The Underlying Politics of 9/11 (Part 11)

An excerpt of a speech delivered by Ralph Schoenman. Directed and edited by Kurt Nimmo. A broadcast quality DVD of this video is available. Contact Kurt Nimmo: k.nimmo at

Yo if this is the real Kurt

Yo if this is the real Kurt Nimmo (?) then big propz man!

Thanks. This is the real

Thanks. This is the real Kurt Nimmo.

Love the video, which

Love the video, which editing tools did you use?

Vegas 6.0 with a little help

Vegas 6.0 with a little help from Pixelan plugins.

Cool, you used some great

Cool, you used some great transitions and stuff man, very professional looking.

Great job

as always, Kurt.

Kurt Nimmo is one of the

Kurt Nimmo is one of the best.

case in point.

Krauthammer, Iran, and the End Days

Kurt Nimmo | September 26 2006

Charles Krauthammer, guiding light of the neocon faction, predicts shock and awe waged against Iran in his latest op-ed in the CIA’s favorite newspaper, the Washington Post.

my local paper is ALWAYS running editorials from Krauthammer. i should send them this.

I still don't get the point...

Is this video saying that they DID or DID NOT actually hijack the planes?

And what does it mean when Atta's dad says he was killed by the Mossad, using American pilots? That doesn't make any sense... especially since he obviously didn't mean on September 11, a day before he spoke with him on the phone...


"Among the 'spider-man' skeptics are those who claim that no human can shoot web and stick to walls... They conveniently ignore the fact that he was bitten by a radioactive spider."

Daily Bugle editorial debunking the claims of spider-man deniers

Actually, we don't know who

Actually, we don't know who was on those flights. Some people believe they were holographs with pods attached. Until we know the truth -- the whole truth and nothinhg but the truth -- it is impossible to say with any certainty if Atta was on the flight or killed later, as his father contends.

Is this Blog a False Flag Operation ?

This blog appears is so rational and reasonable, one must wonder: Do readers know of the collaboration between Nimmo and Schoenman in propagating the vilest propaganda against the Jews and Israel ?

As an example, consider the articles by Schoenman that argue the Jews and Israel are not only RESPONSIBLE for 9/11, but that Jews and Zionists were RESPONSIBLE for the Holocaust !

I suspect this "false flag" blog is being used as a Trojan horse to introduce this pair, which will soon be followed by the most reprehensible and evil garbage ever articulated, with the possilbe exception of Adolph Hitler and the 3rd Reich.

Nimmo is a genius. take your

Nimmo is a genius. take your pro-MOSSAD shit somewhere else.

Trojan Horse Soldier Exposed !


Seriously, if you do believe that "Jews and Zionists were RESPONSIBLE for the Holocaust ", I think you owe it to other contributors, so they can judge your credibility.

Furthermore, this is a 9/11 forum, and the focus should be on 9/11, and not on "Mel Gibson rants" about the Jews/Israel/Zionists/Mossad, that have been posted on this website by nimmo, not to mention others.

Finally, your invective and your anger only betray the mindset exemplified by Fascists and Nazis, who used to scream down their opponents, and deny them the right to express their opinions.

What right do you have to tell me I can't post to this forum ?????

The people responsible for

The people responsible for 9/11 and the Holocaust were scumbags, and so by definition they broke the 10 Commandments, and so by definition NOT JEWISH!

I believe Mossad and the state of Israel have carried out some extremely shitty things in the past, present and will do in the future with any chance they get. I believe the Mossad had a hand in 9/11 based on the evidence, does that make me "anti-Semitic"? HELL NO! So you can't play these games here, 911blogger has to many decent people reading it.

Criticize Zionism, But Never Look at Christian Genocide

No one says you cannot criticize Zionism, Israel, and the Mossad, and of course you can obsess over these entities continuously, and claim you HATE Zionism, Israel, and the Mossad, but are NOT anti-Semitic.

What would really make your position credible is to acknowledge, at the same time, the following:

1. The CIA, FBI, and Pentagon were responsible with the last 5 years of murdering 3,000 American civilians, 3000 American GIs, and approximately 100,000 Iraqis. This was accomplished by the regime of George Bushitler, with the strong support of the evangelical Christian movement in the US.

2. European Christians have been responsible for the deaths of about 100,000,000 people in the 20th century in two World Wars and other conflicts.

3. The Germans who screamed their throats out in cheering for Adolf Hitler and his policies were almost entirely Christians and Catholics.

4. A Concordat cooperation treaty was executed between the Vatican and Adolf Hitler, and was in place throughout WWII. The cardinal who negotiated this treaty was rewarded by becoming Pope "Pius" XII.

