Somebigguy's One Year of Service and Open Thread

Today marks the one year anniversary of Somebigguy becoming a team member. Without SBG this site wouldn't have made it through its first year, and his help kept this site going when it otherwise would have fallen by the wayside. SBG headed up the project for and still maintains that site now pretty much single handedly. We have come a long way as a site since SBG came on board, and his help is still much appreciated!

Out of curiosity, how many visitors to the site today were around a year ago today?

If something else is on your mind feel free to post about it, open thread, have at it.


SBG, let me be the first to say: keep fighting the good fight. It's nice to know that patriots still exist today in America.

Way to go, SBG!!!


SBG's posts have often inspired me.

Thank You!


Great Job!

I wasn't there in the beginning, but I have seen this site progress for about the last 8 or so months. Awesome!

Great work, SBG, and all the

Great work, SBG, and all the other blogger mods/contributors. This is the best 9/11 news/truth site out there.

Just came across another potential truther.

Fear the October Surprise (Bob Moriarty)
Today we have a presidency coming unglued with a civil war in all but name on a horrific scale in Iraq, the Taliban back in control of most of Afghanistan and Israel goading the US into the Mother of All War Crimes by demanding we attack Iran with nuclear weapons. It's clear that George 2nd lost the first election to Al Gore and was appointed into office by the Supreme Court. And it's also become pretty obvious that Karl Rove managed to steal another election in the Presidential elections of 2004. With two separate court decisions which have determined George 2nd to have violated the law both with his treatment of prisoners in Cuba and illegal wiretapping in the US, George 2nd faces not only impeachment but possible imprisonment should all of the details of 911 be revealed.

Look for an October Surprise.

Fear the October Surprise, it's coming your way soon.

It could be a false flag operation by Israel designed to give the Gang of Fools a Casus Belli to attack Iran with nuclear weapons. Something like hitting one of our carriers in the Persian Gulf with an anti-ship missile fired from a gunboat using Iranian frequency radar. Americans have short memories and Karl Rove is well aware of the evil in the hearts of men. He wallows in evil and the best that can be said of the Bush Regime is that he has brought fear to America.

Thank You for Your Dedication Mr. SBG

Mr. Moriarty also runs another site called 321 energy (very mainstream). He ran the article below which I posted at this site. I congratulated him for his courage in posting an article accusing the current US regime of complicity in the 9/11 attacks. Out of respect for Mr. Moriarty's privacy, I cannot post his reply. However, your intuition is indeed correct, to say the least.

i think i was around a year

i think i was around a year ago. maybe not quite a year though, because im pretty sure SBG has been here for as long as i have been coming to the site. anyway, congrats SBG, you are a true patriot just like everyone else who runs this site and any site like it. thank you for your work. we still have a long way to go, so keep up the good work.

Joke of the Day

c/o "Two and a Half Men" featuring Truther Charlie Sheen

If ladies with big boobies work at Hooters, where do one legged ladies work?

Answer: iHop!


I remember a time...

Long ago, before the existence of or my site, the YBBS, when a group of individuals tried promoting 9/11 Truth on the Howard Stern Bulletin Board. Reason being, he had over 300,000 members.

During that time, I met someone by the name of somebigguy. He wasn't too bright, and liked to focus on things like pods, missiles, and bumble planes, etc...

Along the way, I managed to teach him the best ways to approach people regarding 9/11 Truth.

As a result, he followed me around like a stranded puppy dog. Every day, day in and day out, I would have to deal with sbg on my site, and his obsession with the Halloween movies, and bad music.

Finally, the answer to my prayers arrived when dz asked me if I thought sbg would be a good addition to

Without hesitation, I recommended him. I was ecstatic that I was finally getting rid of somebigguy.

That being said...

Chris, you have been a good friend during the times I needed one. You have been heroic in your efforts within the movement, and I am honored to know you.

Thank you for everything you do for this site, this cause, and this world.


"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Glad I'm Here Now.

A year ago, I was a lost sheet in the wind. Had seen the DRG C-Span broadcast that blew me away.

I had 1 friend who would lend a ear. I quickly worn him out.
Now we have a group of citizens who woken out of their slumber. Banned together to educate our community. One person at a time it looks like.

