New WTC Animation: WTC Core

911 Mysteries

This animation appeared in the new doc, 911 Mysteries. This is a great film, but there are two points I'd like to raise:

First 911 is what you call when your house is burning down. 9/11 was the date of the attacks.

Also, the narrator seems to be using a GZ crewmember's comment that "we are getting ready to pull WTC 6" (paraphrase) to support the idea that pull is demolish.

Actually, they did "pull" WTC 6 with a cable and a crane. If you pause the film right on that clip, you can see the cable pulling down what remained of the building.

That in itself, does not destroy arguments that WTC 7 was demo'd.

The term "pull" means to

The term "pull" means to bring a building down.  The method used on WTC6 did not involve explosives but the end result is still the same.

Former Governor Jesse

Former Governor Jesse Ventura Questions Official 9/11 Story
Goes further than ever before, cites Northwoods, Gulf of Tonkin, NORAD stand down, staged war provocations

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison | September 26 2006

Former Minnesota Governor, actor and wrestling star Jesse Ventura has publicly questioned the official version of events behind 9/11 and gone further than ever before in citing Operation Northwoods and the Gulf of Tonkin as examples of how the government has planned and carried out staged war provocations in the past.

Ventura has temporarily left his Baja Mexico surfing lifestyle to lend support to Texas gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman. At a press conference yesterday Ventura said that the Republicans and Democrats were "destroying our country" and its political process. Sporting a beard and dreadlocks, the former Vietnam veteran also criticized the Iraq war.

Alex Jones and his film crew were able to set up a last minute interview with Ventura at a San Antonio restaurant after his appearance before a packed house at the University of Texas.

Ventura first stated that he had many unanswered questions about 9/11. The former Governor cited Operation Northwoods, a 1963 Joint Chiefs of Staff plan to stage terror attacks and kill American citizens to start a war with Cuba, as an example of how the U.S. government wanted to kill its own people and blame it on foreign enemies to justify war. Ventura found it painful, having dutifully served himself, that elements within the government would go to such barbaric and deceitful lengths to con its own populace into supporting militarism.

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Excellent animation!

Hope this will make it into the Top 100 of Google videos. Digg it!

Can anyone tell me the title of the music?

It seems familiar, but I can't put my finger on it.

Edvard Grieg: Peer Gynt Suite

Dunno the exact title -- but it is by the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg, and part of the "Peer Gynt Suite".