Final Post from Lauro Chavez (and My Response)

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Final Post (on 9/11 Blogger) from Lauro Chavez:

Honestly, you know what - I’m done with all of this. Every time I log onto this site, it just makes me sick. I cant believe I actually told myself this was the right thing to do. You all proceed on with your investigative studies - I'm going to continue to tell my story to people who actually care; not people who question the questioners. I'm on your side - remember?

Look - I spoke with Alfons yesterday from Veterans for 911 truth - honestly, I cannot prove anything. I cannot prove that I saw a document stating the scenarios for our exercise. I cannot remember the name of the officer that told me and about 8 other people there was an order for NORAD to stand down. I cannot prove either of those things - but I heard them with my own ears. You know excuse the fuck out of me for not remembering to bring in my recorder - oh wait - or my digital camera.

My point is that we all know something about 911 isn’t right. Lots of things are not right. I agree 190% (now you'll probably ask, "why doesnt he agree 200% - he must be a fake")

I'm absolutely convinced there are mis-info agents in this blogger and this will be the last time I log on to it. I refuse to be subjected to negative energy - I will tell you the same I told James Bennett from (Screw Loose Change), who asked me to clairify his points about my letter - I will use my energy only for the positive. Just like Mother Theresa said "Do not invite me to an anti-war protest, because it still supports war. I'll gladly attend a peace rally anytime" Thought manifests our reality, and I always keep my thoughts positive. I will not battle for my character, my friends and family know the man I am - and thats all that matters to me. I think that military people who know things will see what you have tried to do to me, and shun away from coming forward. As even now I am having second thoughts.

Those of you who have sent me 100's of emails thanking me - I want you all to know it’s much appreciated. All I know is that I bore witness to some strange things, and I no longer believe in coincidence. I just was hoping to shed some light in this dark time. A change WILL come - I just hope that many of you are there to celebrate it. Keep on with the fight to expose 911 and the evil people in this world.

I have received quite a few threats to my job, my person and to my friends. I say if they want me let them come – I will forever be willing to give my life for my countrymen. God save America, so that it may be as wonderful as it once was – not for me, but for the sake of my children and all of our children.

“Even though I have never laughed with you, cried with you, or even met you; I want you to know that I love you – I love you!”

Best Regards in this dark time

Lauro Chavez (for my friends who would like to stay in touch)



This is directed to the "negative Truthers". If you are one of the ones that are actually doubting that this previous post actually came from Lauro Chavez, then go ahead and include yourself in this group.

I have no doubt that this previous post expresses Mr. Chavez' sentiments with great accuracy. Especially given the attacks on his character by bloggers to this site. I know I would feel EXACTLY the same way!

We are all TRUTH SEEKERS! How dare you attack the messanger based on nothing more than your "gut feeling". Many of us do not even use our real names on this site (Team Leaders included). Here Mr. Chavez lays it ALL ON THE LINE in the name of a cause we profess to believe in, and we shit all over him!

All of you whom crapped on Lauro Chavez on this site, without first giving him the benefit of the doubt, should be ashamed to call yourselves "truth seekers". And quite frankly, you owe him an apology.

Chris Rose

on the web everyone is a

on the web everyone is a critic.. at least it seems that way..

obviously we all question things when they come out, the fact that we question things is why we are involved in this community, but there is a difference between being hesitant and being outright hateful and judgemental.

it is my perception that a very large majority of the 9/11 community is excited at Lauro coming forward, and is hoping that he becomes a huge advocate for 9/11 skeptics, unfortunately this site is frequently visited by those that will never offer any kind word, and always publicly question anyone and everyone for what they do..

at this point i cannot name one single person in this community who has not come under attack from critics, and unfortunately that is how it is.. luckily these are usually outweighed by those who appreciate people's efforts, but they aren't as loud at voicing their opinions it seems..


yes we all know that this site is swarming with disinfo and disruptors. how can it NOT be?

i wonder how many legitimate people have been scared away from this site after reading some of the comments.

i do not mean this as an insult to those who are running this site. this site is without a doubt the single most important 9/11 congregation point online for the immediate publishing of news and research.

it is just a conundrum. we cannot advocate censorship - yet, we are clearly infected with 'negative energy.' it is simply the nature of the beast.

MY response to Chavez would be that he should contact me personally, and I will be happy to document his experience on film.

If CHavez truly is a whistleblower with inside information - he has a moral obligation to DOCUMENT his experience - and allow it to be seen and heard widely.

we can make this happen - and let the chips fall where they may.

forget responding to all the critics. just speak the truth and let people think whatever they want.

Speaking for myself, being

Speaking for myself, being sceptical about this guy has never been about hurting his personal feelings, if that's what's happened then I'm sorry. But what its been about is protectionism, being cautious about people who could be spinning you a yarn. It wasn’t like this guy came out as would be expected, he seemed to have been discovered by accident. Which just didn’t feel right for some people, me definitely included. And with known disinfo pushers like “Amandareconwith” cheerleading for him, something really didn’t seem to fit right. And then you’ve got what he’s actually disclosing, like his apparent witness to secret documents and all the rest, and it just sounded like a fairytale, and it still does for me. I hope that I can be proven wrong, and that this whole thing will turn out to be something positive. But although I’ll apologise for unintentionally hurting someone’s feelings, I will never apologise for being sceptical. Scepticism of things that seem like bullshit is what’s brought me to this site. If everyone just starts believing this guy for the sake of it, we might as well just go back to blindingly accepting things that could turn out to be bullshit as truth, like the official 9/11 story.

