Left Blindspot

Alot has been written about the left gatekeepers. But I'm constantly amazed at the blind spot - about false flag terror - among so-called progressives who are not conscious gatekeepers. These are people who can see other issues just fine, but just can't see what's in their blind spot: the frequent use of false flag terror by the U.S. and our allies.

Today's article from Common Dreams, a leading liberal news site, is a perfect example. Called "Anthrax, Iran & bin Laden: Waiting for the October Surprise", it argues that progressives should not sit passively by and wait for Karl Rove's "October Surprise" because it might be a scary one.

The essay accurately recounts how Bin Laden was blamed for the 2001 anthrax attacks, before it was discovered that the source was domestic. It also touches on how the attacks helped ram the Patriot Act through without real scrutiny, and drummed up support for the Iraq war.

The article also covers the White House Cipro story:

"The big story behind the 2001 anthrax attacks, however, was never properly covered: White House staff had started taking Cipro, an anthrax-treatment drug, a full week before the first attack even occurred. You've got to wonder what prior information the Bush administration had - and why it was not communicated to the US public."

How can the author see that the administration likely had prior knowledge of the anthrax attacks and gained immensely from them, and that the attacks came from a domestic source, and still not connect the dots about false flag terrorism? The anthrax attacks killed American citizens; it wasn't just some intellectual exercise on paper.

Progressive hero Daniel Ellsberg said that "if there is another terror attack, "I believe the president will get what he wants", which will include a dictatorship.

Whistleblower Scott Ritter, embraced by the left for speaking out about the absence of WMDs before the Iraq war, said that he would not rule out staged government terror by the U.S. government.

How can progressives stare right at false flag terror and not see it? Why do they have such an enormous blind spot? And would an attack have to occur in October of an election year - after Karl Rove has announced an "October Surprise" - for liberals to even consider that the government may have had something to do with it?

It is really strange. Most

It is really strange. Most democrats/progressives/anti war activists have never heard of the notion of false flag terrorism, or provocatuered events. They never heard the real story of the USS Maine, Northwoods, Gulf of Tonkin, USS Liberty, WTC 1993, IRA bombings, etc. So of course to them the "9/11 theories" make no sense and have no contextual history to them. Even the "debunkers" most likely have no idea what false flag operations are...never heard of Gladio/strategy of tension/stay behind, Operation Ajax, Russia's 9/9/99 attacks by the FSB, Reichstag/Gleiwitz, etc


education about false flags is REALLY important.


government secrecy

The problem with it is the secrecy - these folks think everything they don't know just doesn't exist. But Bushes just declared the whole 9/11 thing, from top to bottom, a big secret. Nobody's allowed to know what happened save some high ranking, taxpayer money consuming, CIA officials.

I agree with this. A lot of

I agree with this. A lot of progressives can catalog for you millions of Bush's lies, and say that Bush lies everyday, yet they think on 9-11 he told the truth for a couple days. Well, no he didn't. 9-11 is the CENTERPIECE lie of this Administration and that's why it must be debunked, because they use it as a justification for EVERYTHING. It's a little too handy that way.

Good Post

But don't forget the GLADIO bombings in Italy.

I think it also serves to educate people on post-WW2 history in which the USA repeatedly overthrew democratic governments in favor of USA puppet dictatorships.

Guatamala, Chile, Indonesia, Iran....

the list of USA interventionism is very very long.

one of the myths we must dispell is that the USA always acts in the name of altruism, freedom and democracy. this is NOT historically our history, and it is essential that we embrace the truth about the past (including 9/11) if we have any hope of a better future.


If we are talking about Chomsky readers (which i consider myself one of), they already know that their government is not altruistic and great.

October suprise

The talking points I'm beginning to hear bouncing off the empty walls of corporate media:

The new number one enemy is Hezbolllah
Hezbollah would like to get a nuke and attack America

I have seen a couple GOP suitopaths talking about this on the morning shows.

