9/11 Hero to receive Lifetime Achievement Award

On September 28, 2006, in Wyndham Hotel Andover, Massachusetts, Latin Pride Magazine will be celebrating their second anniversary, and for the occasion, they will be recognizing distinguished entrepreneurs and Leaders of the community with the Latin Pride National Awards. William Rodriguez, 9/11 survivor and rescuer, is going to be Honored with the LIFETIME EXELLENCE LATIN PRIDE AWARD for his heroic actions and activism ( http://www.latinpridemagazine.com/William%20Rdriguez.html ). Rodriguez saved countless of people at the burning World Trade Center Towers and after being pulled from the rubble he became the face in the Spanish speaking world not only for answers but also for hope. His accomplishments on behalf of the victims of 9/11, the Latin community and his quest for the truth all over the world on the issue related to what really happened on September 11, 2001, makes him an undisputable receiver of our highest recognition. The event is sponsored and filmed by Telemundo-NBC in Boston. Other receivers of the recognition can be seen at http://www.latinpridemagazine.com/nominations.html

Congratulations, William!

Well-Deserved Award

Here's to Mr. Rodriguez!
He may be the only true hero I've ever personally met.

A penny for your thoughts!

Let's hear it for Citizen Rodigurez; here here! If you can't send a vase of flowers, then issue a prayer, for his courage in the face of ultimate danger. That's the stuff American's are (or were) known for...

congratulations WIlliam. if

congratulations WIlliam. if anybody deserves to be honored its you. is Telemundo sympathetic to 9/11 truth?

A lowly janitor

Has more morals than all the elected officials, NYFD, NYPD, famed university professors etc.....on and on, in the whole of the great U.S.A.

And he comes from another country. William Rodriguez, shining light of liberty!

why do you gotta say lowly

why do you gotta say lowly janitor? work is work, show some respect.

Totally a rhetorical use of the word

No doubt W.R. is a great person who has rose to the occaision and will go down in history as the type of person everyone should aspire to being.

Note the juxtaposition relative to other occupations that we are programmed to respect automatically.

Sorry about the spelling

rushed my typing on the last reply.