What Will Be Written in Future History Books?

9/11 truth may be the only issue with the power to stop another false flag attack, ongoing torture of people who know nothing about terrorism, an attack on Iran, the wholesale destruction of the Constitution and the idea of "liberty", and a whole host of other bad things.

On the other hand, how open people are to hearing about 9/11 truth partly depends on how much they trust and believe their government. In turn, that is dependent on what they are hearing about the government's lies about Iraq's WMDs, Saddams' links to 9/11, the government's criminal negligence in dealing with Hurricane Katrina, government spying, torture, and other governmental lies and misdeeds.

So this is a chicken and egg situation, where the more 9/11 truth comes out, the more it slows down the imperialists from doing rotten stuff. And the more people learn about the rotten stuff the government is doing, the more open they are to hearing about 9/11 truth.

This cause-and-effect feedback loop should be working for us: people hear about government lies and misdeeds, so they're more open to 9/11 truth, so they are less blindly supportive of future lies and misdeeds, and so on. But despite this trend, the boys are still going forward with their insane plans -- see, for example, these articles showing that they are planning to dismantle the Constitution (Torture R Us), to keep fighting in Iraq (Bush says "I will not withdraw, even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me"), and to bomb Iran (the ole' October Surprise).

Why are the imperialists still able to implement their plans when 9/11 truth has become so widespread? Probably because these boys are stubborn and are still using the same playbook depite hitting sizable roadblocks. And probably because they are desperate to hang onto power, so that they are not tried for treason and war crimes. And probably because they are willing to escalate their ruthlessness and the obviousness of their fascism to implement their plans.

What we in the 9/11 truth movement have been doing is working to an amazing degree: we've now educated about one-third of the American people that the government had a hand in 9/11. But we've got to elevate our game and do more to prevent the juggernaut from destroying America and wide swaths abroad.

We've got to keep on doing what we've been doing right - the day-to-day work of handing out flyers, hanging freeway blogs, writing letters to the editor and op/ed pieces, speaking out every chance we get, etc. But we've also got to try new things, to get creative, to take chances and reach out to people way outside of our comfort zone.

Our lives - and our children's and grandchildren's lives - will all be significantly affected by what actions we do or do not take today.

This is the time in history - right now - that will decide our fates for seven generations. What we do now will have maximum leverage and repurcussions and affect. What we do - or do not do - now will be written in future history books.

Afterword: Here's my clumsy attempt at expressing two possible futures, depending on what we do now.

They're trying to create a new reality...

but in fact we are changing THEIR reality, and while they study it, judiciously as they will, we will further expose them and further change their reality. Payback is a bitch, isn't it!

"Among the 'spider-man' skeptics are those who claim that no human can shoot web and stick to walls... They conveniently ignore the fact that he was bitten by a radioactive spider."

Daily Bugle editorial debunking the claims of spider-man deniers

Nothing will be written about the so called "911 Truth" movement

because there is NO truth to the movement. History will try to be faithful to the facts and those will be close to the official version. However, if "911 truth" gets a mention, it will be talked about with other incorrect or crazy conspiracy theories. Notions like no-Boeing hitting the Pentagon and the three WTC buildings being brought down by controlled demolisions, will be effectively debunked then as now or not be mentioned at all. Give it up guys, you've been exposed as frauds or misguided. It's time to do something constructive.

Step One (of 12)

Check yourself. Sibel,

Check yourself.

Sibel, wargames, NORAD's constant timeline revisions and lying (per a new book by the 9/11 Commissioners), Mineta testimony, international warnings from guys like Putin, domestic warnings from guys like Schippers, PDBs, Colleen Rowley, Pakistani ISI/General Ahmad.

You disinfo fucks are a

You disinfo fucks are a persistent bunch of idiots, aren't you?


Learning to let go of your anger is part of the process. Your're well on the way to recovery from OT dependence. Sponsor anyone?

please watch the language.

please watch the language.

spoken like a true

spoken like a true neoconvict...

Uh, I'm for 9/11 truth. In

Uh, I'm for 9/11 truth. In case you can't tell, I was replying to the top post. Yikes. Oh, and I'm 23, so we say those naughty F bombs from time to time. Deal with it. Bunch of uptight Christians, I'm sure.


you state there is no Truth in the Truth Movement...

well,give a fleeting moment to the Official Story

"we found Atta's passport in mint condition near the piles of burning rubble... "

now either Mr. Atta was indeed Chosen by the Omnipotent Allah to escape toward the 77 virgins waiting for him and he dropped his passport from within the flaming inferno...or...the false flag operators placed poetically his passport where it was supposed to be found?

