Loose Change in Bordeaux, France, Oct. 8th

Free Film! Loose Change 2nd Edition in Bordeaux!

The details: When: Sunday Oct. 8th 2006 - 16:30h

Where: The Golden Apple - 46 rue Borie, 33000 Bordeaux, FRANCE

(Flyer at link.)

when does Final Cut come

when does Final Cut come out?

Dylan Avery to be on MANCOW

Dylan Avery to be on MANCOW morning radio show on Monday.

Mancow is a very conservative top rated morning radio host who does not believe 9/11 Truth Theories.... I have been pounding him with emails for well over a year.

Strange thing is... He seems to get everything but that. He had some structural engineer on his show shortly after 9/11 and since then he has been set on the official line.

If you go to MANCOW.com you can hear his broadcast from 9/11 where he says that it looks like controlled demolition.

Really pushes the extermination of Radical Islam.... the guy says he's not scared but he is very afraid of Muslim values taking over America.... taking away our art and music and dancing?? something is definitely not right up there.

Mancow is a complete and

Mancow is a complete and utter tool. a rightwing Howard Stern wannabe.