the next time we go. i believe we will be there every 2 weeks. thanks


That strategy worked very well for the Nation of Islam, its a good idea.


Dress for success.

Great work guys/gals!

You got their attention at that Council on Foreign Relations meeting. (They wouldn't have switched entrance doors if they weren't worried about your truth message.)

It seems the CFR is a group who continually think up plots for the U.S. to force its imperialism on the rest of the world. I'm sure most of these vermin were deeply involved in planning 9/11!

Good Show

But most people are deaf, dumb, and blind to the truth.

"We all knew then we all realized that this was not
some group of unorganized cave dwellers from
Afghanistan orchestrating a perfect hit on American
soil. It was impossible. Shortly after the Pentagon
was struck I called my close friend that I went to
Basic Training with. All civilian lines were down and
I had to contact him via STU which is a black line
classified phone system. He did not answer, but one of
his soldiers did. I asked if SGT Worthington was ok
and he said yes. I asked if the plane did severe
damage and he told me I didn't see any plane."


Is Lauro Chavez believable?

Earlier this week, Chavez' credibility was drug through the mud by commenters on this site. Is this a testimony we should trust? Is someone working to get this information verified? Has Chavez made any known false statements?

In advance, thanks for clearing this up.

A Good Idea

Print out something like: "What REALLY Happened?" with a web address, 300 times, get some glue or tape, take a walk, and start posting your pint outs in the places with the most traffic.

dz, wil you please encourage your readers to do this?

The CFR building is kind of

The CFR building is kind of pointless. Not sure if you know what it is, but it's a club for speaking and debating internationally...all of the big wigs that are in it, are seriously not in the building. It's all interns. I just think protesting there is worthless. Everyone who is apart of CFR are not all guilty, it's probably key players that happen to be in the club. My wife used to work there...

I am all about protesting, I came for 9/11 this year, I just think time would be better spent let's say at the media stations or Larry Silversteins office.

Definitely, people should protest in front of Larry Silverstein

I totally agree--- it's really time to put the heat under Larry Silverstein. That is where to start.

Does anyone know where his office is? That would be an excellent place to hold the inside job banner and to give out flyers with regards to his involvement, listing the URLs that show the video of him saying they decided to "pull it" with regards to WTC7, etc., such as www.wtc7.net or is it .org or .com--- anyway, all the truth out about 911 websites should be listed, especially the ones that give away DVDs about all this or show clips on their sites. In fact, give out free DVDs at these rallies if possible. They are available for free at many places and it's worth making lots of copies to give away for free too.

It's hard to believe that Larry Silverstein is still walking around a free man, when he obviously provided the access needed to the Mossad explosives experts--- there needs to be a grand inquisition about all of this, starting with him first cuz he's the most obvious. He had the means and lots of motives: money, power, helping out Israel, and the neocons' "Project for a New American Century" -- getting that going with the request for a "Pearl Harbor style catastrophe" to get the Americans' behind the so-called War on Terror and the war on Iraq going.

I'm sure he'll get Alan Dershowitz as his lawyer, and of course Abe Foxman will be shouting out about how it's all about "anti-Semitism" as if just because Silverman's Jewish he should be let off the hook. Not!

We the people charge Larry Silverstein as being directly involved with crimes of the first degree: Insurance Fraud, Mass Murder, Treason.

Now we just have to get lots of lawyers and lots of money to do this.

We the American People would like to get subpeonas to call all the witnesses and experts as well as to cross examine all witnesses and people who were in any significant way involved with the 911 event at WTC:

*Demolitions experts: such as Dr. Stephen Jones

*People who worked at the WTC to verify that there were many blackouts during the week or two leading up to 911, giving the Mossad the time and access needed to plant the explosives

*the insurance company that awarded Silverstein almost $7 billion in damages-- what 's the name of the company? who was involved with the forensic investigation or was there even such an investigation done? what did they find? who were the decision-makers in awarding the $7 billion, etc.?

*NY City firemen and policemen who were at the scene

*People in the building and right around the building as it was attacked and shortly thereafter

*People who were in the control towers of the airports

*Security employees and their managers from the security company in charge of security for the airports involved (the security company was an Israeli-based & dominated company!)



Let's make it happen. This is exactly where to start.

Then the Truth will come out, implicating Cheney in particular and he will also later be put on trial for ordering the stand-down.

And then whoever put him, instead of the usual military general, in charge of NORAD will be put on trial, because obviously Cheney was put there for a reason-- in order to faciliate the orchestration of making 911 happen according to plan, the plan that was called for by members of PNAC most notably Wolfowitz and Perle.

So then a trial for them all will eventually take place.

All the while it will be clear to see that many American and Israeli elites/ powerbroker were the ones who made 911 happen.

The implicated, involved elites will be put on trial, and each proven guilty as charged upon presentation of evidence and serve the rest of their lives in prison. They will not be able to hide ANYWHERE.

The Jewish state of Israel will be finally revealed to all Americans as the anti-democratic, racist, apartheid state that it is and all support for such a state will cease. Israel will be subjected to sanctions and boycotts just like apartheid South Africa was until it is transformed from a Jewish Zionist racist apartheid state into a truly secular and democratic state with completely equal rights for all including for all the Palestinian refugees who must be allowed their right to return as equals to their ancestral homeland of Palestine-Israel. It is their right according to UN Resolutions, International Law and the majority of world opinion. It is right and just.