Take your pick Mark

Tom from Toronto

Not Atta.

It was actually a guy named Suqami or something like that.

even better

it was "Satan Al Suqami"


Oh yeah, "AttaBoy!"

No, dude. Atta simply had received the wrong Itenerary for the 11th.

He pulled up in a limo, (about 7:55?). He gets out, (expecting cameras and fanfares,) rolls out a big banner that reads "Jahid! -We did it!," -but ADVERTENTLY, he lost his passport in the process.

Suddenly, up comes a stray FBI agent, who says: Atta, you stupid fool, you're supposed to fly-in, with the other jahidist's in your party. -And then they left.

The next day, AttaBoy calls his old man; Say Dad, did you hear my name on the TV? "Oh Yes, my son, did I ever!" And then they whacked him and the phone line goes dead.

Now send that to Hollywood, so they can properly re-appropriate the facts.

"Not True,"- just like Pearl, etc!

We own History. It's vital to consider, but HISTORY already proves that this was a mutany, which procedes, not just One, but Two unmittigated wars of aggression. And the 'proxy', Israel, remains to define a world that is ground-to-zero!

Everything points to Global manipulations, end-to-end.

Griffin's comments are the creme de'la'creme for the exerpt- (highlit) passages. They make choice sound-bites. I can't bear the synical array of alliterations he can pack into a fairly plain-jane 'overview' sentence. "Spiritual warfare?" - Who the hell would ever accept that concept at face value?

Webster's narrative explores every potential atttribute to the journalist requirement of cross-references, you know- "Who profits?" Precisely what was said, etc.

And over 500 Million people worldwide have already relegated the issue to children's coloring books. (It's our job to see to it that, shipped with those 'historical books,' we provide those kids with a color-box stocked with nothing but 'Black.')

Felinni couldn't come up with a script like this, and you damn-sure know it America!

*I had one great History teacher in Southampton, NY. One thing's for sure, MOST Americans can't make that claim, nor would they 'know' a 'good' one. I went in there with the spirit of James Fetzer, -"Guns-a-blazing." After a quick spot-test, he put my ass in the corner and assigned me to write a comprehensive review on the Bible. -Imagine that. You get like three weeks to documant the saga of 'God.' I'm still trying to figure out how it came to be that all these people think they 'know' the first thing about 'His' real discussion topic.


Go back to sleep.

I'm sure "Mark" would be interested in this

Extended version (unedited raw footage) of interview w/ Controlled Demo Expert Danny Jowenko confirming that Building 7 was brought down on purpose

If what Jowenko thinks isthe case then it still doesn't mean 911

was an inside job since he is talking about events AFTER the 911 attack. Also, Jowenko DOES NOT believe that WTC 1 & 2 were controlled demolitions. So, at best you have a scandel that occurred because of hasty judgements on a chaotic day. Big deal!

Folks, it's time to grow up and come back from fantasies to reality.

Critical moment in history

History will place 9/11 at the head of a list: The Gunpowder Plot of 1605, Remember the Maine in 1898 and the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin Incident, to name a few. We must focus to resist wasting our energy on distractions like mark's posting above. If only Johnson's false flag Gulf of Tonkin Incident had been fully exposed and acknowledged in 1965 rather than in 2005. As Tarpley puts it, "We must break their weapon of flase flag terror before their faces and render it impotent!"

This is now the court of public opinion. Think like a trial lawyer. We need our strongest minds on this case putting the strongest points forward. The minutia is only a distraction.

1. Pentagon defense failure is an obvious stand down - treasonable action.
2. The morning of 9/11, with the nation "under attack" the POTUS was not protected as per SOP, but security stripped and hung out as a target for the coup plotters - treasonable action.
3. Leadership-level officials demonstrated that they knew an attack was coming by acting to protect selected individuals, but not the nation - treasonable action.

Stop arguing minutia over engineering and physics with propeller-head dis-info. plants and idiot fellow travellers.


brain eating chavezombie on alex jones

alex is hammering a big nail into the heart of 911 truth today with further coverage of the immortal fly on the wall at all peoples places of work involved in 911. Thanks alex.

As if

A nail through the heart? Please.

If you think you can kill the truth so easily, you better check again.

