Google Caught In Terror Storm Censorship

Get those numbers back up, view Terror Storm on Google here.

Google is again embroiled in a censorship farce after its Google Video sub-division was caught altering viewing statistics for Alex Jones' Terror Storm documentary, resetting runaway growth curbs to prevent the video making the website's top ten and its online viewership exploding exponentially.

Following last week's buzz about Terror Storm being available for viewing free on Google Video, numerous websites linked to our promo page and as a result viewing figures for all versions of Terror Storm at Google Video began to climb rapidly.

However, upon checking the same viewer figures on Sunday, Alex Jones noticed that many had been reset to zero and had only begun to climb into the hundreds and early thousands, nowhere near their previous levels of tens and hundreds of thousands for the previous days. The trends had been artificially reversed and this prevented Terror Storm from entering the top ten list of Google Video which would have ensured an explosion of further circulation of the video.

As you can see from the screenshot a reader e mailed us below, Terror Storm was being highlighted as one of Google Video's most popular selections and was heading for the top ten, until late Saturday/early Sunday when viewership totals for the video were inexplicably reset.


Is this another mistake on the part of Google or is it an attempt to minimize the impact of Terror Storm and prevent it from mirroring the same online presence as Loose Change?

This is not the first time we have caught Google engaging in censorship of Alex Jones and his websites.

During our Charlie Sheen coverage, Google intentionally blocked news stories pertaining to Sheen's comments which were first made on the Alex Jones Show and turned into a nationwide media spectacle.

Even after the story had gone supernova, and our original write-up had been linked all over the web, including the Drudge Report, Google's main search engine did not list the article.

After we blew the whistle on this act of censorship, the story was re-listed and Google even began carrying some of our content in their news section - a practice that has now also ceased.

Google's penchant for abandoning their founding principle of "don't be evil" and kissing up to Communist China for privileged access into the world's biggest untapped Internet market, was exemplified in February this when Google completely erased the Space War website from its search engine. Space War is a large mainstream news website that carries articles about geopolitics and the defense industry from AFP.

Space War speculated that it was their reporting on advancements in China's military technology and missile programs that provoked a censorship order from the totalitarian Chinese government which Google acted upon. Again, after a mass e mailing campaign which we fully supported, Google re-indexed the Space War website.

We hope that by drawing attention to this matter Google will remedy the artificial alteration, whether a result of technical gremlins or deliberate censorship, and enable an accurate and true reflection of the growth and popularity of Terror Storm.


it's all over the place

In Loose Change has also had downfalls like that, and they changed the algorithm to only show the most popular *that* day, it basically resets everything each day. Why not allow a view of most popular each week, or month? A movie like "Loose Change" would probably be more visible, instead they prefeered to make it like that, so all the top videos are crap, strange decision..

Also lots of people complain of comments being deleted.

Also on youtube apparently the videos about clinton being bashed were put by two accounts who were created in the last moment, and some videos which defended Clinton using Fox footage were removed for infrigement (but not those with the bashing).. We have to face it, the enemy is on the internet.

Weasels wacked my website!

Normally, you can't crack an old Mac System 8.1, but the bastards are hitting me hard through the e'mail. The get into the users and groups panel somehow. I've had to jump through barrels just to keep Explorer functioning, and I've lost my e'mail alltogether. I can see what's changed, but I haven't run BBEdit against the back-=ups to actually break (find) their faux-code blocks.

I saw the culprit e'mail, but it no sooner got in than the folders all started flashing in sequence like they were reading my whole drive. Welcome to the less than 1% club. I'm beginning to know how Alex feels:

"Alex hasn't done nearly enough. I don't see why he doesn't just make the New World Order shut-up. Oh, that's right, it's because he's a shrill for the Texas Zionist Monarchy, and he even gets monthly checks from the BinLadens."

-Great rant today, BTW, Al, I listened to it 3 times in a row!

Mac OS 8 is many, many times

Mac OS 8 is many, many times easier to hack than OS X. Hell, Mac Classic is even easier to hack than Windows... Especially while running Internet Explorer... Do you realize how primative internet security was in 1997?

You should look into an upgrade. OS X 10.4 remains as unhackable as ever...

OS 8.x etc

It may be that internet security has improved, but statictically .002 percernt of the hackers out there are using antiquated means to disable old paranoids like me. This (other) machine is of the 10.x (garden variety) and for one year it doesn't go down, knock on wood. Still, I've got an open challenge to anyone who wants to send a virus to my back-up, back-up SCSI drives because they are going to have very little sleep. First, you have to get into the OS, which I now see is doable, by trojan virus. Mind you, they are still inside as 'guests,' so they can't re-write files like you can on any WinTel.

