Oops, I left out the funniest part...

How could I forgotten to mention page 6? Oh yeah...its 4:30 a.m...

Anyway, read this quote from page 6 and try not to piss yourself laughing.

"When they took over the plane, it was already in flight,” says Brian Marsh, a flight instructor at Airline Transport Professionals Flight School, which has classes in 25 cities nationwide. “All they had to do was pretty much point and go. It’s even easier than driving a car because there are no roads.”

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Getting LOST is even easier than in a car...

...because there are no roads. Or roadsigns. Or off ramps. Yep, it's just like the movie AIrplane--any old shmuck can fly a plane with instructions from ground control. Oh wait, the "terrists" didn't even have that. Hmmm. I wonder why Huffman Aviation doesn't use those guys as testimonials for how well they teach flying to complete idiots!

yea, those damn roads make

yea, those damn roads make it sooo hard to drive! it sure would be so much easier without them.

say, this quote is really in that book so many "debunking people" refer to? not sure i got that right. sounds amazing. i mean, you could say superman was flying the plain and it would make more sense than that.

Friend who insisted it was easy to do

He claimed he could do it himself if he had a few go rounds on a simulator.

And...that it was quite easy to orient yourself with guidemarks one could see on the ground below.

There was no shaking him from that absolute conviction.

He thought it was a easy dance. :)

I've thought of going through that debunking book but I'm sure I'd get too upset. It's important to know what's there though. People really will use the arguments they find in there against you.

But i can just take a little at a time.


"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains - however improbable - must be the truth!" - Doyle