I know, I just hate this

I know, I just hate this chavez guy. I know he's full of crap. Next thing he'll be on fox and msnbc, they'll let him talk, then they'll use their research departments to debunk him even better than he has been here, which he has, and it will suck. It's just two steps back we don't need.

I hear ya

You've got to realize though that nothing is going to stop the truth.



oh you "sweet " NeoCons

glad to see you again enjoying yourselves working so hard on this site....

psy ops dogs!

Every day people become themselves again having their eyes unveiled opened toward Truth!!!

you lost already...

Tidal wave of Truth arrives

FEMA camps you prepared for the brave souls will become parks playgrounds and factories transforming weapons into gardening tools !

Tom from Toronto


I think America as we know it is coming to an end. Other countries will talk about pre civil war America and wonder why we let ourselves become fat, lazy consumers who let a corrupt group of people take over and effectivly run the US into the ground.

But I think that is their plan. The global elite have no alliance with a race a country or a land mass, all they care about is preserving their power and wealth. They used the US and the American people to build the the military industrial complex by offering us "freedom" so to speak and we built everything they needed for global dominance.

THey are letting it collapse I think they are encouraging the truth movement hoping the unrest will start an uprising and then they can send in the UN. After that we will join the rest of the oppressed world... Sounds fun huh...?

B Parker

hoping the unrest will start

I hate to say it, but these scum bags have made me so paranoid that I had already thought of what you just said and believe it. This is what your brain turns into when a bunch of filthy, neocon, PNAC, brown shirt, authoritarian, trotskyist, straussean, zionist, monopolist, propagandizing, sadistic, torturous, treasonous, brainwashed, homosexual disciple of allan bloom are running the country.

One of these things is not like the others.

Remember the song from Sesame Street?

"filthy, neocon, PNAC, brown shirt, authoritarian, trotskyist, straussean, zionist, monopolist, propagandizing, sadistic, torturous, treasonous, brainwashed, homosexual"

One of these things is not like the others, and including it in this list does not enhance your argument.

i'm gonna guess homosexual

pedophilic would be better, yes?

"There's a shadow on the faces of the men who send the guns to the wars that are fought in places where their business interest runs."

Ding ding!

And our winner receives an extra Oreo cookie at snacktime!

Yeah, pedophilic works for me. Or "perverted."

I am an optimist

sheer numbers of already awaken American and Canadian
folks plus support from awaken Europe shall make NATO/UN forces incapable
of Haiti/Iraq style occupation...

unless we loose faith in what we do

why give up and become depressed?

Illuminati for example in Poland consist of only 4 people!
Marek Belka,Mr Wrobel ,Wanda Rapaczynski and Andrzej Olechowski...only these folks hold real power in that 39 million/France size country!!!

we can win

all we have to do is to believe in ourselves!

what is 39 million Poles against a few Luciferic families???
same goes for every other country!


The America We 'Knew'

I think it's more accurate to say that the "America we knew" never really existed. At least it has not since 1913, when the Federal Reserve was created and we lost control of our monetary system.

That was the beginning of the end. We're just in an advanced stage of decay now.

9/11 is a symptom, not the end game.

The Worth of an Op

I find it fascinating that the average Joe is so reluctant to buy into 9/11 being a govt op.

If I said to a crowd of people that I can prove, without question, that anti-Virus companies fund (and even create) viruses in order to create the need for their services, I would bet that a large percentage in that crowd would easily consider the possibility.

Yet, Norton and MacAffee and the others doing such covert activity to make perhaps millions in profit is somehow easier to believe than a government - and one that has been proven time and time again to be a bastion of dishonesty and deception - would fund or create attacks against it's own people in order to create more need for it's intrusion into the public's lives, making hundreds of BILLIONS for it's handlers in the process.

Why does a larger prize lessen the possibility of the operation even existing? Why is it less believable?

One explanation may simply be that people see a government as a different animal from a profit-driven corporation, when in reality, it is exactly that. A profit-driven corporation, posing as a public institution.

Job one in government is the collection of every dollar that it is able to squeeze out of it's citizens. Job Two is the obfuscation of Job One.



May I make a suggestion. Everyone relax for a minute, watch this video, sit back for a moment, reflect for a bit and then redouble your efforts.


What will be written in History Books?

This is exactly why we need the separation of school and state.
Keeping the government involved in educating our children means keeping the lies alive like Pearl Harbor & now 9/11.