5. Catholics and Protestants are responsible for the Crusades, the Inquisition, and the Holocaust.

6. The displacement and genocide of indigenous peoples by Christians is staggering, especially in the Americas. Tens of millions of people died of warfare and disease in South America.

7. In North America, where most enjoy a high standard of living, we basically don't worry about the fact that we are living upon stolen land, and that in many cases, rather than displacing the Indians, we exterminated them.

In conclusion, if you stopped obsessing about the sins of Israel, Zionism, and the Mossad (yes, they have done bad things) and just spent a moment to recognize that if we are to apportion historical blame and guilt, then in terms of gratuitous greed, murder, and genocide, the biggest perpetrator by a country mile are not Jews, and not Moslems, but Christians.

Let's try to be fair, and acknowledge the real scumbags: those who try to throw all this guilt upon others, so they NEVER have to face up to their own degeneracy.

Notice how this guy refuses

Notice how this guy refuses to counterpoint my message -- because he can't.

Instead, he talks about all the nasty things the Christians have done. No shit, Sherlock! Tell us something we don't know already. And while you're at it, throw in the atheist communists in Stalin's Russia and Mao's China, Pol Pot, the Turks who genocided one and a half million Armenians (when was the last time you saw a Schindler's List for Aremenians?), etc., ad nauseam.

It appears this guy has it out for Christians. I'm not a Christian but I'd have to say they are no better or worse than Jews or any other strain of humanity. If I was a Christian, however, I might be insulted., especially if I was a conscientious objector Quaker.

Like I said, I am not religious. If, however, Shalom is, he may want to tell us why he follows a religion filled with so much violence and hatred. In Deuteronomy, for instance, God -- a Jewish God, by the way -- tells Israelites to kill, without mercy, all the inhabitants of the land that they conquer (sort of like Lebanon, circa July, 2006).

It is interesting Shalom believes the Christians are intolerant and hateful and yet the Talmud is filled with all kinds of hatred that would not be tolerated if it was written down and followed by Christians (as an example, note how so many Jews were in a tizzy over Gibson's Passion).

Maybe Shalom can explain why the Babylonian Gemarah is brimming with hatred towards Jesus and Christians? In the Code of Maimonides, for instance, goyim and cattle are the same. Imagine a Christian telling his flock the Jews are lower than tapeworms or something. He'd be roasted.

Anyway, I'll stop wasting bandwidth. I simply find it interesting that this person attacks me and then refuses to respond when I defend myself.

Are you afraid of something, Shalom?

shut the fuck up you zionist

shut the fuck up you zionist pig. every time Israel is mentioned in regards to being involved in 9/11, who shows up? good ol Shalom. we see through your shit. you've been exposed already as a Mossad sympathizer. you regularly try to direct people away from Israeli involvement. this isnt about religion you dumbass. oh, and ive seen you use that tired "Mel Gibson rant" line about 15 times now. stop already you cliche douchebag. and one more thing, WHEN DID I SAY THAT JEWS WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE HOLOCAUST? I DIDNT. THIS IS THE SECOND TIME YOU MISREPRESENTED WHAT I SAID. STOP LYING AND PUTTING WORDS IN MY MOUTH,. THAT IS A BANNABLE OFFENSE YOU PIECE OF SHIT. you will not be allowed to lie like this for much longer. have fun while you still can you lying liece of shit.

Your Anger and Threats Reveal What You Are


You said you thought nimmo was a genius, and I am pointing out that on his website he posts articles by Schoenman that claim that Zionists betrayed the Jews in Europe, and helped the Christians and Catholics in Germany in their plot to kill all the Jews in the world. (PS: In another blog, I misdirected a reply to you because I wasn't familiar with the little reply tabs, and subsequently apologized for the misdirection, but not the content of my remarks)

You have become irrational in your anger: half of your "screaming" message contains invectices and THREATS. If anything is a bannable offense, THREATS ARE.

I am afraid your tone emulates the Fuehrer, as well as your desire that no one be allowed to counter your points of view, especially Jews and Zionists.

I have conceded many, many, times that Jews, Israel, Zionists, and the Mossad have done BAD things. However, even though I provided a long, long, long list of BAD things done by Christians, you refuse to acknowledge these historical facts.


Otherwise, you must learn to contain your anger and recognize my right to express my opinions as a Jew AND a Zionist. If your heart bleeds so much for the oppressed, perhaps you should consider leaving the US, since we are all living on stolen land, obtained by displacement and genocide of indigenous peoples.

here is what you said about

here is what you said about me:"Chris:

Seriously, if you do believe that "Jews and Zionists were RESPONSIBLE for the Holocaust ", I think you owe it to other contributors, so they can judge your credibility."