Speaking of hackers. Practically all the young turks were part of the Goth-craze, and I would therefore classify them as easy recruits for the fascists. None, (OK, practically none,) of them came to the party about vote fraud, or WMD's, or 9/11. Are they afraid of loosing their job security at Verisign?

Lastly, I don't know anyone who made the leap from UNIX (SG) to Mac, so I guess I just need to drive to Cuppertino and offer folks a few free beers before I will believe that Billy Gates and Carl Rove haven't already long since fixed that problem.

ONE HIT TO THE BODY (One straight from the heart)

>> "You guys gotta give Google some credit for *hosting* these films in the first place..."

"HOSTING?" What kind of a blogger are you? NORMALLY, it works by the numbers. It doesn't 'decide' who's important and who's not. It's a computer.

Dude, if you want to click on your own site a Billion times, I assure you it will come straight to the top of BinLaden's 'groovy-cool' list. Who knows, at that point Uncle Ben might even join your private circle-jerk, and link you at LonelyLadysLive!-

ref: "Ground to Zero"

So you want to blow us all to pieces?
Go meet your maker, head hung down.
Give him all your explanations,
Go ahead,.... -throw down!

Ground to Zero,
back to nothing.... ..
Straight meltdown... ......
Ground to Zero,
-that's where we're heading!

It's a monkey on my back.
I can smell the whitehouse full of crack,
I'm lookin' to the future,
but keep on glancing back...
I prefer to rock,
'cause we can't afford to flop-

Ground to Zero,
That's where we're going
Back to nothing
Right now. Right now-

My whole life's been hangin' on a thread
*Yes, I'm the fly inside the spider's web*

...Ground to Zero
Go ahead- 'Bith-ch,' -Throw down...

yea dont u remember the news

yea dont u remember the news about isrealis doign a cyberwar oor something

everyone write a physical

everyone write a physical letter to google and remind them of their slogan ' don;'t do evil' as the subject - and this censorship issue\

just wanted to add

Just wanted to add this:

In order to prevent this kind of things it is necessay for sites to exist which don't use automatic algorithms, which can be abused (i.e. change the algorithm to get the results you want) or "tweaked" or abused in the shadows, I think its important there to be alway a person accountable for the information, thats the role of editors etc, if not, information is vulnerable to *easy* manipulation (because people aren't perfect either :) ).

I like Terror Storm now more

I like Terror Storm now more then I did initially, I still really don't like some of the spooky music used. But it's powerful, and it is having a positive affect. Why the f*uk would google knock it of like that though, when loose change and every other doc up there remains untouched? So dumb.

"Terror Storm" is extremely powerful!!!

A must watch!!!

TerrorStrom is Better Than Loose Change

TerrorStorm is better than Loose Change and more fact based. TerrorStorm doesn't have a bunch of rediculous viewer guides which cite yellow journalism leading some people to perceive it as the gospal truth.

This is absolutely true.

This is absolutely true. They have been been doing this for days to terror storm, 9/11 mysteries and 9/11 press for truth. It's still happening. Watch it. When you depend on one entity to not be evil, then someone will usually pay them enough to be evil.


has also started their own PAC and are supporting some repub candidates, although they are pro-net neutrality

Why not send an email to all

Why not send an email to all 911 truthers out there to upload a version of the video with keywords that are also that of the top 10 on googles site. That way we can use the words people search for most and have the video pop up?

So now google is in on it

So now google is in on it too, huh?

Forget to take your meds much?

Oh yeah, censorship and

Oh yeah, censorship and government propaganda are just figments of our imagination right?

There really is one born every minute.Wink

Says the guy peddling

Says the guy peddling Al-Queada propaganda under orders from

Thy hypocrisy knows no bounds.

You mean "Al Qaeda" the

You mean "Al Qaeda" the government database of suspected terrorists?  Thanks for clearing that up, back to sleep now...


"Says the guy peddling Al-Queada propaganda under orders from Osama.

Thy hypocrisy knows no bounds."

Why didn't anyone tell me Al Qaeda was responsible for the 9/11 Truth Movement? Those bastard Docuterrorists. Their so evil, they make films and put them on the internet. Those sick sum a bitches.


The attack on truth being

The attack on truth being conducted by the 9-11 tinfoil turban
crowd can only benefit the enemy.

