If You Can't March When They Are Torturing People, When Can You March?

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Source: 911Truth.org

September 27, 2006

"If you can't march when they are torturing people, when can you march?"

That was the question posed by Samantha Hamlin, Columbia College student speaking for World Can't Wait on Sept 26, right at Mayor Daley's door in City Hall, as the Chicago Chapter of World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime brought together an impressive array of voices from across the political spectrum to speak out against the City of Chicago's denial of our permit application to march on Oct 5th.

The press conference was lead off by Samantha Hamlin of the Chicago Chapter Steering Committee, followed by Judge R. Eugene Pincham; Nick Egnatz from Vietnam Veterans Against the War and Vets for Peace; Donnie Moore, University of Illinois student; Bob Bossie, 8th Day Center for Justice who has made numerous trips to Iraq; Ali Khan, Executive Director of the American Muslim Council; Andy Thayer, gay and anti-war activist; Rev. Greg Dell of Broadway United Methodist Church (id only); high school students from Wells HS; and Dennis Dixon from the Chicagoland Coalition for Civil Liberties and Rights.

Against the back drop of the WCW's burning globe logo, these voices spoke truth. Ali Khan asked, "How could the government say they are fighting for democracy when everyday they are violating human rights, torturing people, denying them due process, they are crossing the line and violating the law." Nick Egnatz from VVAW and Vets for Peace underscored this point by asking "when will the American people speak up?" Donnie Moore, a student at UIC, explained his perspective on why we need to be in the streets on October 5, and Judge Eugene Pincham noted that the City was employing the same arguments officials used to try to block civil rights marches in the 60's. "Once officials start dictating where people can go to make their protests, then that is saying that they can control the protestations, that isn't fair or constitutional." Closing the press conference, two students from Wells High school said that youth were angry about the future this regime has in store for them and challenged people to be out on the streets on Oct 5.

but tells people who call to protest that the permit was not denied.

World Can't Wait learned late on Friday, Sept. 22, that the City of Chicago denied our application for a permit to march on Thursday, October 5.

The denial of our application appears to be part of an alarming pattern nationwide. WCW protestors in San Francisco have been denied a permit to march on Oct 5th on the basis of "homeland security" and WCW NY was also denied a march permit for "traffic and safety" reasons. We would like to know whether Homeland Security advised the City of Chicago to deny WCW's march permit.

Please continue to register your protests with Emergency Management Director Velasquez' office (312-746-9111) as well as with the office of the Mayor (312-744-3300) and make clear that you consider a non-march of three blocks along Jackson (putting us at Federal Plaza at 2:00 pm in the middle of an arts and crafts fair) is in no way comparable to the very reasonable route we applied for.

The press conference ended with questions from reporters, "The City of Chicago has given you another route, why is this unacceptable?" Bob Bossie answered in terms of the current world situation. "I am astonished that the City would deny World Can't Wait a permit to march when the crimes that are being committed by the invasion of Iraq, the torture and unlimited detentions that are going on by our government, the killing of all these people in an unjust and immoral war must be stopped and we must be able to take to the streets and speak to that."

Reporters from Channel 7, WBBM, WLS, McGill wire service, and CAN-TV were present. WBBM ran coverage of the press conference over their commuter newscast in the late afternoon. The print media were noticeable by their absence, once again illustrating why we must have the right to take our message directly to the people since the corporate-owned media will not acknowledge the expressed sentiments of millions.

WCW also received a statement of solidarity from 911truth.org that included the following, "We are at a critical moment in time. Even as it strips our liberties and presides over the willful destruction of the US economy, the current administration has sought to further insulate itself from the citizens it is supposed to serve. We cannot afford to allow this trend to continue. We urge all concerned citizens to join WCW in a work stoppage next week, and in helping to create the conditions for the removal of a criminal regime."

Volunteers are still needed for the legal team to fight this battle in the courts. And until we're granted a march route where we can be seen and heard, please keep the phone calls rolling to the City of Chicago (see sidebar).

Click here find more info on the permit denials in Chicago, New York and San Francisco and what you can do about it – flood the city governments with phone calls and emails; if you have a platform to speak publicly, use it; and if you are a lawyer, help fight this in the courts.

These attempts to marginalize WCW and suppress dissent will be met with even broader outreach, mobilizing people throughout the country to Bring it to a Halt Oct 5th-Drive Out the Bush Regime!