We had an airing of "Press for Truth" at the local library. Good turn out. About 65 people came. 4 said they would join our.1 has so far. Between Raleigh & Durham we have about 30 members. has become the defacto central for 911 info.

Visit our website. Post a comment. Please!!! I put together a revealing collection of 911 photos there. Let me know what you think of our site. Doing a web-site is a lot of work that never ends. Hats-Off to SBG!!!

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot." Mark Twain

YES! 911 Truth North Carolina!

Thank you!

Thanks SBG

Found this site just about a year ago. Disgusted by other blogs and their inability to cover this topic I found this place. SBG was the first post I read.

Cancer Rate & Rescuers of 9/11

The US Government's Usage of Atomic Bombs - Domestic - WTC
by Ed Ward, MD- September 25, 2006

"The spectrum and percentages of cancer are massive. There are at least 4 classifications of

blood-cell cancers: leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's and myeloma. There are many more

classifications of soft tissue cancers. There is brain cancer. There is breast cancer. For most of these

there are subclassifications of many different types of specific cancer in each, so far not publicly

disclosed. There are huge percentages of respiratory distress and loss of function. Multiple reports

of 'irregular cycles' (miscarriages?). Most likely there will be several more types of cancer to follow.

In particular, responders should be checked for thyroid cancer and function. There has been no

noting of birth defects which also needs to be done. There is one thing and only one thing that can

cause all these cancers and problems - RADIATION."


to answer your out-of-curiosity question: I first visited only about 9 months ago. Was out of the loop quite a bit, until one day, I coincidentally stumbled across Steven Jones' paper. It was pretty much insta-awareness from there.

I tip my hat to all of you who, by your passion and devotion, have made the progress of 9/11 Truth possible. You people restore my faith in mankind, which had suffered quite a blow from the ugly truth - each day, every day.

So thanks for that as well.

*grouphug* .o)


A great site. Have been with you for about a year. Keep up the great work. Anybody seen From Freedom to Fascism yet? It's pretty powerful and I think is a real tie in to the 9/11 lie.


it's powerful. They're desperately trying to keep it under wraps (see Google Video), unlike Loose Change, so I believe they're really wetting their pants over this.

Watch "The Money Masters" too. It's still available on GVideo, but its presentation is probably not as appealing. Nonetheless, the info therein is very valuable.

Freedom to Fascism

I can't find this on Google. Do you have a working link?

They scrub Google

Best bet would be BitTorrent, or try

And spread it far and wide!

Well used to have a hi-res download, but it appears it's been removed. I have the hi-res full length video downloaded on my computer. I'm willing to share if I had some place to upload it, or something.


Where to get America: from Freedom to Fascism

(or whatever the exact title is)

Here is the direct link to the ~700MB DivX file from this page.

That's where I got it. The Google links have come and gone but this one has always been there as far as I can tell.

I can't seem to post as

I can't seem to post as mandrake so I will try again as "anon"

Thank you for your excellent work!

9/11 dust ‘as caustic as drain cleaner’

To the list of liars who used the World Trade Center disaster to serve their political agendas, add the names of Christine Todd Whitman and Rudolph Giuliani.

Whitman, a multi-millionaire and darling of the New Jersey country club set, was the appointed head of the Environ mental Protection Agency at the time. She emphatically told the public that it was safe to work and breathe the air around Ground Zero.

Giuliani, then mayor, backed up her story. Today he is looking for sympathy over possible health problems related to his going there.

Bigg-up to SomeBigGuy

Nice one SBG !!!

You deserve all the pats on the back... TOP JOB !!!

911Blogger is one of the best (if not the best) 9/11 Truth sites out there....

Great Job all at 911Blogger and many thanks

I recall the days we sat

I recall the days we sat around the stream tossing pebbles in. I remember when Somebigguy came paddling out of the water, one tired wet puppy. Our understanding of 9/11 has progressed by leaps and bounds since his arrival, and the clear scent of Justice has become pervasive as we make our way toward the mainstream. Thanks Somebigguy!!

Here's a fabulous music video for ALL of us

that was an amazing

that was an amazing video.(favorites it) kind of tough to watch but so inspiring at the same time. enough to make your eyes well up.

