9/11 Truth Ribbons and Stickers

9/11 Ribbon
9/11 Ribbon

UPDATE: We heard from SupportOurRibbons.com and were told that the actual ribbon design is copywritten by them, however, you can contact them for custom designs and bulk orders. Please do so and do NOT use or alter their designs in any way.

Seeing a "support our troops" sticker on a car gave me the following thought: why not create 9/11 truth ribbons?

Order ribbons and stickers (or make your own), and put them on your clothes and your car. Put them on your website. Paste them into emails.

Get it? Got it? Go!!!

The copyright for the above images is not owned by me. The copyright for the actual drawings is probably owned by SupportOurRibbons.com, where I mocked them up. But no one can own the copyright to such a basic idea as a "support" type ribbon, so let's get busy!

I've been thinking of this

I've been thinking of this for a little while, instead of "Support the Troops", I was thinking "Support the Truth".

Bumper Sticker

I once saw a bumper sticker that said..."9/11? You Can't Handle The Truth". I loved it but I haven't been able to find one for my car. If anyone knows where I could get one please post.

No matter what it says, I

No matter what it says, I can't bear to put one of those fucking things on my car.

Nothing says "attention

Nothing says "attention whore" like have a lapel decoration
that pisses on the graves of 3000 innocent people.

You people are disgusting.

Slight error on your site

Slight error on your site there, Georgie.

You claim HALF the victims families as
fellow enemy sympathizers.

We both know that's not true.

Hey, what's your beef?

I think it's a good idea! People who get bent out of shape about it need a wakeup call!


So you like those boys coming home dead and stiff? They are simply boots put on a false mission for the Bush Administrations corporate takeover of Iraq. Please explain why the so-called 'war on terror' HAS TURNED INTO THIS!!!: http://www.uslaboragainstwar.org/downloads/CorpInvasionofIraq.complete.pdf

You are the one who is sick. You are the one who loves to see the blood of the innocents in the name of corporate greed. These people have absolutely no business being in Iraq...unless (light bulb) IT WAS ALL ABOUT THE OIL!



When people see the banner SUPPORT OUR TROOPS. They know that we are at war.

When people see the banner SUPPORT 911 TRUTH. They have no idea what it is and using there logic they will think that the truth is what they watch on the news. YOU NEED TO USE THE FOLLOW "GOOGLE VIDEO 911 INSIDE JOB"

It has to start with the word "Support"

Because these are "support" type ribbons.

People could put a website address on it, like


or ST911.org, or 911Proof.com, or 911Truth.org, or PrisonPlanet.com, or another good website

so they can get more info.

don't preach to the choir-teach!

Support 911 Truth says nothing to people who don't know what you mean. Support an Independent 911 Investigation or something like that but--come on, I think some of you need to think like a newbie! People don't know to even question anything so we have to get them to that point.

FAA incidents

I have been challenged to find a single FAA incident prior to 9/11 where fighter jets were scrambled to meet a commercial airliner (any commercial airliner) which had deviated from the flight plan. I can't find this information. I am feeling crippled. Did this really never happen? Anyone know where I could find more information.