Although the corporate news is controlled and created, if you know the perps modus operandi, you can begin to predict the future based on what narrative is being generated.

The machines are bound by rules and that is their weakness - Morpheus

Wow. Hezbollah attacking the

Wow. Hezbollah attacking the US with nukes is about as likely as the IRA attacking the US with nukes.

This left gatekeeper issue

This left gatekeeper issue is really strange and deeply disturbing. They seem to act like the other side of the same coin. Giving the best support the Bush regime possibly could get. With their controlled opposition.

I mean, this cannot be a new phenomenon. How long has this been going on?
And it is the whole spectrum Cockburn, Raimondo, Chomsky...

I think 911 truth has revealed a pattern here that must have been going on for decades

9/11 Truth Losing The Info War

IMHO, We truthers live in a small world. That we have created for ourselves. Please, tell me where you have been exposed to terror flag events. Before becoming a truther.

I watch Washington Journal on C-Span every morning before going to work. Washington Journal is the most unbias unfiltered info you are going to get on cable TV.

I became aware of the truth movement thru C-Span.

Day after day, they have call in segments. This morning a member of intelligence committee on there taking calls.

Where the truthers? No where to be heard from. The talking heads one after the other support the official myths day after day. I've try hundreds of times to get thru and never have.

But, folks we have got to start communicating our thoughts, feelings, understanding to forums outside 911 blogs.

Please folks. Let 's start bombarding Washington Journal with calls. It has a small educated viewing public. If enough of us starting trying the more will succeed in help getting our voice heard in the main stream.

My 2 cents.
"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot." Mark Twain

confront Republicans with 9/11

Yes and i'd especially recommend posting it in right-wing forums. I've done it before and it seems like they've at least been "softened up" somewhat.
The media is a "great pretender" with 9/11 truth. None wants to admit openly what they think about 9/11, instead they pretend not to hear, not to see, not to understand.

In some ways, the left gatekeepers are more scary

Left gatekeepers are more scary than the neoconvicts. We can listen to a Limbaugh or a Hannity or even an O'Reilly and tell within a matter of minutes that these guys are seriously detached from reality. They are crazy and they sound crazy.

The left gatekeepers however, sound quite rational. They sound quite logical. Think, Goodman, Chomsky, (Al) Franken and hell even Rachel Maddow! They all sound so lucid and intelligent. Yet they refuse to even entertain the thought of 9/11 being an Inside Job.

It looked as if Goodman was coming over to our side leading up to the Loose Change v Popular Mechanics "debate" but even during that it seemed she was only humoring the Truthers. Almost a "there, I gave you your five minutes of fame now lets get back to the real news".

The left gatekeepers are more frightening, because they should know better... but for whatever reason, refuse to do better.

Chomsky didn't beat around the bush regarding gatekeeping

"The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum - even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there's free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate." --Noam Chomsky

He knows what he's doing.

a paradox

The gatekeeper phenomenon is paradoxical, because Chomsky, for instance, does in fact spend most of his time writing about the ravages of the US gov't around the world, and how they've been covered up by the media. On East Timor, for example, he was writing and speaking about it when no one, and that is NO ONE was talking about it.

So where does the problem come from? Gatekeepers, and more importantly, the liberal Democrat audience they usually speak to, are mainly esconced in a middle-class-based view of the world that sees consuming Americans as basically living well - i.e., the way that middle class Americans do - and their politics constitutes an expression of guilt at the crimes of empire, but they could not imagine that the same forces responsible for worldwide empire and massacres in Vietnam, El Salvador, East Timor and elsewhere would be capable of engineering a massacre against its own "priviliged" citizens of the "homeland."

So gatekeepers and their middle-class social base reproduce a dualistic view of the world: Third World peoples can be - and indeed are - bombed, starved, raided and blasted to hell, but "we" priviliged citizens of the Empire are above all that. They can't internalize the fact that governments have always slaughtered their "own" people, and they've done it in many ways, often by sending them into war, but not exclusively. Gatekeepers still believe in this system - whatever they say - and can't accept the idea of a completely ruthless world where the institutions were taken over a long time ago and the "criminalization of the state" is far advanced.

