Grillage = Meteor from 9/11 Mysteries?

Is this the "meteor" from 9/11 Mysteries?  Rebar / Concrete / Tall I-Beams and what looks like FeO?

btw - Imagine the "meteor"

btw - Imagine the "meteor" upside down...

Can you provide a separate,

Can you provide a separate, upside-downed pic, please?

none exist as far as I

none exist as far as I know...  strange that such a heavy piece of fused debris is sitting on a base which is smaller than the top, and supported by wood to prevent it from tipping over.

I would like to see what the "bottom" of the meteor looks like aswell... 

different piece of debris,

different piece of debris, and still showing (if it is the remains of the grillage) the bottom side up.

 There were approx. 1 grillage for each core support column That I know of, I am not sure about the outer columns.  All I can tell is they merged (3->1) at the bottom lobby storeys.