Statement in Support, from 911Truth.org
On behalf of 9/11truth.org, we want to express our extreme disappointment at the decision to deny permits for the WCW actions of October 5th. We are disappointed, but of course we cannot say we are surprised.

We take the denial of the protest permits to be an index of the strength of the action WCW has planned.

When a criminal administration sees people taking to the streets to demand accountability from their leaders, when they see people finding the courage to draw on their political power and deploy it as a challenge to the murderous status quo, when they see people openly calling for the removal of their leaders for their crimes - when they see this, those in power grow frightened that the people are beginning to behave as citizens rather than mere subjects, and that above all will not be tolerated in the post-9/11 world.

Americans have endured an unremitting assault loss on our liberties in recent years, all - we are told- in the name of 'homeland security'. Yet the architects of this Orwellian enterprise do not understand that true citizens will never feel secure in a country where their protests against the abuses of power are not welcomed. With our right to dissent eroding to the point where it may very soon be literally criminalized, we feel our democracy is imperiled, the very opposite of secure.

The denial of the right to protest is a predictable consequence of the government's exploitation of the September 11th attacks. We must not be fooled into accepting the unjustifiable denial of citizen actions as a some new 'necessity' in the post-9/11 world.

We must speak these words clearly: the right to protest the actions of the US government is simply not negotiable. What our leaders so plainly do not understand is that, in a democracy, the exercise of government power is paid for by the right of the people to voice their opinions. There is no other currency. Where the people are silenced and stripped of their liberties, the government exercises power unjustly, and must be removed.

We are at a critical moment in time. Even as it strips our liberties and presides over the willful destruction of the US economy, the current administration has sought to further insulate itself from the citizens it is supposed to serve. We cannot afford to allow this trend to continue. We urge all concerned citizens to join WCW in a work stoppage next week, and in helping to create the conditions for the removal of a criminal regime.

NOTE: Debra Sweet and Jim Oberg represented World Can't Wait at the Chicago conference; available online here.

Count me in!

I don't work on Thursdays anyway, so its an easy decision for me to join the march in my town. (Noon at the California State Capitol, if anyone in Sacramento is reading this). I'll bring my deception dollars to hand out too.

I'm all for marching. But

I'm all for marching. But more than just that, I going to start
printing flyers that tackle the issues:

- why are 911 first responders dying, why were they told the
air was safe?
- that its been proven that the WTC buildings were brought down
by controlled demolition.
- that point out the many many indicators of an inside job
(e.g. Rumsfelds announcement on Sept 10,2001 that 2.3 trillion
was missing from the defence budget)

I'm gonna leave these things everywhere, especially the transit, as
I commute daily.

Marches are a good way to get attention (even though you need to fight
to get the right it seems). But beyond that, you can print your own
flyers and post them everywhere you go. This can be done daily. You
don't have to wait until Oct 5th.

Reaching one person is a triumph. Its alarming how many people (and I
was one) who don't even know that WTC7 had fallen on 9/11. Most
people just do not know the facts and that is what we need to get to
them. Seeing a bunch of people on T.V. protesting is not going to
teach people the facts (especially if the commentator takes a negative
slant, like saying something like 'the 9/11 deniers are considered
emotionally unstable' or some such. But a flyer that catches someones
eye, makes them curious and has a web address that they can go to for
more info is much more educational.

But March, distribute, talk, discuss - just get the truth out anyway
you can.

Canadian Truth

That was awesome what you stated...

I am in Toronto and see some INFOWARS.COM
smartly placed in Metro and 24hours NEWSBOXES
it is terrific to wake people up...

I talk to everyone I can

I leave written words within Toronto Star paper..anything


this is great, i live in

this is great, i live in West Chester,PA and work at the very courthouse this is taking place at.

and you can bet your ass im

and you can bet your ass im gonna come with a stack of DVD's.



more info

"There's a shadow on the faces of the men who send the guns to the wars that are fought in places where their business interest runs."

Breaking news: Envelope w/powder sent to Olbermann!

Someone sent an envelope with white powder to Keith Olbermann's home:

cant say im surprised.

cant say im surprised.

keep in mind, he exposed

keep in mind, he exposed fake terror threats on prime time television. that had to have been at least a little bit damaging to the powers that be.

World Can't Wait is down with 9/11 Truth? Since when?