This controlled opposition, which represents a significant sector of the public, still believes in lobbying to change the world, that if they could just get in 5 min. with their congressperson ... Because they believe their opinion counts in the grand scheme of things: they vote, they lobby congress, etc., whereas working class, poor people have enough with just getting by, and they know that voting and lobbying are generally a waste of time in the face of the money interests.

People who have really seen the dark underside of this system in their daily lives easily understand how 9/11 was an inside job: African Americans, for instance. Women generally have no trouble understanding that men are capable of truly evil acts (9/11 perps overwhelmingly men) to pursue their (ahem, our) own greedy, selfish interests.

Does Goodman think she need not cover 9/11 ever again???

Does Goodman think that in having the young Loose Change guys on her show to be bombarded by seasoned disinfo agents under the guise of a scientific magazine, she fulfilled all her responsibilities to report on 9/11??? Does she think she need not ever mention 9/11 truth again during her lifetime???

This Amy Goodman woman is a CIA asset, IMO!!!


Yeah, Amy is a problem. She certainly does think she's "got that covered, now let's move on." She had on the Loose Change guys for one horribly organized show, but what about the 9/11 Press for Truth people, the Jersey Girls and Paul Thompson. After all, Press for Truth gets to the core issues of 9/11 much more than Loose Change.

yes, it does, way more than

yes, it does, way more than loose change. I don't think anyone really talks about this enough, but those jersey chicks are really our only hope. We should treat them like queens and icons. That foot could actually get in the door someday open the floodgates.

i disagree. The Jersey Girls

i disagree. The Jersey Girls still think 19 arabs did 9/11.

nice post GW.. i think

nice post GW.. i think 'terror storm' was created for just this purpose..

why they don't notice it? because they think everyone is nice like they are, and don't understand that when it comes to world politics people play dirty, and then convince their people they don't.

A quick jot

I remember way back when, several graduate friends sat me down to give me an 'intervention' of sorts. They had all heard me rant about government corruption "this" and government corruption "that", and yet.. while offering me freshly squeezed fruit juice and trail mix (I'm not kidding).... they proceeded to inform me of "all the good governments do for all us commoners"; welfare for the disenfranchised, environmental watch-dogging of polluters, public education for everyone, street lights, waste water treatment, economic management to prevent great depressions, the protection of free speech....

Their examples where endless, and just wanted me to be aware and fully informed, that what I was talking about was simply 'outweighed' by all the other good things that we commoners receive from government. That they were "concerned" about my mind set, maybe falsely perceiving that I represented some kind of Right leaning tendencies, or "worse" that I might be asking for Anarchy God-Forbid, if people started to fixate on all that "negative" stuff I seemed fixated upon.

After all was said and done, my friends clearly felt comfortable with the prospect of occasional shenanigans, because "after all, we just could not have such a wonderful world without these great governments. Especially since We Americans have the best one of all" This conviction runs deep. Very deep.

The left is no sooner going to honestly examine a basic cost/benefit analysis of government, same as the right will no sooner stop trying to capitalize upon it. These two groups, are one in the same. One side simply cries out about saving plants and animals, as the other uses the excuse of saving people from other people.... both, are equally convinced that only through more powerful governments... can anything ever be "saved".

If for example, Cockburn actually and deeply internalizes what he says, than he too slavishly holds onto fantasies of government someday being capable of exerting HIS kind of force, where he and his choice of 'proper' candidates elected to government can do what is necessary to fix all things wrong... than he's not a red-hair's difference to Bush, or O'Really likewise.

The problem remains.... a large and commonly passive group of well meaning people, too oft gravitate towards 'left' sounding politics and descend into the impotent tendencies of bumper stickers, donations to charities with good sounding names, and that Government representing a vanguard, protecting the world from poverty through its redistribution policies.....