Haven't you heard there's a war going on?

I'm curious, what do you

I'm curious, what do you think that we, on this site, believe? By the way, are you really a Mormon?

"True enlightenment is attained when one can, at will, see through the illusion of reality." - Me, intoxicated

Yes, I am mormon. I'm here

Yes, I am mormon.

I'm here becuase I feel it's important to show people that we
as a group are not represented by two-faced hypocritical
Al-Queada toadies like soon to be ex-professor Steven

That above all else, we stand for the truth.



These people have been popping up everywhere after the 5th anniversary, and they seem to love 911blogger.

Let me remind everyone that a republican aide at the house of representatives was just caught posting comments as a progressive on liberal blogs. Disinfo on blog comments is a very real thing, and I don't think it should be tolerated. An intelligent opposing view is one thing, but these people are flat out trolling.

Tin foil Turbans?

Have you been listening to Rick Ross?
Come On Mormon...We are about truth here, don't underestimate what the government has at their disposal to disrupt any transmission or web site. To realize the military experience and experimentation with communication systems, any kind of partial disruption is not a surprising thing to us.
When any NSA projects such as Echelon get declassified the evdence will show just how much the government really knew about 9/11.
The cover story with that project goes as follows (this is to make it look like the FAA incompetence) "We've had problems resulting with little positive results, considering the money spent." Quote from General Hayden.
They can only say this and nothing more, because if they said it worked ok on 9/11, then they would have known what was going on in real time ,even the moment the airliners were hijacked.
Keep in mind project Echelon was started while Clinton was in his first term.
So for anyone to claim that government Intelligence causing disruption on Google is not a crazy statement, but rather a well experienced search for truth skeptical kind of obnservation

There's a war going on but

There's a war going on but it's not a war against terrorism, which is an useful tool to spread the wars.
The war is a PNAC neocon imperial war. Should've given you a hint as soon as you started to hear Saddam instead of Osama.

"We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality--judiciously, as you will--we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors...and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do."

If "State-Sponsored False-Flag Terrorism"....

...was a household phrase, think about how much further we'd be on the road to exposing these criminals?

Alex's film goes a long way in making that happen; that's why it's so dangerous.

Brilliant strategic move on his part, focusing on exposing the history of that phenomenom and how 9/11 rhymes.

Google re-setting viewing numbers

It's my understanding that they've also been re-setting the numbers of the new video, "911 Mysteries" to make it look aas if fewer people had been viewing it.

When google went public,

When google went public, if thats what you want to call it, the end of credibility was assured. I don't trust them at all anymore. Just another CIA front like all the other media.

Google: A NeoCon tool!!!

Google: A NeoCon tool!!!

Olbermann attacks the evil Bushman

Another slam dunk by Keith!


Olbermann is da chit!!!

Chertoff may have had Maduro detained for truthing here...

"Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro, was was detained for 90 minutes and rudely treated by Homeland Security agents while trying to board a plane for Caracas after the UN General Assembly appearance of President Hugo Chavez, likely irritated Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff by meeting with a number of 911 skeptics. Maduro is known, along with Chavez, to be keenly interested in the alternative theories that the 911 attacks..."

The google gatekeepers are

The google gatekeepers are apparently putting all available fingers in the dike.

What happened to "Don"t be Evil"?

Does anyone have a link to

Does anyone have a link to the names and pictures of the chief honchos at Google. I would love to begin posting them on the net along with their crimes.

I'm pretty sure that they

I'm pretty sure that they did this with 9/11: Press For Truth also. The other day when I went to the main 9/11: Press For Truth page and it had like 119,000 views. Then like an hour later when I went back to the page to see something quickly, the views were all the way down to like 6,000. I was like "WTF?"

This needs to be fixed!

Well, I just went to the link and it's now at 141,336 so. I don't know what's going on with Google view stats.

Devil's Advocate

You guys gotta give Google some credit for hosting these films in the first place... How many people here would have never seen Terrorstorm or Loose Change or Press For Truth were it not for Google Video? Me, for sure. And who here does their research through Yahoo or Ask (uh... "Why did the World Trade Center collapse?..."). It would clearly be much easier for Google to make the films disappear all together... They are under no obligation to host them on the corporate servers.

If anyone here knows and understands the Google Video ranking algorithm, please explain how it's being tweaked. Resetting viewership numbers is clearly messed up, but nobody has proved it only happens to 9/11 films. And maybe they don't like putting full- length features on their front page, because of the amount of bandwidth required. Hell, Apple is charging $10 per movie download...

