Definition of a Disinfo Agent

A disinfo agent can be described as someone who...


  • discourages others from looking at information
  • encourages others to make assumptions instead of examining evidence

These people are causing great harm to the Truth Movement and are a very bad influence to newbies.

dude are you hurting the

dude are you hurting the movement?
check this out:
in the NIST photos edna cintron is standing at floor 94 right where the wingroot of flight11 entered the wtc1. so judging by the tangle of perimeter columns ganged up right there, not only did alleged flight11 enter wtc1 entirely, it managed to push that wad of perimeter columns and spandrels back into the opening of the plane-shaped hole after itself. before disappearing entirely.

The Rules of Disinformation

So true!

Here you go. Just go down the check list and it will all become rather obvious to you, if it isn't already.

The Rules of Disinformation

Eight Traits of the Disinformationalist

It's interesting how Jones seems to be running a political campaign to boost his popularity. Whatever happened to the "science?"

Oooh no-plane party!

It must be Wednesday.


is on the disinfo site list.

Tells people it's dangerous to stay in the movement

Makes up accounts of how they've been harassed by the government.

Discredits research saying "it's bad for the movement."

Plays the role of cop to the movement: what is acceptable and not acceptable to believe.

"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains - however improbable - must be the truth!" - Doyle

you left one out.....

dismiss the eyewitness accounts of thousands of New Yorkers who saw the planes by calling them agents, and hang your hat on junk science based on blurry videos.

cherry picking evidence - while dismissing actual physical and eyewitness accounts - is not science.

Discouraging people from looking at disinformation

is natural. By all means examine the no-planers case, that's how you will discover what they really are up to. It's really funny to see professional conspirators employing such lame tactics! Nothing gives a real truther more hope than seeing the state of the opposition in such a shambles.

The simple point is this--the nature of the initial strikes against the towers is a secondary consideration--we know the resulting damage was not enough to bring down the towers. This issue, even if no planes was remotely credible, is a distraction. First things first. Expose the controlled demolition to the public, THEN determine if the planes used in the initial hit were actuall airline flights, empty remote controlled jumbo jets, or what exactly.

Notice no-planers are fixated on their one issue and never contribute to any other discussions. This is because their job is to distract, and participating in discussions that actually matter takes time away from their distracting duties. Also, in real discussions they would either have to contribute meaningful commentary or risk exposing themselves as charlatans. Not too hard to figure out what's going on.


Well said, Anon.

WOW, confession :D

THX, but we know ,who you are :)

Every banned no-planer = 1000 new Truthers !!!

a disinfo agent pushes ideas

a disinfo agent pushes ideas that lead nowhere except into endless arguments which at some point lead to personal attacks and disruption.
the no-plain theorie is one such idea. And sadely it seems to achieve its goals quite often. Or has so in the past. Note i did not say every no plainer is an agent.

I merely note...

That neither of your two categories involves actual disinformation (propagation of falsehoods). Both speak to omission, but not to active disinformation. Why not include that as well?

Man witnesses 2nd plane hit

Man witnesses 2nd plane hit from helicopter: "In the distance I saw an airplane... I recall looking again and it was getting much larger... I said this plane is coming right at our window. It was the closest I'd ever seen a plane, by accident, coming to my helicopter... I remember seeing the aircraft going under our aircraft... He could have only been maybe 200 feet underneath us. And I just remember following him and just watching him and just turning my head and watching him, and watching him pull up and then just disappearing right into the South Tower... I thought it was an airbus, turns out to be a 767"

NYPD Officer Shares His Story: "You do not expect to see half of a smoking airplane engine on the ground, in front of the Burger King you eat at least once a week. I'm sorry, but nothing prepares you for that. Even worse, I did not expect to see the remains of what I believed was a little old woman, under half of an airplane engine, either. As I stared at the smear that was alive thirty seconds prior, I lifted the phone to my ear and remember wincing at the heat emanating off of the wreckage in front of me."

Witnesses who saw the second plane: "Holy shit... Another fucking plane flew in."

Woman who saw second plane:

Maintenance men on roof witness plane:

More witnesses to the second plane: "They headed straight for it. But that wasn't a plane? It was a rocket or somethin'. Was it? It was fucking fast."

Person reacting as 2nd plane hits South Tower:

2nd plane crashing in the south tower

Witness to the first plane: "A group of us saw a plane veer through the building... It was a larger plane, a mid-size plane and we could hear it very low..."

one problem with that

one problem with that though...

  • It is possible for witnesses to be mistaken or to lie
  • It is not possible for scientific laws to change
  •  It's also possible for videos of "witnesses" reacting to a plane to be faked

There are REAL scientists (such as Dr Judy Wood) working on the tv-fakery theory. Where's the REAL scientists work to prove the videos are not fake? There are none. Not even Dr Jones will address aluminum gliding through steel and concrete. Yet he DOES support the research as he signed the petition.