Bill Clinton on FOX "News" Sunday

Bill Clinton was interviewed on FOX "News" Sunday 9/24/2006. He was there to discuss the Clinton Global Initiative.

Chris Wallace attempted to lay blame of 9/11 on Clinton, and he did what no Democrats are willing to do today... He fought back.

I've never seen an "journalist" be this disrespectful of a former president. Smirking with every word, interrupting repeatedly, smiling as he asks pre-spun questions... Clearly, FOX was trying to egg him on, and Clinton got pissed.

I don't think much of Clinton, but I don't think he was involved in the conspiracy, and I think he attempted to stop it. His powers depend on people in key positions of power, un-elected officials in the FBI, CIA, DoD, and SS that held the strings to 9/11. But I might be wrong in that assumption. Thoughts?

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why DID Clinton pardon the billionaire fugitive Marc Rich?

And does he really think people love him? He'll be remembered for blowjobs in the oval office and blow in Mena, Arkansas. His economic growth was based on stock bubbles funded by drug money laundering. Put a fork in this hack--he's done.

"Among the 'spider-man' skeptics are those who claim that no human can shoot web and stick to walls... They conveniently ignore the fact that he was bitten by a radioactive spider."

Daily Bugle editorial debunking the claims of spider-man deniers


That's how the interview seemed to me -- just an intuition, but also based on the fact that Clinton is a good liar (when he can get away with it, that is) and also based on the fact that Clinton has been awfully buddy-buddy with George HW Bush over the past couple of years. Then, there's just the downright obvious fact that Clinton helped move the elite's agenda forward throughout his tenure as president. NAFTA is a prime example.

I know it's unlikely that the interview was staged per se, but I do think that these people play games -- both sides do. And, of course, these arguments about which president did the most to capture the big bad evil Osama.... well, it's so damn obvious that the viewing public is being played and that this public argument is designed to prop up the 9/11 Official Version. Many people will choose one side or the other without even realizing this.

He said exactly what needed

He said exactly what needed to be said....what did this admistration do to prevent 9/11?

No, what needed to be said is...

What did this administration do to CAUSE 9/11. They obviously did nothing to prevent it, since it was their operation. Bill is just paving the way for more LIHOP nonsense by suggesting that the Buah admin was INCOMPETENT (yawn... that's getting so old).

This whole thing was staged in the following way:

1) LIHOP is the last best hope to save the conspirators.

2) Clinton (they think) is someone the American people like and respect and believe (ha!)

3) ABC/Disney creates ridiculous documentary appearing to shift some blame to Clinton for not stopping bin Laden.

4) DailyKos (left gatekeeping agent) rallies his sheep to come to Clinton's defense.

5) Issue is thus framed as WHOSE INCOMPETENCE led to 9/11, which is simply a fight between two straw men.

6) Media attention is drawn away from "inexplicable rise of conspiracy theories" to "forceful defense by Clinton of his policies combined with unprecedented and fabulous harsh attack on Fox News, fake liberals' punching bag."

7) Hope Americans bite and do not consider the evidence of what actually happened.


he may as well have said-- "I did not pardon that billionaire fugitive, Mr. Rich" or "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, [insert name]"

No one with a half a brain respects slick willie anymore. Put him out to pasture, or stud, as you will. Just don't keep waving him in front of America like some symbol of the good times. His one claim to fame not involving sex was the stock market bubbl-er I mean boom. Yeah. Great job, Willie. You'll be remembered OH SO fondly.

I hate Bush...I saw Iraq

I hate Bush...I saw Iraq coming when the administration was picked. It was an administration picked for one purpose, war. I told everyone that would listen this. At the time, I loved Clinton. Thought he was the best president in my lifetime on so many levels. Then I got involved in all this only to find out the 93 WTC bombing was done with the help of the FBI.
This means Clinton is just as guilty of at least, covering up, if not taking part in Black Flag operations.
So, though I find them both reprehensible, Clinton did do our movement a favor..
He opened the door to ask "what did Bush do to stop 9/11" which will lead to "where was the Airforce interceptors and why is Norad on the third timeline of response times?"
Clinton gave us a thread...a thread that if pulled on will lead to the exposure of the events of Sept 11th.
Once Condie cant come up with any actions taken by this administration to prevent 9/11, it will be up to us to
find a way to put her on the hotseat regarding her "lying problem". In my opinion, shes the weak link in this chain of deception. She cant handle hard questions on the hotseat, as evident in the commission testimony regarding the Aug 6th memo.
I'm a firm believer in MIHOP...but LIHOP is more provable and easier to make people see the relevant questions with.
LIHOP is the eyeopener to MIHOP...


Hi Justacitzen
I think compared to old GW ,Clinton wears a halo.
No seriously the fact of the matter is both parties are so corrupt.It must be so frustraiting to sling shit,and
still not cross the line.
What i mean by that is with all the stuff on 9/11 it would seem that the democrats would use this to
end the republicans.