The world will be a much better place and enter a new era of peace, understanding, respect and prosperity.

So what are we waiting for?

We need great, patriotic lawyers and LOTS OF MONEY. It's out there. Who's going to organize this? Spread the word.

Call these people to the trial stand as well...

The demolitions company that took away all the WTC wreckage should also be called to the stand: their name is Controlled Demoliton.

The head(s) of this company and the workers must be all thoroughly cross-examined and their backgrounds must be checked.

It would be interesting to know if there were any Israelis working for them.

I wouldn't be surprised if the owner of the company is Israeli. Maybe even a member of the Mossad or working for them.

It needs to be thoroughly checked out.

How about an on-line petition?

Anyone good at creating on-line petitions and then forwarding it in an e-mail to various 911 truthseeker groups?

Here's how the on-line petition should look:

We the People of America want all the District Attorneys of New York to put Larry Silverstein on the stand for Insurance Fraud, Mass Murder and Treason. We've got lots of evidence and we want to find out ALL the Truth and nothing but the Truth. We have good reason to believe that the WTC, all 3 buildings included the North and South Towers, and Building 7 were demolished by explosives. We demand a completely objective forensic investigation of all evidence, and all parties involved on trial and on the stand. All possible witnesses as well as those perhaps directly and criminally involved must be called to testify including all the above mentioned (Larry Silverstein, Mayor Guiliani, Cheney, reps from the insurance company and the demolition company that did the clean-up, people who were in and around the building, those who worked there, policemen, firemen.

You get the picture. Somebody willing and able to do this? Somebody with a legal background would be the best candidate to write this.

I'm suggesting the District Attorneys of New York because I'm under the impression that they are the only ones who could do this. Anybody know?

Is this possible? Let's at least put the heat on them to do so.

It would be a petition addressed TO the District Attorneys

This is just a clarification that it would be a petition addressed to the District Attorneys of New York. It would be great to have a someone who is very familiar with legal language write this up.
I sure hope SOMEONE steps up to the plate on this!

Silverstein Properties...

located at the new improved WTC 7 building. Please consider taking your excellent banner to the sidewalk in front of Israeli consulate. I'm sure your response will be very different. Great Job!



CFR Meetings

Thanks guys, that was awesome. Of course you sent a message of discomfort to those creeps. Let's see how comfortable they remain when more of the public slowly realizes that the 911 murderers are residing on the Upper East Side. Great Work!

we have no power everything

we have no power everything is under there control. they already won they have the whole government undercontrol. they had 40-50 years to plan this we cant undo it in 6 months

Well let's get started on the 40 to 50 year plan to get justice

The time to start is now.
I think the petition idea is a great idea. It will spark people's interest and heighten awareness nationwide.
Someone with legalese background and with great courage is needed to pick up the ball on this.

"the whole government"

essentially means Cheney, Rumsfeld, and a few other corrupt old men whose sole power lies in their legal authority - an authority commissioned by the people. If we revoke it, we're up against Cheney, Rumsfeld, and a few other corrupt old men - chickenhawks armed with nothing but lies.

You call that control?

The Nine-Eleven Blues: Sing it to Summer Time Blues

The 9-11 Blues
(sing to the tune of “Summer Time Blues”)

Well I’m a-gonna raise a fuss, I’m gonna raise a holler

About workin all the time just to try an earn a dollar

I spend a lot of time just to try to spread the word

Cuz I want to make sure that the Truth gets heard

Sometimes I wonder what I’m a gonna do

Cause there ain’t no cure for the 9-11 blues.

Well I know I’ve got some bills so I’ve got to make some money

If I want to have a car and some fine things a plenty

Well, I get so mad at the lies on TVs

That I spend all my time on the web and rallies

Sometimes I wonder what I’m a gonna do

Cause there ain’t no cure for the 9-11 blues.

I’m gonna take two weeks, gonna have a vacation

I’m gonna take my problem to the united nation

Well I called my congressman and he said quote

I’d like to help you, Miss, but I don’t need your vote

Sometimes I wonder what I’m a gonna do

Cause there ain’t no cure for the 9-11 blues.

Well I’m a-gonna raise a fuss, I’m gonna raise a holler

About the demolitions used on the 9-11 towers

Well Larry got rich and P-NAC got its wish

For Israel’s foes, the US to demolish

Sometimes I wonder what I’m a-gonna do

Cause there ain’t no cure for the 9-11 blues.

Yeah, sometimes I wonder what I’m gonna do

Cause there ain’t no cure for the 9-11 blues

No there ain’t no cure for the 9-11 blues

"they" never understood the

"they" never understood the power of the internet. "they" are shitting themselves because it is actually becoming obvious (again) that the would-be powers are NOTHING without 'peasent' support.

Long live goodness!


Where Gary Hart, immediately after the attacks, acknowledged Poppy Bush and said that 9/11 should be used to forge a new world order. Good going everyone at the demo!

So dope! Great job getting

So dope! Great job getting up in those bitches faces like that!