The right, by its nature, offers rank and file, organization, chains of command and control, robust corporate structures with assets protected by well greased enforcers, and very few letters anything like this one.

Where both sides continue to fail, is on seeing the whole... "there just isn't enough time in the day to study such arcane and trivial things.... got bills to pay, trees to save, and money to be made".

The right may only see the error of its ways, just as the left becomes aware of its self imposed ignorance about massive corruption.... when the bombs go off, and an incinerated atmosphere chokes us all.

I need to go puke now.

"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

I agree with you Erin

Seems like we need a new political party. The TRUTH party. Our platform... "the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth".

But how many of "u.s." could really handle a party dedicated to TRUTH no matter what the cost?

As for me, sign me up!

"my whole world would come crashing down..."

It's the most amazing thing that one of my very best friends admits to.... "my whole world would come crashing down, I know that much".

There is actual pain in his eyes when he is conceding this to me. We shake hands, we wish each other the best of luck, and he'll call the next day about the most trivial of things.

This friend of mine is surrounded by his moral and tangible investments in this "system". It represents all that he was raised with and come to trust. The reason we are friends to begin with, is that I have always insisted he is capable of understanding more, and I am dedicated to reveling what does exist behind the curtain. My friend grants just enough, as all good friends do, to peak where I point. To listen when I whisper. And only on rare occasions, must he leave the room or fumble with excuses.

Yet as per his tacit admission, that to exercise courage, to boldly dig through evidence, to embrace such knowledge about a real world "not as seen on TV".... is to turn his back on his church, 90% of his blood family, 99% of his other friends..... to stab his own mother in the back.... for honestly considering something so vile as American Rot, and the inescapable responsibility to do the right thing.

This growing and highly polarized division between our domestic population, no mater what "side" one embraces, is the single most disturbing aspect I see as the Mutually Exclusive World Views being galvanized into an inevitable conflict as we are confined to such a small planet.

In THAT, I charge this very Administration with the highest crime (far beyond any involvement in 9/11)... For failing to sow tranquility in favor of rattling sabers. To this very day, The U.S. Government RETAINS the extraordinary power of forthright and hard-truth honesty.... capable of diffusing the powder-keg below the feet of humanity.

This government has become the very antithesis of all that governments have EVER tried promising to humanity: We do not enjoy prosperity free from inequity. We do not enjoy general peace nor tranquility. The exercise of justice lays mute. And the pursuit of happiness has never before imbibed such poison.

Please, Dear America... revolution. It is our most genuine of birth right. May We find the wisdom of a bloodless one, for we are ill-equipped to survive a bloody one.

"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

same coin

Yes, they work smoothly as two sides of the same coin. That's why I see 9/11 truth as an arm to achieve the sort of radical transformation that's been called revolution. After all, is the ultimate point of this to leave in place the system that produced something like 9/11, the Vietnam war, the Iraq & Afghanistan wars, Hiroshima & Nagasaki, 45 million people in America with no health insurance and so on and so forth? No, 9/11 truth is a revolutionary issue, one that can and must lead to big time regime change.
Yeah, the belief in American goodness runs really deep because it's instilled from early on in school. Most foreigners simply can't believe that kids salute the flag every day, it smacks of fascism.
And it's precisely this belief that gives the big interests and their black op men the perfect cover for their crimes: people won't be looking under THAT stone.

Liberals, Left-wings are dominated by Jews who are Zionists

The fact is that the left-wing/liberals are dominated by Jewish activists who, let's face it ,are pro-Israel as a Jewish state and therefore are Zionists. To be pro-Israel as a Jewish state is akin to being pro-apartheid in South Africa and actually it's worse than that because what's been happening to the Palestinians (and now the Lebanese) is obviously FAR WORSE than what happened to blacks during apartheid South Africa.

