Bye Bye Miss American FREEDOM pie...

Today im writing my rant. Bush and his regime is changing the American way of life, re-writing, instating, and changing our law's which directly or in some cases in-directly conflict with our rights set forth by our founding fathers. Since 9/11, our way of life has been changed for the worse, i hate to say it folks, but if we dont make a stand, and demand to be heard, and fight to keep our rights, we will end up as a communist country with the world wide impression that we are still "free' (though this seems true now adays). Our freedom and rights are constantly in major jeporady, and yet the american public sits back and "trusts" what the Inside terroists(bush & friends) tell us is real and true. I know for one it has taken me 5 whole years as a resident of NY to realize that they (bush & friends) are a bunch of self-contradicting jerk off's that lie to start off with, and when the truth is brought forth, lie again about their previous statements that were made such as;

"Sadam is confirmed to have Nuclear weapons of mass destruction"
Then after years in iraq....
"It is confirmed sadam had no Nuclear weapons, and had no direct or indirect ties with the taliban, alqueda, or any terrorist affiliations what so ever"

The other night, our un-sung hero of the 90's president clinton was on TV, blasting fox news for talking shit about him, GOOD, they need to hear it from somewhere. WE all need to be as brave as Clinton was and STILL is, and voice our opinions, facts, and fictions, admit our wrong doings, or defeats, but try our hardest to accomplish things, such as he did and still does. Our only hope now is to BEG and pray Hillary runs for president, and that she can run for 2 terms hands down, thats the only way i think we will be able to atleast 1/2 way recover from the 8 years bush has put us in the line of fire, and hung us the american people out to dry, while he and his "friends" only worry about their agenda, hidden or not.

Our ecomnomy is SHIT, and the american dollar is laughed at globally. All bush does is fight for oil, yet the price of a barrel of oil has peaked at the highest in history (to my knowing). I dont get it, we rush to afganastan to find "bin laden", yet switch it up 180 degrees and go attack iraq, we know it was for oil, but again our oil prices are the highest in history.

meanwhile we blow shit up, and force our ways on people all over the globe, then spend trillons of hard earned american tax paying dollars to rebuild what we already spent so much on to attack, but wait... OH SHIT, hurricane katrina ring a bell people? 8 days , thousands dead, ..bush plays golf...WTF GIVES?!?!?!?

Anyways i can go on for hours and thousands of words, but i can sum it up the best by saying this...

Encourage Hillary to run for president, democrat or republican, dont matter, she will do good by us, and help us recover from the terror attack of "Operation Bush". With bill standing behind her, and her party in the ranks, we will be ok, though it will take time, so please vote for her if and when she runs!


God please more

God please more Bushes, no more Clintons...
These two families have been in power for what, 17 years?....since 1989?....its time for real change.

Oh do I second that

Oh do I second that justacitizen, and NO CFR for President period. Let's look at Hillary becomes Prez, Bill Clinton moves to become UN Prez, and Wolfowitz sitting as President of the World Bank. The NEO-CON takeover of the planet will be complete. She is lock-step with the NWO agenda. Look at her Globalist backers.

"Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught
in falsehoods school. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is
called at once a lunatic and fool"
-- Plato.