I'm very new to the movement

I'm very new to the movement and I am currently still in "absorption" mode. So much information out there!

This is not specific to 911Blogger, but since it's linked into, I just want to make the observation that I did visit that site several months ago and I am so pleased to see, in returning to the site, that it has grown exponentially! That gives me hope.

I am currently in the process of information-gathering and really want to get to the "information sharing" stage. I have purchased some of the 911 videos. I personally think 911 Mysteries: Demolition is the best and I eagerly await future installments.

I have placed an "order" for the 15 videos for $20 bulk deal - have not heard back on that. If I can ever get a hold of them, my plan is to give them out.

I am open to suggestions from "veterans" as to the most effective way to go about distributing videos for free. I read about a guy who stood on a street corner and handed them out to people. I guess that's as good a way to disseminate the truth as any. Also, someone else on here said they are sending them to libraries and TV stations and that sounds like an excellent idea also.

HELP: Anybody have any info or update on the bulk DVD's deal? Again, I e-mailed the person who posted that offer, but have not heard back from him/her.

Woops - please diregard my last sentence

I have heard from him/her!

Please disregard my last statement/request

about the bulk DVD's - I have heard from him/her.

Please disregard my last statement/request

regarding bulk DVD's - I have heard from him/her.

And it's 20 DVD's, I thought it was 15. This is a great deal!

I began awakening from my

I began awakening from my 9/11 slumber about two years ago but I only found 911blogger in May. Thanks to dz and all the site admins and congrats on your 1-year SBG, from another big guy.

Since this is an open thread, I have a request for the crew. Can we please, pretty please, get a killfile module installed? As entertaining as it can be to watch trolls sometimes, it would also be nice to have the ability to "mute" them. I sent in this same request a little while ago with a link (that I can't find now) to such a drupal module. If there's anything I can do to help, just let me know.

hey man, i got your

hey man, i got your suggestion, sorry for no reply.

right now we are currently in a sort of freeze on site changes/development until we switch to the new VPS server this weekend.. after that i will be back to looking into further site improvements including something like the module you suggested.


Thanks, dz. No worries.

Thanks, dz. No worries. Would you do me a favor and post that link or email it to me? I don't know why but I can't find it now.

it looked like to me that this module removed the comments overall, not just for individual users.. we can do that already just by deleting comments as we have to do from time to time..

i've already got the solution mapped out in my brain as to what i think the best solution is.. i will be talking about that soon, and i may be raising money to contract the work out to another drupal developer so that it can get done sooner rather than later..

ill be posting a thread tonight about what's going on with the site, and some of the issues that are hurting the site.

Damn. You're right; it is a

Damn. You're right; it is a global killfile.

speculation re an Oct false

speculation re an Oct false flag, supposedly intercepted phone call,


Israeli Embassy, Washington D.C. Telephone Number (202) 364-5582.


unidentified individual at AIPAC, Washington D.C., Telephone Number (202) 639-5201

Once there, CTRL-F the word: 'Transcription' to jump to the story.

The TBRnews story begins

The TBRnews story begins about 1/3 down the above page.

Here's another,
Conservative websites claim Rove has been promising GOP insiders an 'October surprise'


Cheers SBG!

Thanks, you guys.

I guess Canadians aren't so bad after all...

...but wait till we need your water, then you'll be the next terrorist!

Seriously though thanks for all you've been doing Chris. My efforts in Oklahoma, are so we don't have to invade your fine country. 9/11 truth is just a beginning.


I've threatened to invade his "fine country" on several occasions.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."


certaintly not god, but the

certaintly not god, but the closest thing to a realistic journalist/pundit on cable news. he killed it with that commentary. hes been shining lately.

Dearth of objective journalists

Chris sez:

certaintly not god, but the closest thing to a realistic journalist/pundit on cable news

I, for one, find it rather disturbing that Keith Olbermann is being lauded as a hero, god, etc., only because he is doing his job as an objective journalist. Truth should be the standard for journalists...the fact that we lionize a journalist that dares to point out that the Emperor has no clothes says something quite depressing about how far we've sunk as a nation.