The Zionist/Jewish dominated media has trained the American public so well, of all creeds, to look at Israel as the poor little victim in the mideast and at all Jews as the most victimized ethno-religious group in the world and in the universe throughout history--- BUT the fact is the Jewish activists played a leading role in the bloody and brutal Bolshevik Revolution and the Communist movement --- this is one reason Jewish people were not especially popular leading up to the WWII. Of course many innocent Jewish people were killed during WWII but obviously many innocent people get killed during any war, yet Americans (and the world) are constantly only reminded of Jewish deaths during WWII.

Many people don't know about the true history of how Israel was started, and how Lord Rothschild, perhaps the most influentail Jewish globalist banker at the time (the family still is to this day) went behind the scenes to convince the British that he and the Jewish bankers, etc., of Europe could convince their counterparts in America to get the leaders of the United States to help England clobber Germany during WW1 (even though there was a truce at that point) in exchange for England to help create a Jewish homeland in Palestine resulting in the Balfour Agreement. So this happened, the US helped Britain to trounce Germany brutally, and then there was the Treaty of Versailles which was also brutal for Germany--- this also aided in Germans seeing Jewish people as traitors. So all of this led up to WWII, and the Zionists (see www.zionismexplained.org) and the Nazis actually collaborated to get Jews out of Germany and into Palestine (read "51 Documents of Nazi Collaboration with Zionists" by Lenni Brenner). The Germans and the Zionists both wanted Jews out of Germany and Eastern Europe and into Palestine, to become Israel.
Also read "Origin of the Palestine-Israel Conflict" written by Jews for Justice in the Middle East at www.cactus48.com.

The Zionists were the original terrorists in Palestine and the Middle East. In Jerusalem in 1946, Menachem Begin oversaw the bombing of the King David Hotel. It was the headquarters for the British military. Over a hundred people were killed. It was denounced as a terrorist act internationally, but a decade or so later, Menachem Begin became a Prime Minister of Israel and even was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize!

But the bombing of the King David Hotel was not the only terrorist act done by the Zionists in Palestine and elsewhere. That was their mode of operendi. By the way, Menachim Begin and his men dressed in Arab-style clothing when they planted the bombs in the King David Hotel.

I see a pattern here. The motto of the Mossad is "By Deception We Shall Rule and Do War."

Also google "the Lavon Affair" for one of the biggest examples of a Zionist false flag operation in an effort to frame Arabs of a bombing. Of course the USS Liberty is another example of a false flag operation by Israel against the USA while trying to frame Arabs. See www.ussliberty.com.

Most of all, if you can handle the Truth, you should read Victor Ostovsky the ex-Mossad spy's autobiography "By Way of Deception" which you can get on Amazon.com and I hear his other book is just as good. The Mossad tried to kill him of course and tried to thwart the publishing of the book, but were unsuccessful. IT IS A MUST READ because in my opinion it shows how the Mossad is the most likely culprit for planting the explosives in the WTC for 911. The book is a total page-turner, and if you want to see why many people believe that the Neocons such as Wolfowitz, Perle and Larry Silverstein with their PNAC agenda and their connections to Israel and the Mossad are the most likely perpetrators of the tragedy of 911, this book is totally revealing. Victor Ostrovsky is now in Canada and an artist, with a gallery in Southwest USA. He is a man of conscience as you can plainly see by reading his book. There is a book review of this book at www.marwenmedia.com which is worth reading.

There you have it: they had the motives (PNAC spelled it out) and the means (the Mossad to do the dirty work, and they had collaborating elites in the government and the media and in airports-- don't forget an Israeli-based company was in charge of airport security in the USA at the time of 911; not to mention control of the media and elites in governmental positions).

So, this is why the left-wingers try deny that 911 was an inside job--- because the case for the Israeli connection is so extremely obvious and strong-- that the Jewish activists on the left (and of course the right) simply don't want to go there, because they want the US to continue to be the cash cow for Israeli "security" and expansionist ambitions-- and to continue to be a JEWISH state, which is obviously a state that discriminates against non-Jews and it always has done so in the worst possible ways imaginable: home demolitions of Palestinians, checkpoints, roadblooks, land confiscations, etc. --- ETHNIC CLEANSING.