WHEN did i say i believed that jews were responsible for the holocaust? do you think you wont get banned by making shit up about me? this is the second time. i suggest you stop. you apologized the first time when you were exposed. im not giving you the benefit of the doubt this time. you've shown why you are really here and how you operate.

i refused to acknowledge

i refused to acknowledge what exactly? what did i ever say about christians? that was all you. i wasnt saying anything about any religion. i think you have me confused again. or is this just your tactic? to lie and put words in peoples mouths?

tired old arguments

I hear this argument from Zionists quite a lot -- we all live on stolen land.

Difference is, the land I live on was stolen a hundred and fifty years ago. I wasn't around to put in my two cents. The land Shalom lives on is in the process of being stolen, to say nothing of the residents or victims being dispossessed, shot, and killed. Shalom is responsible for that process. I am responsible to a degree too because my tax money supports the Zionist government of Israel.

It probably does not make a difference, but I live in New Mexico and I have spent time as a educator for the Dine (Navajo), teaching kids and teachers how to use computers and build web pages. I almost took a job with the Navajo Nation working in the schools here in the Four Corners area, but it fell through and now I work for a radio station instead as a webmaster. But enough about me.

I wonder if Shalom has gone over to the occupied territories and worked with Palestinian kids. I doubt it. Instead, he is a Zionist supporting apartheid. Disgusting.

Zionism is racism. This should be obvious. However, can you imagine a member of the Ku Klux Klan coming on this board and saying he is a Grand Master? He'd be run out. But it's OK to be a colonialist and racist Zionist, thanks to the media and AIPAC.

Go figure.

you make false statements? me too.

Shalom, why do you hate black people? why do you come here and blame all of your problems in life on black people? why do you blame black people for the holocaust? isnt it annoying when people put words in your mouth? get the point you fucking asshole?

Interesting. I don't know

Interesting. I don't know Schoenman. I have never even emailed the man. Some plot, considering we don't know each other. But then maybe it is a conspiracy by way of telepathy?

Schoenman does not contend the Jews are responsible for the Holocaust. Please tell the truth -- and read his book, the Hidden History of Zionism.

Here are a few uncomfortable historical facts:

The Zionist Federation of Germany sent a memorandum of support to the Nazi Party on June 21, 1933. (See Lenni Brenner, Zionism in the Age of the Dictators.)

Hitler announced a trade agreement with the WZO’s Anglo-Palestine Bank, breaking, thereby, the Jewish boycott of the Nazi regime at a time when the German economy was extremely vulnerable.

Zionists brought Baron Von Mildenstein of the S.S. Security Service to Palestine for a six-month visit in support of Zionism.

Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, in Der Angriff (The Assault) in 1934 praised Zionism. Goebbels ordered a medallion struck with the Swastika on one side, and on the other, the Zionist Star of David.

On January 11, 1941, Avraham Stern proposed a formal military pact between the National Military Organization (NMO), of which Yitzhak Shamir, the Prime Minister of Israel, was a prominent leader, and the Nazi Third Reich. This proposal became known as the Ankara document, having been discovered after the war in the files of the German Embassy in Turkey.

It should be noted that Stern advocated the "establishment of the historical Jewish state on a national and totalitarian basis, and bound by a treaty with the German Reich."

All of this is on the historical record and the Likudites in Israel are the living embodiment of these fascist principles.

Incidentally, I have never

Incidentally, I have never posted anything on this forum before today. I signed up three hours ago and posted the videos. Others may have posted writings from my blog, but it certainly wasn't me.


I'm a big fan of your work. Your input here at 911 blogger when will always be deeply appreciated.


I'm a big fan of your work. Your input here at 911 blogger will always be deeply appreciated.

hell yeah

Welcome! Glad you're here.

If You Bought the Iraq Story from Bush, You'll Love Nimmo

Normally, liars start with the truth, and shift into their lies, after you drop your guard.

However, in this statement, the very first statement is a clever little lie:O

"Interesting. I don't know Schoenman. I have never even emailed the man. Some plot, considering we don't know each other. But then maybe it is a conspiracy by way of telepathy?"

Such clever evasions might have worked in the past, but with the flick of the mouse, voila !

"Schoenman: The Genocidal Invasion of Palestine (and Lebanon)
Wednesday July 19th 2006, 9:03 pm

MP3 file. Ralph Schoenman details the hidden history of the immense crimes against humanity unleashed by the Zionist state during “Operation Peace for Galilee” (1982)."

Of course, Kurt Nimmo claims he doesn't "know Schoenman", and has not "even e-mailed the man"....

And of course, Schoenman NEVER EVER STATES that Zionists are responsible for the Holocaust, ONLY that they betrayed their fellow Jews, and that 6,000,000 Jews would never have been gassed and incinerated by Protestants and Christians IF ONLY those ZIONISTS had spoken up !!