Here's an interesting article about WCW: http://www.infoshop.org/inews/article.php?story=20051203143218921

I can also confirm that no WCW promoters that I've known have EVER supported 9/11 truth. Left gatekeeping at its finest. By all means go to these gatherings, buit be sure to arm yourself with plenty of truth materials to give out, and not Pakistan-did-it LIHOP stuff--real, controlled demolition/Silverstein/PNAC stuff.


"Among the 'spider-man' skeptics are those who claim that no human can shoot web and stick to walls... They conveniently ignore the fact that he was bitten by a radioactive spider."

Daily Bugle editorial debunking the claims of spider-man deniers

WCW's local leader told me 9/11 Truth is not welcome at protests

We're not welcome at World Can't Wait's protests.

This is a hardcore democrat/socialist/communist movement
to remove Bush because he's a republican.

This is exactly what O'Reilly tries to say about us!

Why did you advocate for them? I believed you.

All we have to do is get associated with them
and then NeoCons like O'Reilly are technically correct.

I don't hate bush because he's a republican.
It's not a party kind of thing.
This is right versus wrong, not fake-right versus fake left.

The solution to Bush isn't voting democrat!
I wish we had a time machine so we could install Gore in 2000
so Democrats could see Gore bomb the WTC on the same day!
CFR is CFR, regardless of party.

I tried to offer proof to no avail.
They called me a paranoid conspiracy theorist.
They associated Alex Jones with black helicopters.

They threatened me with police via their ISP
because my views are "paranoid conspiracy theories
which are threatening to public figures"...

I said I wanted them put on public trial for treason.

We're in big big big trouble now
with this crazy Military Commissions Act of 2006.

They seemed very very prepared with these phrases
where I'm somehow a criminal for wanting trials.

Mayor Daley is a foolish weasel w/ a bad haircut

this is no surprise given that mayor daley hosted gw for his 60th birthday, just vetoed the big box ordinance (google it), continues to ignore the rampant poverty, murders, and decay on the south and west sides, and is pushing for the 2016 olympics - and everyone knows that hosting an olympics does little good for a city outside of lining the corporate fatcats pockets and wasting taxpayers $$$. he is, without a doubt, one of the most corrupt individuals in public office today. if you live in chicago, vote this slime out next year!

I am in Canada

does anyone know of any demo plans for Canadian cities?


Fetzer was terrific!

demolition or

demolition or demonstration?

: )


Demonstrations....but if you add the other would be cool


I know www.falseflagnews.com
they carry some good stuff about war games and so on...

I dream of a huge demonstration in Toronto against NWO


If these anti war/drive out the Bush re gime/peace groups arent down with 9/11 Truth activists, F' em I say.
I don't want to be around close minded people who think "communism" is cool, and think Iraq is the main big issue. 9/11 Truth is the only activist movement that brings together the left, right and centrist.


its nice to get payed $$$ for shit you post here

listen,you actually help folks who are first timers on this site
you help them in seeing just the ways of the evil !

you are not a pockybot
you are psy op scum!

yeah pocky, because all

yeah pocky, because all anti-war liberals love communists. moron. is Iraq not a big issue to you? 9/11 is the biggest issue, obviously, but Iraq matters. and virtually nobody on the right does anything about that. your constant anger towards what you percieve as the left is misguided.

Senate passes Bush detainee bill

Source: Rawstory.com

Published: Thursday September 28, 2006

The US Senate has passed the Detainee Treatment and Trials bill (S. 3930) by a vote of 65-34, RAW STORY has learned.

This follows the US House of Representatives passage of a similar resolution (HR 6166) yesterday, essentially scoring a significant pre-election victory for the Bush administration. Critics have derided the bill as a threat to the right of habeas corpus, which entitles detainees to seek release from unlawful imprisonment.

Twelve Democrats voted in favor of the Senate bill, while one Republican and the lone independent voted against it.

More details on the vote are forthcoming.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

McCain the coward.

McCain Torture Compromise Bill Allows Sodomy, Rape of Prisoners

Daily Kos | September 28 2006

It has always been illegal to rape or sodomize prisoners in U.S. custody, of course. But under the McCain Torture Compromise, as long as you are doing it as "interrogation", the president is now authorized to allow it.


a plea... come on Americans,

a plea...
come on Americans, come on - wake up...you have to leave your computers and take to the streets now, NOW!

80 hour work weeks, kids,

80 hour work weeks, kids, school, modern day madness of living, false news, etc.... keeps most at bay.

Why don't a million people march the old fashion way, with their GUNS:):):):).

Right to bear arms. I would love to see the cops taken away guns.

It gonna happen:):):):)