But you never hear of Amy Goodman talking much about apartheid Israel do you? Especially on mainstream TV? Not. Very few Jewish activists in the spotlight do. Obviously there are some who do fully criticize apartheid Israel such as Jeffrey Blankfort but the Zionist-dominated media never shines it's spotlight on Jeffrey Blankfort, do they? That's not by accident. None of this is.

Even Justin Raimondo who wrote "The 9-11 Enigma: The Israeli Connection" doens't go all the way to the painfully obvious conclusion: that the Neocons (including Cheney obviously, etc.) with the help of the Mossad orchestrated 911. There may have been a few Arab patsies but the Neocons orchestrated 911 with the help of the Mossad. As you recall, Israeli spies were rounded up in the hundreds at the time of 911. Please take another look also at the missing Fox news series on Israeli spying in the US (do a google search, you'll find it on YouTube.com) I can only think that Justin doesn't come to the obvious conclusion because he might be afraid of being killed "accidentally" or jailed for being "anti-Semitic" or beat up by the Jewish Defense League. Others who only believe that the Israelis/ Neocons only LET IT HAPPEN instead of MADE IT HAPPEN, may be similarly afraid, or maybe they just can't believe such diabolical deceptiveness is possible. Unfortunately, I think it is entirely possible and likely at this point.

So I believe that the fear of being thought of as "anti-Semitic" is part of the reason many people don't come to the obvious conclusion.

But we must have no fear.

The Truth will set us free.

If indeed it is the Necons (including Bush) and the Mossad that MADE IT HAPPEN then justice must be done as much as possible. It will be very, very difficult since the elites are in charge of the government, the banks and the media but somehow, justice must be done and the Truth must be know. Most ordinary Jewish people don't have to worry about anything because obviously they were not involved anymore than non-Jews. Only those directly involved, both Jewish and non-Jewish, should be brought to justice and their crimes exposed.

Spread the word.

Ordinary Jews may fear loss of US support for Jewish state

but the fact is, Israel as a racist, Jewish, apartheid, ethnic-cleansing, anti-democratic state is NOT worthy of US support anyway...time to cut the cord.


It has generally been true that the liberal/left is dominated by Zionism. But your attribution of God-like power to Jews to control everybody is irrational and not conducive to understanding 9/11 or anything else (I don't deny that the media are Zionist-dominated, just your identification of it with Jews as such, as if they acted like a sect). As it happens the most powerful Zionist lobby in America is the Christian right, which constitutes millions upon millions of people out in the heartland. That Jews, as 3% of the population, could control the rest of the population the way you claim is to exalt Jews to some super-human status.

Anyway, sorry to break your fixation with Jewish bankers, but in the good-old US of A big bankers and corporate masters are, and have always been, overwhelmingly WASPS (in Europe, Catholics and Prots). Prove me wrong.

As a Jew, I will say that the terrorist Zionist entity must be dismantled and replaced by a democratic state in all of historic Palestine.

But the issue I have with you is this: I say Zionism is evil because it is a form of racism, as the UN resolution held, whereas a lot of people like you hate Zionism because it's a Jewish thing, and people use anti-Zionist terminology is a cover for hating Jews. Is this the case with you?

There is absolutely no doubt that Mossad had a hand in 9/11, though the lead must necessarily have been taken by people inside the much bigger monster of the US intelligence apparatus.

All revolutions - all of them - are brutal, including the American revolution and our Civil War (which was like another revolution). The Bolshevik revolution was a great milestone in history. One of their first acts in power was to publish all the Czar's secret diplomacy.

Zionism = Racism, Zionism is as bad as Nazism

You wrote: It has generally been true that the liberal/left is dominated by Zionism. But your attribution of God-like power to Jews to control everybody is irrational and not conducive to understanding 9/11 or anything else (I don't deny that the media are Zionist-dominated, just your identification of it with Jews as such, as if they acted like a sect).