For people that don't understand any of this to propose posting photos of Google employees with the 'crimes' they've committed is just absurd.


Personally I prefer torrents, as they usually contain higher quality/resolution versions of the films. And all the torrent sites are PACKED with 911 truth films now, most with hundreds of seeders. I wonder if this fact is taken into account in the estimates of how many people downloaded eg. LC2E?

Alex Jones is a strong

Alex Jones is a strong Zionist, married into the crime syndicate.

He says LBJ made Israel attack the USS Liberty. And most of you dopes believe it, because that is what he gets paid to do.

Watch all of USS Liberty : Dead in the Water and you'll see what evil humans the Israelis are and what a goy sellout bastard MacNamara and McCain's Daddy are. (son of Cain - crypto Jew)

Did you know that false flag attack had us seconds away from NUKING CAIRO, EGYPT? The planes were in the air, with nukes. Seconds away.

No, you don't learn much of anything, except that "Cheney did 9/11" (LOL!!!) on these safe, PC, zionist, stupid, hate sites.

Which rings truer, "No War for Oil" or "No War for Israel"

Now, which one is safe to say, and which one isn't?

and all of Christopher Bollyn's writing, you know, the stuff Loose Change credits, while taking out everything pointing at jews and replacing them with white guys like Charles Burlingham, who according to them, suicide bombed his missle into the Pentagon for oil and money.

Neither of which he can have, since he's DEAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I suppose the millions of

I suppose the millions of definitively good things that Jews have done for the world were all a clever ploy for them to, with future generations, make a geopolitical power-grab. Don't read too deep into Merchant of Venice next time.

"True enlightenment is attained when one can, at will, see through the illusion of reality." - Me, intoxicated

That's not the only 9/11 video they did this to...

The following 50-second video is remarkable because it gives a close-up shot of the South Tower's last moments (yeah, it says WTC-1, but it's really WTC-2):

You can clearly see MULTIPLE EXPLOSIONS.

A few days ago, it was over 200,000 views. Then all of a sudden, it was down to a few hundred or low thousands -- though, amazingly enough, with about 200 ratings! They didn't reset that. It's now back up to over 130,000 views -- or should we say over 330,000 if the odometer hadn't been rolled back?

Of all the video clips I've ever seen of the World Trade Center buildings, this is the MOST damaging to the official story -- even more than WTC-7's collapse.

Wow! Huge issue!!!! Check the TM 'Space Dominance' page.

We've all got to get lay into Google really hard about this. Its presently one of the most significant ways that we can be censored. Maybe another ACLU case? I hope that everyone in the movement can be unified in challenging this un-democratic practice.

And in light of the subject of the weaponization of space being censored, please take a look at our page on the subject. The summary is uncompromising, and we offer most of the key references. Of course, if we missed anything important, let us know.

Control of the internet is very important to the establishment at present. This is only the beginning of our fight to maintain this new medium as an open forum. And yet I'm really surprised as how big a step into the dark the people at Google were willing to take. This sets a really dangerous precedent, that everyone in the country should hear about. This is big news. Spread the word.

International Truth Movement

Nonexistent commercial flights & fake passengers...

I’m leaning towards the idea that the 4 airliners of 9/11 were nonexistent, as were most of the passengers.

I think the 4 airliners were false blips on the radar screen, or perhaps real flights under different flight numbers. Most, if not all the passengers except Barbara Olson, may have been fictitious too. (Olson, & a few others who may have been real people, had been scheduled to fly on 9/10/01, but made “last minute switches” to fly on 9/11/01 instead. They could have met their fate on 9/10/01, or been participating in the “drills” on 9/11.)

If the above is correct, then all that’s needed are 2 drones to strike the WTC, something to strike or explode @ the Pentagon, and a plane carrying any of the “real passengers” to be shot down over Pennsylvania.

Having no real flights for the perpetrators to deal with solves tons of logistics problems & greatly reduces the risk for anything to go wrong! It also jibes with “Operation Northwoods.”

Someone start they're own

Someone start they're own video website and lets send people there what do you say? if youtube can become popular so can something like or something

Google Censorship

OK, now it’s time to stop complaining and do something about this. Go to
And tell them what you think about Google censorship. Please be polite and tell them what’s meaningful and important to you. You can refer them to the article on Alex’s website, and ask them what they’re going to do about it. Alex said before that they have responded to pressure, so write to them now and give them a reason to do what’s right.