9/11 Bloglines (09/28)

9/11 Bloglines (09/28)
September 28, 2006

09/28: Berger vs. Rothschild on Dinocosta
New Hawaii 9/11 Truth Website
Hannity + Colmes Messageboard ranting about Fetzer
9/11 Mysteries is storming vlog- and blogosphere
Michael Wolsey's latest Visibility 9-11show
Kilshut Blog: The September 9/11 Moron Attacks
09/28: "Jewish Conspiracy" Malik Ali to Speak at CSU Long Beach, CA
David Punk plans 9/11 conspiracy movie based on "X-Files"
George Michael Video Barcelona: Unzipping Bush's Freedom Pants
Nimmo Review of 09/27-Fetzer on Fox
PioneerrPress: 9/11 "Conspiracy against common sense"
Bill Douglas' obsession with Ruppert's 9/11 "put options"
Leftgatekeeper Joe Conason about the other "9/11 Truth"
Scam.com: Do Conspiracy Nuts Have A Point?
PrisonPlanet: Ground Zero Hero David Miller
Fired "Whistleblower" Lauro Chavez: "Photoshop Follies"
The Peninsula: Ex-Pakistan spy chief "knew" of 9/11
John Albanese: No Planes and Other Tin Foil Hat Theories
09/27: Fetzer on Hannity + Colmes
WING TV about how Hugo Chavez "blew it" at UN
Screenshot of recent Delft 9/11 reports in Netherlands
Ed Ward: US Government's Usage of Atomic Bombs for CD
More "911Mysteries" Excerpts become own YT Blockbusters
C&L interview with "9/11 negligence" supporter Kristen Breitweiser
Indisputable Evidence the Official 9/11 Story Is Wrong, Part I: Something Other Than a 767 Hit the North Tower
Debunking 9-11 Conspiracy Is Not That Easy
Piranha Consult Blog: Another confirmation of US 9/11 conspiracy
Video: "There are Bombs In The Building and we're clearing out..."
Constantine Blog: Kreindler & Kreindler, Another 9/11 Connection
Nafeez Ahmed: "My uncle had been shot"
More (flagwaver) debunkings of "AJ Chavez"
Peter Dale Scott about "the 9/11 Report and Ali Mohamed, Al Qaeda's Chief Terrorism Trainer"
Report: 9/11 Wargame "Whistleblower" Sergeant Chavez Fired
09/29: Steven Jones February Lecture to be screened in Utah
Alleged 9/11 Suspect Accused by Musharraf In Pearl Murder - CBS News
Total/Grable: "What kind of meme is "Webfairy"?
Holmgren: The Problem with Alex Jones
Total411 Info: "9/11 'hijacker' witness poisoned"
"Final Post (on 9/11 Blogger) from 'whistleblower' Lauro Chavez"
Draft of new 9/11 Deception Dollar
Peggy Carter: Journal of Engineering Science: 767 could not penetrate Tower
Times Argus letter: "Time to put 9/11 theories to bed"
Barrett's 10/01 9/11 talk mentioned in Wisconsin State Journal
Hangout 9/11 Debate between Condi/Clintons continues...
9/11 Wrapup: Duck! and Gather
Bob Bowman Speech "at White House" now on Video
Nafeez Ahmed and his continuing pro Al Quaeda terror existance drivel
9/29: 9/11 "TruthFest" in Bristol UK with Shayler/Machon
ScrewLoose debunking "SGT Chavez"
Thierry Meyssan guest at Webster Tarpley
Xymphora: Is anthrax the October surprise?
Hancock Blog: "United93" made terror events "much clearer"
Vlogged: "Rummy’s phony 9/11 Photo-op"
Rolling Stone letter: The Hopeless Stupidity of 9/11 Conspiracies
No book chat without 9/11 conspiracy
'9/11 planner behind 7/7' - Times of India
ex-st911 Veronica Chapman: Down on the (funny) farm
Tracking Atta since 1998: "The Underlying Politics of 9/11 (Part 11)"
New Holmgren: The miraculously changing physics of theWTC collapse
YouTube: Twin gas tanks demo'd near WTC two months before 9/11
Coffinman: "WTC 2nd hit Fake eyewitness montage"
New YOUTUBE animation of "WTC Core"
Jesse Ventura renews doubts on official 9/11 story
Debate at BFN: "Naudet Bros: The Luck of the French?"
The NewHampshire: The trials of William Woodward
Bill Weinberg/GNN: How wild 9/11 conspiracies undermine the left
911mysteries climbs to 120.000 views
2 more 9/11 TV Fakery feeds (plus the FOX TV 'screw-ups)
Updates on 10/7 Japanese 9/11 Truth Conference
German 9/11 Inside Job "TATORT" 2005 TV Crime show in new archive
Clarksville Editor Bill Larson: 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
Val McClatchey on the attack; calls Killtown a 'coward' on TV
Actors on 9/11 Reality TV
ScrewLoose on "Whistleblower" Lauro Chavez
Cartoonist Don Wright: Fact and Fiction