I write in return: You contradict yourself, which I have found to be the case with most Jewish activists. Always playing both ends, always wanting their cake and eat it too, basically in self-denial it seems. The media, as YOU ADMIT, is Zionist dominated. WHOEVER controls the media controls public opinion. It just so happens that Jews, who are predominantly Zionists at this space in time, dominate the media, therefore they dominate public opinion. Therefore in a "democracy" they dominate the government. No other ethno-religio group is this cohesive and has this much cohesive power politically with a common goal (Israel). BAR NONE.

You say: As it happens the most powerful Zionist lobby in America is the Christian right, which constitutes millions upon millions of people out in the heartland.

I write in answer to this: As it happens, the Christian right in support of Israel is a NEW phenomena fostered by the Zionist Jewish activists, such as Eliot Abrams and many others. The Christian Right are basically pawns and puppets brainwashed by the Zionist-dominated media. The Christian Right is given plenty of airtime on radio and broadcast time on TVs. This is NOT by accident. Do you think if they were anti-Zionists they would be allowed to have so much or even ANY airtime or access to power?? No, of course not. Or if they were KKK white supremacists or Nazis? Again, OF COURSE NOT, and that's a good thing. The fact is that Jewish Zionist-dominated media and other Zionist Jewish political groups work in tandem and collaborate with Zionist Christians. The Zionists love all the money the Christian Zionists give to support Israel and all their crazy blather in support of Israel on the radios and TVs even if it is for all the wrong reasons. As the Jew you admit you are, it seems to me that no wonder you didn't happen to notice this convenient "marriage" between Jews and Christian Zionists. How convenient you didn't notice this...

You wrote: That Jews, as 3% of the population, could control the rest of the population the way you claim is to exalt Jews to some super-human status.

I write in return to this: First of all, how do we know for sure that Jews only comprise of 3% of the US population? Do you realize that it is actually against the US law to do a census of Jewish people in the USA? Yes, it's a FACT. As usual Jewish people are the exception to the rule with this regards. Just as there are all kinds of exceptions to the rule with regards to Jewish people in the US. There's a whole list and I could go on. But one more in particular is the US citizenship law that was changed by Zionist law-makers --- you could call them Israeli-Americans. The citizenship law USED to be that anyone who went to a foreign country and served in a foreign military or government or voted in an foreign election, then their citizenship would be automatically revoked. Zionist Jewish-Americans changed that American law. Now any American Jewish person can go to Israel and serve in their government or military and vote in the elections and yet still retain FULL American citizenship. You see them interviewed with reverance on the Larry King Show. This is a big problem, in my opinion. There are more instances but I will stop here for now.

You worte: Anyway, sorry to break your fixation with Jewish bankers, but in the good-old US of A big bankers and corporate masters are, and have always been, overwhelmingly WASPS (in Europe, Catholics and Prots). Prove me wrong.

I write to that: OK, I will prove you wrong. Just do a google search on the Federal Reserve and you will see it is NOT a governmental agency, and it is NOT even a public company, but it is a PRIVATE company mostly comprised of Jewish families, international Jewish families. Go ahead. Do a google search on it. And while you're at it, the Jewish Canadian anti-Zionist writer and inventor the of board game "Scruples", Henry Macow has many informative articles about the (Jewish) Federal Reserve and Jewish globalist bankers at his website which I believe is www.savethemales.ca. Or do a google search. You'll see.

You wrote: As a Jew, I will say that the terrorist Zionist entity must be dismantled and replaced by a democratic state in all of historic Palestine.

I write to this: Oh so you SAY but I tend to doubt it. Prove me wrong. How active are you about this??? In public???

You wrote: But the issue I have with you is this: I say Zionism is evil because it is a form of racism, as the UN resolution held, whereas a lot of people like you hate Zionism because it's a Jewish thing, and people use anti-Zionist terminology is a cover for hating Jews. Is this the case with you?

