The greatest conspiracy of all

(A lengthy Op-Ed by Mike Green, author of The Whole Truth About the U.S. War on Terror.)

The greatest conspiracy of all

...In looking at the history of conspiracies in America, one comes away with a queasy feeling in the pit of one's stomach. Our government is corrupt, history says. Our leaders are corrupt, history reminds us. Our institutions have been hijacked and abused, history reveals. American citizens have been targets, history states without hesitation.

And today, we stand ready to ignore history yet again and allow our president, our congress and our media to lead us down yet another road of despair and regret.

"Our government makes mistakes" some say.

These folks are naive. The biggest mistake we've made and continue to make is placing our faith in government. The evidence of conspiracy is clearly all around if we care to look. And even if we do not, history will record it and tell the story to our grandchildren, who, if they are anything like most of us, will laugh and say that conspiracies are for kooks...


Thanks Kenny.

Inside politics

Sadly, the night before 9/11, as I was wrapping my tools to go home, I said to my client, Everet Hamm, (who once ran the VA's website for Bill Clinton); "You know dude, someday I believe a US City will be nuked...!"

Call it a 'premonition' on my part, the guy lives for politics via TV. "There are no conspiracies," according to this 'insider,' and he's still a lap-dog for Bill today.