Scepticism is one thing......

.....but personal attacks and accusations are something else.

I've lately taken on debunking some of the nonsense regarding the no-planes theory. Just check out the comments board for Peggy Carter's blog today.

She dredges up some personal email i wrote 2 years ago to my friends in the movement - and twists it into a personal smear campaign against me.

She knows NONE of the personal circumstances associated with that email - and the condition of my wife's health - and my personal emotional state when i wrote it.

instead she opts to smear me and insinuate that i am an agent.

This is clearly a violation of 911Blogger standards. It clearly has nothing to do with the question at hand..did a plane hit the tower??? It is clearly a violation of my privacy.

i know that in the past i have slung some insults at Nico.

But, today's attacks are from Peggy - and reflect nothing more than a desire to embarass me (which they never will)and discourage any real debate on their no-planes junk science.

This sort of tactic seems to undermine many of the serious debates going on, and is our biggest challenge in presenting a credible face to the public.

I would just ask that 911Blogger stay true to its standards and stated policies. Peggy's posts today are clearly a violation. They are personal attacks and smears - and take my writing from 2 years ago out of context - with NO real relevance to the subject at hand, other than to insinuate that i am a "agent".

i shudder to think how many LEGITIMATE sources of information and insiders we may be squandering and scaring away by not policing ourselves better, and ensuring that certain standards be adhered to.

please contact me directly,

please contact me directly, and please do not continue your arguements from thread to thread.

It's one thing to be

It's one thing to be skeptical and to ask questions, it's another to viciously attack a potential whistelblower who needs our support. We can maintain a skeptical position without engaging in the tactics of our enemies. I think it's fair that people ask Chavez to name names and corroborate his statements, but we can do this politely, and we shouldn't chase away potential allies.

Excerpts from email to Sgt. Chavez:

You must understand, dear Sir... this movement has experienced some of the most horrendous and malice laced psychological attacks any group of people have be made to suffer. Relentless skepticism, is an armor this group can not soon relax upon. The great skepticism you met when walking into this space is also, by result of, the premeditated "set-up" to do just that to people just like yourself; people like you, offering what you have.


There is no greater challenge, that I can find, than that of pursuing the truth in [this] America's must difficult struggle to-date.

9/11 is the tip of the iceberg... its exposure and proper inclusion into the truth puzzle, offers the greatest advancement possibilities for humanities growth, likewise the greatest threat to the undeserving powers that be. (at least my opinion, 'agreement' is for others to decide for themselves.)

Stay strong my friend, we need you in our foxholes if you feel genuine sympathies for such words.

I too served in the Army, however my own terms of departure are equally unprovable when it comes down to exactly why I had to separate. I can no easier prove the circumstances of superior officers asking that I falsify airworthiness documentation, same as you would have proving you saw what you say you did. In that respect, I must grant you the benefit of doubt that what you say is true, just as I must ask of others to grant me that same benefit. Yet, our credibility will never remain free from attack, just as kill the messenger has become the game popularized by the people threatened by such messengers.

Take care,
Erin S. Myers

"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.


I am new to this sight and have been reading nearly every post. I was dlighted to see such a person finally come forward. I believe him, I am not doubtful, we need him to stand strong and us to stand behind him. I myself stand behind him. We have less than 30 days to stop World War 3. Do I think we can do it.....NO, Will I try my best YES. I have sent letters to every CNN, MSNBC, etc in regards to the deployment of the ships out of Norfolk VA headed to attack Iran(This may be hopeless but I AM DOING IT). If this can forget about everything. I think rather then argueing on this site and doubting...we really need to focus our energy HARD on getting this news spread out. Seriously people, please, from a fellow long time truther, and short time blogger, lets get something done here. The time is now or never in my opinion.
I guarantee some people are here just to distract from the truth..... I am doing what I can..... I could use some help.


All this emo bs

makes me all the more certain that he is a fraud.

I will definitely not partake in making him 9/11 Truth's posterboy. He hasn't answered the questions pertaining to his DD-214, he didn't provide any evidence, he made false statements (Thermite-C4) and he supposedly can back up every major topic - CD, Wargames and the Pentagon NPT - all through questionable computer access (Sure, show your Top Secret documents to the computer guy!) or nebulous acquaintances he can not identify.

Once the emotional excitement has faded, this becomes obvious bullshit. So don't give in to this emo warfare.

Real or not....

Why not great the man with open arms, and admonish him on the fact that he risks having his ball-sack ripped from his body if this 'stealthy' insertion into camp truth turns out to be treacherous change agent crap.

Your way proves to equally repel lie and truth alike. No?

"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Well, greeting the man with open arms

would, save skepticism, make him our posterboy. LJ Chavez, 9/11 Truth's vanguard for media exposure. And then, if he pulled a Reynolds on us, iconic would soon change to ironic, and that would seriously suck.

If he truly meant business, he wouldn't be appealing to guilt and empathy like he does. Imo.

Your comment is most worthy and correct.

However, if in fact he is attempting to wedge into this movement with ultimate intention of undermining it.... his choice seems quite clear; Submit to the microscope "because we've been burned so many times before", OR, "do your damnedest Sergeant Chaves, the truth is prepared to accept your sack, if you prove to be a traitor". (and a fine example he would make, should he have chosen such an ill-conceived path presented to him by his "handlers".)

Too bad King George has been sheltered from such concepts of mob retribution, for he seems oblivious to the road he continues to carve out for We the People.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Is Mr. Chavez being

copied on the positive, supportive posts herein? Just wondered. I hope so.