But you see, Zionist are (are not responsible) for the Holocaust, and Nimmo knows (does not know) Schoeman, and Nimmo and Schoenman do (do not) hate Jews, but only hate (do not hate) Zionists.

But even for dupes, how many lies are we expected to accept ?

Kurt Guards Our Borders, Sister, You're out of line!

Kurt, like, Dude, I'm so proud of you for reminding us about Atta's actual story, and lifting that stuck-needle from Hopsicker's repetious groove!

While we're nit-picking, let us not forget that the Stephens Family, right here in Little Rock, owns the entire farmland surrounding Hollywood, Florida. This becomes significant, as we recognize their contributions to both Bill Clinton and The Bush Family. Recently, they raised $40,M in an hour-and-a-half for BoyGeorge's favored horses in the November play-offs.

"Delta Pine & Land," (locally known as "Deltic Timber,") recently sold numerous patents to their "Terminator Seeds" to Monsanto. Naturally, "Deltic" is one of Stephens long-term investments, so they are no strangers to the Oval office. What's worse, is they also run Wal-Mart. ...Get the connection?



Just what are you doing here? What's the point? Your posts mix up a half a gazillion issues in a ludicrous way. We're here to talk about 9/11, not the holocaust. Leave us alone.
Anyway, Ralph Schoenman is one of the major figures of the last half century. He was the personal secretary to Bertrand Russel, he chaired the Russel Tribunal on US war crimes in Vietnam. He has exposed false-flag ops longer than many of us have been on this earth, and he's a close colleague of our beloved Webster Tarpley (check out thanks to Ralph in preface to 9/11 Synthetic Terror).

you only hate Nimmo because

you only hate Nimmo because he speaks the truth about Israel and the Mossad. who do you work for Shalom? what do you do for a living?

stop slandering and address the issues

Let me see if I understand this. Are you saying Schoenman is a self-hating Jew? He is Jewish. This is a threadbare tactic. Neocons say Norman Finkelstein is a self-hating Jew because he criticizes Israel and Zionism. Sorry, this tactic no longer works. The historical record of Zionism is now out in the open and you cannot deny it is racist colonialism. Ask any Palestinian. Schoenman has never said Jews are responsible for the Holocaust -- you say that, you put words in his mouth. Schoenman simply cites the historical record while you avoid it. Why not address the issue at hand instead of slandering people minus any evidence? Because you have no argument, just your gut reaction. Incidentally, Schoenman was in the Lebanese Palestinian refugee camps when Israel carpet bombed them in 1982. He experienced Zionist racism and murder firsthand. History cannot be denied and, quite frankly, your paranoid accusations are quite silly.

Please address the issue -- Zionist leaders in the 30s collaborated with the Nazis. Dr. Rudolph Kastner of the Jewish Agency Rescue Committee collaborated with Adolf Eichmann in 1944 and sealed the fate of 800,000 Jews in Hungary. After the war, Kastner intervened to save S.S. General Kurt Becher from being tried for war crimes. Becher was one of the leading negotiators of the deal with the Zionists in 1944. He was also an S.S. Major in Poland, a member of the Death Corps, responsible for killing thousands.

But never mind. I am wasting bandwidth and keystrokes. You will not address these issues and will instead throw around accusations of anti-Semitism. This is all too typical.

Nimmo, let me first say i

Nimmo, let me first say i enjoy your articles very much, nobody breaks down the middle east like you. second, dont mind this asshole, he comes on this site all the time and shills for the Israeli government whenever they are mentioned.

Thanks, Chris. From what I

Thanks, Chris. From what I understand, this is actually an Israeli policy now -- posting on forums when Israel is criticized. It sure didn't get much traction here. Or maybe it is an AIPAC strategy... but then there is little difference.

true,not much of a

true,not much of a difference at all. this guy "Shalom" is obviously on some sort of payroll, he NEVER misses a beat when anything in relation to Israel is mentioned. he has at least twice now put words in my mouth and misrepresented what ive said. anyway, keep up the good work, i know you will.

Great ! Posts with CONTENT!!

Thanks for stating some relevant facts regarding the actual history of Zionism. As you say there can and will be no serious response to this. You cite the best work on the subject by Lenni Brenner and Ralph Schoenman - also brenner has another book providing further documentation -called "51 Documents". Anyway, appreciate your succinct and pointed remarks. Or perhaps I should thank "shalom" for bringing this weak crap that you have treated and exposed of (hopefully) so well.

Just watched it, amazing

Just watched it, amazing speaking and evidence presented. If this stuff is true then it proves Atta was not who he was claimed to be and was part of an intel op and then gt whacked.