was NORAD aware of hijackings?

reposted (without permission, hope that's ok) from screwloosechange (one of the replies to a post)

Just curious if you guys have examined (a) the number of MIL ATC sites (military air traffic control) that were in the multiple 9-11 incident zones (b) the number of joint military/civilian ATC facilities in the same multiple incident zones.

In addition, factor in the # of MIL RAPCON (radar approach and control facilities) in the multiple incident zone. How many are there? And where are they located?

How many of you are completely familiar with MIL ATC SOP - the military air traffic control -standard operating procedure? A good percentage is classified minimally w/a FOUO (For Official Use Only) - so I propose that unless you have served in that capacity and/or have an associated clearance - you probably have no clue.

So while you guys spend your time pointing out alleged inconsistencies in the 9-11 movies - I find it interesting that you ignore (perhaps out of pure ignorance) the above questions - that would likely indicate that the military was fully aware of one or all of the planes as soon as it went off transponder.

Additionally, many of the corridors in the incident area - require constant hand-off & coordination between civiilan and military ATC. On a daily basis the Air Force and other branches have thousands of planes/helos intersecting civilian and/or shared air corridors - which require seemless communication betwen the various centers.

For example, many military ANG (Air National Guard) faciilties are located at civilian airports - there are typically military ATC assigned to those facilities as well.

My simple proposition to you - as well as to folks who question 9-11 is to employ further depth around the analysis. Sadly the govt./military thrives off of the ignorance of folks such as yourselves.

Fundamentally, they (truthers) are on the correct path. They are fullfilling their Constitutional duty to question their govt. with what little facts and scattered details they have..A comparison of what happened to Payne's plane and what happened on 9-11 is a legitimate question...Additionally, I believe you can find inconsistencies in the times of planes responding etc..in the govt. reports and various media reports....

Not exactly sure what you guys are doing - in your quest to disprove or batter anyone who questions the govts. story...The administration (almost from day one) has begged citizens "not to engage in any wild conspiracy theories" - and has spurred on the supposed anti-conspiracy movement - with our tax dollars. The position could have some sense of legitimacy had it not come from the very people who are being sought out as being involved in said conspiracy.

I've asked this question several times - what is it that you gain (as a tax paying citizen - presumption) if the truth movement is wrong? Wow they were a bunch of stupid crackpots and nobody cares the next day...What happens if you are wrong? You certainly don't have history on your side...corrupt govts. duped, compliant and defensive segments of the population has been the downfall of many societies...What has changed?...When has it become acceptable to give the govt. the benefit of the doubt? Oh I forgot - dumbed down American thinks it's when the govt. has made a case that the bad guys are coming to get us...Since the beginning of the latest Iraq War the head of Halliburton has earned $100 million dollars - meanwhile many Marines were sickened by contaminated water from the same comp....The chump who privately interrogated prisoners at Abu has made $23 million...Yeah keep waving that flag and fighting the good fight.

Perhaps some of your questions will help refine the case that is growing against the govt...Last night I watched a news clip from a local affiliate in Louisiana - where a popular dentist (the familiy alleges he was poisoned) died- after producing a manuscript about his meeting three of the hijackers well before 9-11...they were lving near Barksdale AFB..he talked to FBI etc...but like the other leads of this nature the case was pushed aside...The are one too many stories of this nature to be silly CT or coincidence...Still haven't heard you guys talk about Michael McCormick - 9-11 Hero- who was SWAT teamed after - getting the news out about the fake EPA report - that has left many first responders fighting for their lives - yeah I know more CT...