Chris also sez::

he killed it with that commentary

How so? Sure, it did sound a bit crazed, but as Keith himself pointed out, 'Our tone should be crazed'.

jesus christ, here we go.

jesus christ, here we go. PERPSPECTIVE. im not the one calling him god ok? the commentary was good as have been many of his commentaries lately. how so? did you watch it? fucking nitpicking. way to point out the obvious, as if everyone on this site, including myself doesnt realize how far gone our media is. thanks captain obvious. take it for what it was and give credit where it is due. is that so hard? who are you to be qouting me anyway? should we not be happy when finally, someone actually does their job as a journalist? or just be like you and say fuck em all? we all know how screwed up our media is. thanks again for the obvious.

Wow, a thread dedicated to

Wow, a thread dedicated to me!!  Thanks for the encouraging words, and the humour, I appreciate it!!!

I should also thank DZ for

I should also thank DZ for letting me help out with the best Truth site on the Internet as well as for the chance to work with a great bunch of guys. 

Plus I should thank Jon Gold for getting me involved in this movement in the first place. 

"Thank You Jon"!


You know what I think would

You know what I think would be really cool? Sbg and Dz being interviewed on the Alex Jones show lol!

A Really Angry, Clueless Guy

Grumpyunk, a "Liberal Minded, Right Wing Ideologue," posted the following today in his online blog:

9-11 Conspiracy Notes .............

A few weeks ago, some Dumb Bastard in the ER stated to me - "9-11 was an inside job"... I've been watching this phenomena of "9-11 was an inside job" for a year or so and I even have a couple of drafts stashed in the vault about this Bullshit.

The whole "Truther movement" based on the friggin' "Loose Change" Movie was so fringe, even I couldn't take it seriously. That is, until I started seeing the media coverage these assholes were getting as the 5 year anniversary of 9-11 approached. It makes me mad.

Something kept me from posting about this craziness though. Maybe it was the old "Ignore it and it will go away". Maybe it was the fact that the FBI would come looking for me when Dylan Avery's body turned up. I don't know...

There is more to the entry than that. I keep trying to build up the gumption to argue with him, but I know it is pointless.

I hereby request that

I hereby request that pomeroo be banned from Although it was obvious from the start that he is a troll, several people (including myself) have tried to engage him in debate, which is entertaining to some people (myself included) some of the time. Others have expressed frustration that people continue to feed this particular troll.

We have reached a point of diminishing returns in these interactions with him, as indicated by his increasingly punctuated and frequent ad hominem attacks. The molten irony symbolized by his comments are too much. It's too hot in here. I don't want to leave 911blogger but I don't want to see his drivel anymore. He has been given ample opportunity to engage in honest debate and has failed to do so.

Please ban him. Or does everyone else really, really, really want him to stick around?

i did about 10 minutes ago..

i did about 10 minutes ago..

in the future please contact me privately about these sorts of things since i cant stay on top of all the comments here.


Did you see my post first or was it just good timing? Anyway, I will make such requests privately in the future.

They'll be baaa-aack.

I was very irritated by pomeroo, but if it's not him, it will be someone else. That's why trying to engage them in substantive debate is counterproductive EXCEPT insofar as it allows you to identify them. That is, you try to debate them, and they start coughing up material verbatim from the Guide to 9/11 Trollery 2006 edition. Then you stop feeding them.

I'm a little bummed, however, because pomeroo was such a great example of a troll and so prolific. I am actually cooking up an English master's thesis idea around the heretical narrative and troll rhetoric, and that guy was a treasure trove. But, again, they'll be back.

Hey Chris.. I' m glad I came across this site

I didn't get into really investigating 9/11 to much untill 7 months ago. 1 year ago I was reading counterpunch daily, wondering, with all the writers on that site, why there wasn't something more significant about 9/11 than what I was reading.
Untill the photo of the explosion of the trade towers ad that said read more appeared on counterpunches' site.
. I did,and many searches later led Me to this site about 3 months ago.It is now the top of My bookmark page.
So Bigguy I really appreciate this site and the outstanding information You, DZ, GW, JG, and the rest put out here, has been priceless as far as getting to the truth.
Keep up the great work here, because this site I always recommend to those who want to know.