SOMETHING is WRONG......... HELP ME!!!!! Please!

This will be my last Blog for a while, so I really would like to read your comments....

First off, I have been a "Truther" for over 4 years, but am new to this site. My first question would be this... "How many truthers really read this site?" Is it just a couple hundred...or is it thousands? I watch the site counter, and see it going throught the roof. How many people are on here for real....or is it just a small group that keeps coming back ten times a day like myself?

I am a 40 year old guy that is very $$ Stable, and have many options in regards to what I do with my life. I read every post that you guys put up, and I love you guys for it. BUT, I have a gut feeling that we as AMERICA are in serious trouble. We have a Gov't that is totally out of control and has an Agenda that we can only speculate about. We are in serious trouble.

My dad who is 74, is a 50 year Republican, and to my "SHOCK" he said this. "Bush is a NUT, he is destroying what this country has stood for!". When I listened to this coming from my dads mouth...the chills ran right down my spine. We actually had a discussion about some 9/11 issues, and I showed him the truth about 9/11. I showed him the 10 minute clip of Alex Jones's Martial law only concerning WTC7. My dad was so pissed, he continued to say..."They are all crooks...from the Bottom up." Remember.....this is my 74 year old Republican to get to my point ....... I am scared. I am one of those tough guy wrestler/Rugby players that you would never want to confront. I am not saying this to impress you, but to impress upon you that I am the supposed tough guy, but I am scared to death for us. Why the F**K doesn't anybody see through this gov'ts BULLSHIT. We are screwing our own future.........

If this is true???????

We are doomed. If Bush attacks Iran, this world will change to a dark "Terminator" type situation. I can not believe this is happening. HELP ME PLEASE, Are you with me on these thoughts.

I have recieved some advice from people on the inside......It is scary, but here it is.....

Remember this, if the above link is true, and we attack Iran, then these situations will happen....

#1 The Dollar will become worthless, and gas will go to over $15 a gallon. The result , if the gulf oil ports are blocked in the Mid East because of war, will cause Civil Unrest in the US and force good old Bush to Implement Marshall Law. Marshall Law, will include confiscation of all guns, gold and silver.

#2 If we attack Iran as predicted, the allies of Iran.... China, Russia, Syria, etc....will not accept this. WW3 will happen.

#3 The entire world will HATE and want to destroy about bombings will not be able to leave your home, let alone, fight off people from trying to steal your gas out of your car in the driveway. And imagine if this escalates to a nuclear conflict.

#4 With the shut down of the Mid-East in Oil distribution...and Civil Unrest, and the devaluation of the dollar, I have been told by experts in the business that $6000 an ounce for gold is not out of reach. And $300 an ounce for silver in also not out of reach.

All i can do is tell you what I have learned, and what I have been told by experts in the field. This is my plan......

#1 I have hedged my life earnings with Gold and silver.

#2 20 friends as well as myself (ALL TRUTHERS) have a plan to meet far away from our city if the Sh*t hits the fan. I can not expand on that.Please watch the movie RED is in front of us. It could be reality...

#3 As stated in all of the web sites OCT 21st is when all of our ships arrive on the coast of IRAN, I have scheduled a trip during this period, and I will be out of the country until after the election, you can understand why....?

I PRAY that this stuff does not happen.....but I am leaning towards the side of caution for survival. If it doesn't happen...great....If it does..... God Bless.

I am writing this for one reason.......maybe we can take back this country before OCT 21st. I found one last hope on the net. Oct 5th...... here is the link.........

Also google "attack Iran" and "October Surprise" it scares me.

I will be involved in my town on Oct 5th dressed in my suit. I am going to spend over $5000 of my own money on Banners for OVERPASSES and full color flyers. I have never done anything like this, but I feel it is right. This protest can NOT be just young people in sweat shirts and T-shirts, it needs to be 3 Piece suit people like myself...... I will be there....will you. It is our Life.

I love all you guys...and I pray that we can spread this Oct 5th thing all over, maybe we can change this, and have old people like me included.

Blane 503-516-1476
That is my Phone #.......I am not scared to talk. Call me..... I am here, I am a proud American that is not proud of what is happening :)

That number on that counter

That number on that counter also represents the strength of our cause, and the number of people behind you.

The number isn't going down.

I hear YOU???? But???

The number on the counter goes up fast.....but how many people are standing up and doing something....rather than just typing. I am one person doing what I please donate to the links with money if that is all you can do.........or Be at the protest on OCT 5th.... this is our one chance brother.....Stand tall....or hide in a cave. Thank you for the response.

There are many ways to truth.

I am a Christian and am trying to spread the word through the church. There are too many ways to truth for it to be kept under wraps. We are winning. I can feel it.

I have a T-shit that says, "Normal peaople scare me." It gets a lot responses from complete strangers. I was at Kragen Auto Parts the other day and the teller asks me, "Describe 'normal;" I told him, "Normal people believe the Twin Towers were built like sand castles." He agreed. We are many.


From a decon @ my church: "I want to tell you something very serious......very serious, but I don't want you to say 'I told you so'. I want you to forgive me........I know now, about 9/11."

I agree with you

I guess it is like any other activist or resistance movements in history. A lot of people will believe and be sympathetic to your cause, but only a percentage will independently stand up and devote their own time on the issue. There are two factors that can increase that percentage:

One, is if conditions get so bad that people feel PUSHed into doing something about it. Unfortunately it will likely be too late to do anything by the time this happens on a widespread scale.

The other is strong and visible leadership and organization. This will PULL people to the movement. This is done by organizing meetings, protests and spreading information, OUTSIDE the net. People need to see that there are other, real people in the movement.

Thank YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

You are right on the money....Why would I be sitting up at night watching for a response like yours....that makes me smile..I just pray that you , as well as myself are going to try and do something about this BS that has already been chosen for us by a Gov't that we want no part of. If we attack Iran, we are in serious trouble. Not because I think we can't crush them with US power, but for the simple reason that the Pres. of Iran comes to the UN to try and de-escalate the situation and our Pres will not even talk to him proves that our gov't has a pre-planned plan to escate the trouble in the Mid-East. The secondary agenda is has nothing to do with establishing is all about controlling oil. I pray we can stop this. Thank you so much for your response.... I hope Oct will be out in your city..... I will.

Bush can't attack Iran he

Bush can't attack Iran he needs approval from Congress

IMO his plan has failed with

IMO his plan has failed with the failure of the Iraq war. If he had successed in Iraq, then would have had a real problem.

I don't know about Iran

but the talk is that the torture/detainee bill has a good chance of being passed by the Senate.

Of course, you do have a point - would have to go to the House first and they don't have time for that, before November elections, I mean.


he used the Nov elections

he used the Nov elections against congress. The bill would never have passed otherwise. This pill along with the "patriot" act are the biggest offences to the US constitution in it's entire history


TakeAction, take a little time to BREATHE. There are 70 MILLION of us (and that's just what we're aware of...) all working on this problem. It is also essential that you know there are metaphysical influences active, as well.
I am very much like you in the respect that this drives me nuts, but I try to get away from it on occassion, to regroup my energies. I am confident saner minds are going to prevail, but it's a huge matter of patience and determination. Prevailing leads us into other huge problems (which I will be posting at my NEW blog this evening) that most are not prepared for. Start looking ahead to beyond this crisis on Earth, and how we're going to deal with the mess it leaves in its path.
If you know anything about "collective conscience", you know that a lot of very positive energy has been put forth to counter-act the Bush regime; just because the minion MSM is not addressing our concerns doesn't mean it's a mute movement; quite contrary.
You have my personal support and understanding. Try to back off your jets just a scoash.