I write in return to this: Why is it that you assume that I hate Zionism just because it's a Jewish thing? That's awfully presumptuous of you. What evidence do you have to support that bogus claim? If Zionism was an Irish thing, for example, I would hate it just the same. And I'm part Irish. Once again, I suspect you are truly a Zionist and as a typical Zionist, you accuse anyone who criticizes Israel, Zionism and Jewish Politics with the smear hate-speech label of "anti-Semite". You are probably a covert Zionist in sheep's clothing therefore or you would not attempt to discredit me with such a bogus accusation with no basis.

You wrote: There is absolutely no doubt that Mossad had a hand in 9/11, though the lead must necessarily have been taken by people inside the much bigger monster of the US intelligence apparatus.

I write to that: Yes, and the Mossad were hired by the NeoCons who are mostly could be classified as Israeli-Americans, such as Wolfowitz, Perle, and Silverstein, for sure. No doubt. Cheney and Bush joined in for the power and the loot.

You wrote: All revolutions - all of them - are brutal, including the American revolution and our Civil War (which was like another revolution).

To that I write in response: Some revolutions are more brutal than others. Such as the Bolshevik revolution. Some are sparked from without by sabateours, etc.

You wrote: The Bolshevik revolution was a great milestone in history.

I write in response: Well, I guess you're entitled to YOUR opinion. Others would certainly disagree.

You wrote: One of their first acts in power was to publish all the Czar's secret diplomacy.

I write: Oh yeah, and then they had the KGB. Whoopee doo. You're a joke. A bad joke.

This has got to be one of

This has got to be one of the best blog exchanges I've ever seen. I love this blog, and will continue to read it and learn until the truth is known.

Left Denial

See Left Denial on 9/11 Turns Irrational by Jack Straw, should still be posted at either Portand IMC or Indybay.org (will come up if you net-search under title and author). The "left" has long been the "left" wing of the ruling apparatus, waiting to get its turn at management of capital's control and accumulation apparatus, its operatives do not wanna sink theship since they think they still have a chance at some of the better cabins. The "left" indeed is in many ways a bigger problem than the neo-cons, who could easily be replaced by the ruling elite with a "new" management team. The Clinton admin was in fact fully complicit with 9/11, that's why its operatives on the 9/11 Omission Commission (eg Gorelick, Benveniste,Hamilton) went along with the cover-up.


http://www.infoshop.org is the site of the most ardent, hardcore leftwing Gatekeepers. They even go so far as to say that "conspiracy theorists are enemies of critical thinking"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eck. sounds like something

eck. sounds like something Chomsky would say.

This was the exact email I

This was the exact email I received from Infoshop, it's breathtaking:

Everyone from the guy in his basement with one geocities page to
Rupert Murdoch and Time-Warnet-Bertelsmann-Viacom

It's inevitable for anyone who provides content to highlight some
things and choose not to publish others.

I agree with Pom that conspiracy theorists are an enemy of free and
critical thinkers. Their tales are fascinating (sometimes they're
but in the end they totally discredit real and defensible critiques
of power.

If you have any credible evidence on the FBI, CIA or articles
supporting the anti-globalization struggle or the global justice
movement, we'd be happy to publish it.

Anything critiquing the "New World Order", the JFK assassination, or
most of the 9-11crap will most likely not be taken into consideration.
They get us nowhere and leave us running in circles.


And yes, they DO worship

And yes, they DO worship Chomsky, as I once did myself.

In fact I wrote an article

In fact I wrote an article about the Gatekeeping of Infoshop for FalseFlagNews at the request of Daniel (from the latter) but after I sent it to him, he never replied to me, making him seem suspicious as well.

Civil Rights Movement

is an excellent model for change. It succeeded. Not without tragedy or sacrifice, but eventually it succeeded. We really don't know how long this may take . . . so we must be prepared for a "long, hard slog"



And it succeeded when it

And it succeeded when it looked like it didn't have a chance in hell of succeeding.

Keep moving forward with the truth no matter how hopeless the effort seems to be.